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  • Eye of the Sleeping Dragon

    Bay Wang kept turning down unwanted suitors that bargained for her marriage. But one day, a poor gentleman broke into her father’s farm to borrow a rooster, but her father accused him of stealing. Hong agreed to enter a bargain with the rich farmer to save his hand. With Bay and a servant named Chi, Hong took the search for a magical stone called The Eye of the Sleeping Dragon. But the stone was only a part of a fable Bay’s grandfather used to tell the rich farmer. Now, Hong had to either bring home The Eye or prove that the stone was unreal. An unwanted task in the beginning turned out to be a good adventure with fantastic creatures and the wonders of the mountain.

    Eye of the Sleeping Dragon, by Uncle Mike, is an adventure that leads to a happy, fruitful ending.

  • Fallen Woman

    In 1630 England, our heroin Lady Catherine, who has a bastard child is left with an estate that she can’t inherit, because she is a woman. Therefore, the Queen, Henrietta Maria who adores Catherine and lets her take care of her horses, and the King, Charles I who wishes to reward a loyal Knight for 10 years of service decides to arrange a marriage contract so that Catherine will be able to keep her land. The King and Queen arrange for a Norman Knight named, Giles, to enter into a marriage. Giles’s mistress tries to figure out a way not to lose Giles, so she gets him drunk and fills him with lies about Catherine before he is to meet to sign the agreement. Upon arrival the belligerent Knight began belittling Catherine in front of the King and wants no part of the contract unless she gives up her child. All the while not knowing the Queen and Catherine were listening. At this point Catherine is furious and would rather give up her land and the Keep than give up her child.

    About the Author:

    Linda Kennedy is a 6th generation Texas that lives in Amarillo, Texas. She is a mother of 2 grown daughters and Nana to 5 grandchildren. Linda has done upholstery of furniture for over 40 years, but her true passion has always been to write. At the urging of her family she decided to publish her first novel.

  • Fighting The Black Robe Conspiracy

    There are two women which are totally opposite. The Statute of Liberty represents freedom and allures peoples to this country to acquire the American dream. However, there is another woman which often destroys the citizens of this great Country. She is the Lady Justice who is a myth or an illusion of the promise of “Liberty and Justice for all”! What are you going to do when you realize that America has the best justice that money can buy, but you don’t have the money? What can you do when you are in a Family or Civil Court where you do not get a Public Defender? What if the judge runs out of the courtroom as you enter it for your hearing? When she is above the law, and all other authorities and superiors refuse to look at your case, what can you do then? There is a remedy but you will not win by playing a corrupt court’s game. It is a shame whenever the knowledge of how to succeed happens after the damage is done and thousands of dollars were squandered away. If you truly are innocent, and you are battling a corrupt conspiracy, you must fight with unethical tactics to win.

  • Four

    A young boy’s aspirations take him on a dangerous ride into the Eye of a bad
    storm and the land of adult infidelity.

    About the author:

    Author Jay Lillie, a Manhattan based lawyer, has travelled the globe representing
    American business clients and foreign banks and insurance companies regarding
    their investments in the U.S. His novels reflect the cultures and people of the
    many environments in which he has been employed to solve problems and close
    deals. The acclaimed Pacific Rebound is international suspense at its best and
    takes us from Manhattan, throughout what the author coins AustralAsia, to
    Japan, and the Great Australian Desert. His novels, Havana Passage, Justice,
    and Gitmo take place closer to home but feast on the same global awareness
    Jay Lillie brings to the stage of life. His characters are fictitious, but places and
    situations are very real, including those within the workings of Capital Hill
    and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, where most international lawyers
    spent the rest of their time. Jay’s experience racing sailboats in his teens, as a
    Naval Officer, and Bermuda Race veteran, brings the plot of FOUR to life.


    The human and non-human races do not mix; to be a half-breed is to be a pariah. This truth rules the life of a young half-elf boy named Freeborn. His sole friend is Tishamon, an elven woodsman, who frequently visits the boy. Tishamon adopts Freeborn, taking the boy along on his life of wandering, working and learning.

    When Tishamon becomes lamed, he settles in the Fire Hills and sends Freeborn to the local academy. The Fire Elves’ obsession with family lineage, and Freeborn’s contempt for the same, ends in violence, starting Freeborn on the trail to ever greater adventure.

    Author Bio

    Steven Calkum was born in 1967 and grew up on a small ranch in East Central Colorado. He earned BS and MS degrees, and worked, in natural resources for 13 years before becoming disabled in 2011.
    A voracious reader, he created his own style by rewriting drafts until he would want to read his own work.

    He remarried in 2016 and plans to be a househusband and work toward a career as a writer/storyteller in addition to raising more children.

    He currently lives in Wyoming with the youngest of his children from his first marriage.

  • From Horror to Hope

    Lisa was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Bound by demons and forced by trauma to develop multiple personalities, she beats all odds for survival: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These pages provide hope for recovery from the most extreme and damaging forms of child abuse.

  • Ghost Wolf: A New Adventure Novel

    Ethan and Eva Thomas live on a sheep ranch with their father and aunt. As an avid amateur photographer of local wildlife, twelve year old Ethan deplores hunting and guns of any kind. As an animal lover, he maintains a small “trauma ward” in the back of his father’s barn where he nurses wounded animals back to health, then frees them into their natural habitat.
    Eva, his ten year old sister, inherited more of her father’s genes and as a consequence, loves guns and hunting and aspires to be a big game hunter and explorer in the Alaska wilderness. Although both enjoy ranch life and the great outdoors, their different natures are constantly at odds with each other.

    Then, then, is the story of how a gentle-hearted boy and his tomboy kid sister meet the challenge of dealing with a mysterious white wolf and a terrifying grizzly bear aptly named, “Ol’ Lucifer” who roams the foothills of the Grizzly Mountain Range.

    About the author:


    Richard Haesche


    Whose stories have…

    a beginning to grab you,
    a middle to hold you
    and an ending to haunt you!

    Richard lives in a small town in Connecticut. He spent most of his life working as an accountant and field auditor specializing in finance and taxes. It wasn’t until after he retired from the work force that he found the time to prioritize his creative aspirations by becoming a compulsive writer. After graduating from The Institute For Children’s Literature in Westport, Connecticut, he began writing Young Adult and Middle-Grade Juvenile novels. His writing environment consists of a small room, a big desk, a computer, a couple of printers and his inventory of paperback novels.

    Anxious to begin writing, he wrote his very first young adult novel in thirty days. After revising, editing and formatting phases were complete, his first manuscript was sent to publishing houses all around the United States, only to return each time accompanied by the standard rejection slip.

    Undiscouraged, he wrote five more novels, both young adult and mid-grade juvenile plus a large collection of children’s short stories and poems, all of which he will soon begin to market on his website: www.kreativexpressionsonline.com

    They will appear not only in paperback form, but also able to be downloaded as E-Books for people to read on their handheld PDAs. Additionally, he will be marketing his works on CDs and, if things go well, perhaps as audio books.

  • Growing Wings

    About the Author
    “Mein Name ist Corinna Montgomery,ich wurde
    1962 in Ost Deutschland, in der Stadt Jena, geboren.
    1968 wurde ich eingeschult und erhielt meine
    Abschluss 1978. Danach ging ich zur Berufsschule
    um den Beruf der Schneiderin zuerlernen. Ich
    konnte diese Lehre nicht abschliessen, da meine Familie verhaftet
    wurde. Der Grund für unsere Festnahme war, versuchte Republikfl ucht
    nach West Deutschland. Dies gescharr im Juli 1979.
    1981 wurden meinen Eltern und ich in die Bundesrepulik West
    Deutland entlassen.
    1999 siedelte ich über nach Amerika, zu der Zeit hatte ich bereite 2 Söhne.
    Mein Buch enthält die mächtige Geschichte meines Lebens. Ich bin
    froh das ich überlebt habe um meine Geschichte zu erzählen und hoff e
    das ich den Menschen damit Augen öff nen kann.Da wir in ungewissen
    Zeiten leben und verstehen sollten, das uns die Freiheit nicht für
    umsonst gegeben wird.
    Ich bin dankbar für was ich erreicht habe im Leben, doch mein Kampf
    ist noch nicht zu Ende.”

  • Hairmythology – The Origin of Hair Diversity: Uncover Your Hairitage – A New Hair Grading System That Dispels the “Bad Hair/Good Hair” Myth

    People, all over the world, tend to subscribe to the ‘bad hair/ good hair myth’ as a benchmark for grading hair-quality; if not for themselves, then, for others.

    Historical facts, scientific facts, and fiction merge together in a dramatic, contemporary, background story, that sets the stage for demonstrating how differences in our ‘hair-quality’ came about.

    This book includes a workbook and reflection section which challenges the reader not only to rethink the “bad hair/good hair myth”, but to possibly, deconstruct it.

    This book, therefore, gives birth to a new Hair-Grading-System: “Good Hair/No-Bad Hair!” This system validates all hair types, and subsequently, all human beings. Hair diversity needs not spell, hair a-d-v-e-r-s-i-t-y. Simply, biodiversity!

    Recommended for children, teens and adults of all hair types, including bald.

  • Hands

    From the demanding life in the United States, Margaret Wheeler will take readers into the quixotic and seductive country of Spain—where her many adventures and romantic escapades await. In Hands, readers will follow her as she embraces what life and love offer. She will bring thrills and excitement to everyone’s imagination as she allows herself to be engulfed by the riddles of love and the heat of romance. Starting off her journey with Jim, she will allow readers to see her smile at the prospect of her future as she recalls her past with its bittersweet memories. Later on, she will find herself in a new life she never dreamed of living. But will she be able to find true love and happiness? This book tells all.

    Suffused with intense emotions, beautiful characters, unforgettable backdrops and a compelling storyline, Hands is a unique tale that will engross readers until the passionate and surprising ending unfolds.


    About the author:

    Bàrbara Wegryn Marroquín was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She attended Cornell University and received her masters’ degrees from Middlebury College and The New School for Social Research. Her thesis for The New School was her novel HANDS. She studied in Madrid Spain and eventually worked in the Air Attàches office at the United States Embassy. She married a Spanish citizen, A. Marroquin, and remained in Spain for over 20 years. She now resides in San Antonio, Texas.