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  • harvest-of-war-front

    Harvest of War: A Flemish Novel

    World War ll. 1944. Summertime.

    Dr. Bruno Van Dam takes care of the citizens of German-occupied Ramsel, Belgium, whatever their politics, resistance fighters, collaborators, or ordinary citizens.

    Secretly, however, he hides a Jewish orphan and two British pilots. Then his son Eric happens to be one of four youngsters who get picked up in town by the German military and forcibly transported to Germany, presumably to work in a work camp, where atrocious treatment and starvation are regular fare

    Matters get dangerous and complicated as the doctor fights huge odds to get his son freed using all, even questionable means.

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  • The Incredible Wedding of a Dictator

    The Incredible Wedding of a Dictator

    This novel is a mock epic, a satirical, and an allegorical view of a dictator and his evil influences. Two friends share their manuscripts describing one of the first European settlements in the Americas; the finding of the original Journal of Christopher Columbus; the development of a cruel dictator; his extravagant wedding; the struggle of a hero against the dictatorship; and the end of it caused by the destruction of a great tsunami. It is a description of the struggle between good versus evil. This book will be perfect for anybody interested in reading literature: historical fiction, magic realism, religion, mythology, folklore, etc. because of all the entertainment and humor involved in it.

  • Tungee's Gold: The Legend of Ebo Landing

    Tungee’s Gold: The Legend of Ebo Landing

    Tungee Cahill deposits gold in San Francisco bank and becomes target for assassination. Shanghaied and put on board a ship bound for Liverpool. The ship is rife with plots from mutiny to piracy. Tungee joins the skipper and they crush the mutiny. They round Cape Horn and make their way up East Coast of South America to St. Katherine’s Island. At St. Kat the scurrilous ship owner issues new orders, and sends the ship to West Africa for another slave run. In West Africa 350, Africans are herded on board. Back at sea a British and American warship give chase. The skipper elects to dodge into a heavy storm where winds and rain batter the ship, but they manage to survive. After the storm, some slaves are allowed to stay on deck. Tungee observes the Africans doing various rituals and incantations. Is it voodoo or witchcraft? Nobody knows, and by the time they find out, it’s too late. A tribal king called Kumi had inspired scores of his people, to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Tungee returns to San Francisco and begins his quest to reclaim his fortune. During his search Tungee meets the lovely Laura Du Beck and romance blossoms.

    About the author

    TOM BARNES grew up in the South, studied English Literature at Middle Georgia College and Drama at The Pasadena Playhouse. His military service was spent in naval aviation and he was a member of the original Hurricane Hunters. Following his hitch in the navy Tom went to New York where he worked in theater, Television and wrote documentaries for PBS. Tom is the author of ‘Doc Holliday’s Road to Tombstone,’ ‘The Goring Collection,’ ‘The Hurricane Hunters and Lost in the Bermuda Triangle,’ and his latest ‘Tungee’s Gold.’

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