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  • Darla’s Animal Art

    Over the years, I have amused myself by creating fun computer artwork using various animal ‘models’. This book includes a lot of those works. Yes, I do admit, I have a weird sense of humor, and I really like puns; so be prepared. I cover everything from science fiction, to television shows and movies, to patriotic subjects, to a little ‘cross-breeding’. I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together.

    About the Author:

    I was raised in a small West Virginia town. After working part-time for a couple of years, then a couple of years in college, I joined the military serving as a US Navy Corpsman. Afterwards, I worked as an administrative assistant for a Government contractor, then in the construction industry. Now, at 70 years old, I am retired and enjoy doing things for which I have a passion…writing, artwork and ghost hunting. I may not be able to get around as fast as my younger teammates, but I love what I do, and that’s what counts.

  • KittyGirl and Mr. Squirrel: Lost and Found Book 2

    Kitty Girl and Mr. Squirrel, Book Two – Lost and Found is the second tale in the saga of an adopted kitten who was rescued from a shelter. Both this book and its predecessor, Book One – Rescued and Homed, subtly teach the responsibilities of pet ownership and the value of friendship and family. Kitty is counseled and watched over by her favorite stuffed toy, Mr. Squirrel. In this story, Kitty feels the separation from Mr. Squirrel and finds the world difficult to navigate without him. Here’s the buzz: “The story draws a parallel of getting lost that any child can discern.” “Pet shelters and veterinarians will love this story that has a happy ending thanks to a microchip.” “Older kids will find it easy to read on their own and parents will choose it as a favorite read-to bedtime story.”

    About the Author:
    Resia Nank has always been a writer. In her 25-year career as a corporate journalist and communications professional, she wrote for various industries on multiple platforms. She holds a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University and an undergraduate degree from Towson University. She’s a native of Maryland and has lived in and around Baltimore and the Chicago area, but spends as much time as possible, with kitty Violet, at her favorite home in Scottsdale, Arizona. www.resiamedia.com

    Illustrations by Dana Kelly
    Dana Kelly is an Arizona-based illustrator. She is working towards her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Phoenix. Dana is also a background and layout artist in both 2D and 3D.

  • Life with Peanut


    Being active is fun and healthy. Come along with Peanut the Dog, who enjoys adventures, hobbies, and just plain having fun. Activities bring much laughter and fulfillment, which is good for the mind, body, and soul. Have fun reading the stories peanut tells and find what brings you joy.

  • My SPECIAL Inseparable FRIEND

    My Special Inseparable Friend, is a truly unforgettable story about fur and friendship, for both young and adult readers. The story hopes to inspire and help us appreciate the unconditional and always faithful love and loyalty a dog has for its master. It shows that regardless of difficult circumstances, a dog just sees the good in us without asking anything in return. Likewise, this book shows us that, in life, nothing is permanent and that many times separation is necessary. We must make painful decisions for the good of those we love. At the same time, it teaches us about the cultural differences of a traditional Mexican family through descriptions of customs and values. Also, it gives insight into the way Mexican people bind together to help each other in major tragedies, as in the 1985 massive earthquake in Mexico.

    About the Author
    The author, Maricruz Avitia, originally is from Mexico City. As a young, inspired woman, she relocated to the United States to pursue her dreams of an education. After she completed her degree of School Guidance and Counselor and Community Counseling at Siena Heights University and PhD in General Psychology at Capella University, she fell in love to guide and helping others to achieve their academic aspirations. Her other passions include exploring new cultures and customs, losing herself in nature, and spending time with her animals. Drawing inspiration from her endeavors, she continuously creates new, true, and imaginative stories to present to her audience.

    About the Illustrator
    Jose Concepcion Mata Sanchez is a young innate artist. He was born and lives in Mexico. At his young age, 16, he had to drop school to help his parents. Drawing is one of his passions. He would like in the future to continue his studies and get a degree in graphic design.

  • No Bones About It: More Doggone Good Poems

    Passion… Emotion… Love
    Sounds like a romance novel
    And it IS
    My Love for DOGS
    My passion for rhyming poetry
    And the emotional relationship
    Between DOGS and HUMANS
    That is why I wrote this book

  • Picky the Marvelous Chicken

    Picky the Marvelous Chicken was not Ma’s idea of a good pet. She only agreed to keep the chick for a couple of weeks – three at the very most! – until her daughter could find a home for it. The young chick, however, did not like to be left alone, which is how she began spending her days snuggled securely in Ma’s apron pocket and, later, following along as Ma did her work. And to her surprise, Ma found that Picky responded to her gentle care in some very unexpected ways.

    Young readers will delight in the endearing antics of Picky the Marvelous Chicken and her loving, patient caregiver.

  • Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Fall

    Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures follows this Old English Sheepdog as he tours around his neighborhood. Snowball finds adventures in all seasons of the year, especially certain holidays. Read how Snowball meets friends, cares for them and teaches all of us important lessons.

    About the Author:

    Margie Lennon is a journalist and dog lover. She grew up with dogs and recounts some of her memorable childhood days through Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures. Margie has dog memorabilia in her home and office. She enjoys time with children, pets and family. Read her other books: Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Spring, Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Summer. Look for Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Winter, soon.

  • The Adventures of TEKO: His Magic of Being a Service Dog

    Dr. Ellicott has always been a lover of animals, especially dogs. She loved all the ones in her possession, starting with Bingo, then Shelly, then Teddy, then Andrew, and now TEKO! She loved them all and had a place in her heart for each of them! TEKO, who had traveled from North Carolina to a New Jersey shelter, was asleep when Dr. Ellicott first saw him. The sign on his cage said TKO (Total Knock Out). When they first met, he was a “gentleman” and acted like a “gift from heaven”! He always wanted to please and followed commands well. He is extremely intelligent and has a phenomenal memory for people and places. His empathy is profound. He seems to read her emotions. Dr. Ellicott discovered that TEKO wanted to be a service dog. She needed help with balancing and directions. She was recovering from progressive heart failure, said to be caused by he having had Lyme disease. TEKO, by nature, appeared to be caring for her difficulties.

    About the author:

    Dr. Ellicott is a speech-language pathologist and has certification as a learning consultant, school psychologist, teacher of psychology, teacher of disabled, and school principal. She is a vegan and is an ambassador for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). She is also a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and is one of Dr. John McDougall’s “STARS.” Dr. Ellicott is a marathoner and a triathlete. You can learn more about her on her website: drbarbaraellicott.com.

  • The Trials and Tribulations of Kittyhood

    This book is a work of love. Love for a cat named Aphrodite. We adopted her the minute we saw her come out of the hiding place where her feral mom and dad were temporarily staying…under our neighbor’s back porch. It was love at first sight. We adopted the whole family and they stayed with us until her mom and dad (Hera and Zeus) crossed over that Rainbow Bridge. Sixteen years later, Aphrodite is still with us, and although she has some health issues, is still going strong. I hope you enjoy her story (as told to you by Aphrodite).

    About the Author:

    I was raised in a small West Virginia town.After working part-time for a couple of years, then a
    couple of years in college, I joined the military serving as a US Navy Corpsman.Afterwards, I worked as an administrative assistant for a Government contractor, then in the construction industry. Now, at 70 years old, I am retired and enjoy doing things for which I have a passion…
    writing, artwork and ghost hunting. I may not be able to get around as fast as my younger teammates, but I love what I do, and that’s what counts.




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