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  • The Solution - Repairing Our Broken Political System

    The Solution: Repairing Our Broken Political System

    Our current political system puts too much power into the hands of the few and often produces results that don’t work. The Solution proposes a plan that restricts the size and scope of the federal government while increasing the direct influence of the people. The goal is to make government simpler with full public accountability.

    The book is divided into four sections. Two sections describe the various reasons why big government programs don’t work and refute the reasons often cited for why they should. Parts three and four propose my notion of a fix to the political system: first, a number of constitutional amendments aimed at making government function similar to what the founders intended and yet are more modern and, second, policy recommendations that repair and replace nonfunctional programs and deal with a number of existing political and social issues.

    Author Bio

    MR. STOCKDELL was born in Richmond VA and graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in English. While he was there he wrote a large number of poems and short stories and two novels. Over the next thirty years he worked as a systems analyst, data processing manager and management consultant, including three years in the federal government. Mr. Stockdell has an MFA in Fiction Writing and a masters in social work. He began The Solution in 2011 but failed to meet a 2012 deadline. He resumed the book in 2015 and finished it in the spring of 2016.

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    UNDERMINING THE U.S. CONSTITUTION: How the Communist Manifesto of 1848 Blueprints the Actions of the Democratic Party and President Obama Today

    As a nurse I have been in situations where patients learned very bad news about the state of their health, news that was not received well by them, their families, or even their medical team. When preparing this book, my feelings were much the same as when I was in those situations.

    The bad news about the health of our nation is, like cancer in a patient’s body, communism (also known as “Marxism”) has grown in the United States. Like cancer, it started with an unnoticed seed and grew insidiously with little sign or symptom. Now like cancer, communism is on the brink of overwhelming us.

    Because I know that knowledge of their cancer is essential to my patient’s first step towards survival, I believe that knowledge of our communism is essential to the United States of America’s first step towards survival. So within this book, I describe how I learned about the symptoms (The Real Communist Threat Witnessed), the disease (the Introduction and Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Communist Manifesto), the current signs and symptoms (President Obama’s Communist Agenda), and the treatment and cure (Constitution versus Communist Manifesto: The War within America).

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  • Wendell Waranen, Benevolent Dictator, discusses things to think about: A humanitarian’s fantasy

    Wendell Waranen, Benevolent Dictator, discusses things to think about: A humanitarian’s fantasy

    At a time when our nation is tumbling down the rabbit hole of plutocracy and autocracy, this unusual book is a much-needed cry for sanity and a call for ordinary Americans to rebel against what the author terms “organized lust for money and power by controlling corporations.” Read. Rebel. Organize. Mobilize.

    Jim Hightower, author, nationally syndicated columnist, radio commentator, public speaker and editor of the progressive populist newsletter The Hightower Lowdown.

    A lifetime avid reader on finding early on that “most everything is interesting,” J. K. Hillstrom became increasingly concerned on observing this beloved nation’s demonstrably backward path brought about primarily by the relentless decades-long pursuit for money and power by controlling individuals and business entities. Also a published writer, he decided to express his concerns in this book for the citizenry’s consideration while also suggesting sometimes drastic, yet rational corrections for them that developed into a work somewhat comparable to two semi-iconic predecessor fantasies also written in times of national stress and both well-received by the public, Thomas More’s Utopia of 1516 and Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward in 1887.

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    Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up!
    How Christians Are Robbed of Their Heritage

    What can we do about the decline of the Christian west? Like the ancient Israelites in Egypt, Americans are simply slaves driven by the taskmasters to produce more with less. This austerity has global ramifications as well. We are spoken of in economic terms such as “taxpayers” and “human resources” – just soul-less beings to be used for the machine. We are no longer “peoples” defined by a common culture, traditions, or eternal values. The church too is in decline.

    The author exposes some little known history of our ancestors and reveals the path to regain liberty. This book is “the rest of the story” and it should give Christians the basic principles needed to understand who they are, where they are going, and what is going on in the world. A primer into Christian Identity in a blend of history, politics and theology; the author proposes biblical measures that could revolutionize the church and the world. Christians and Patriots will never view the Bible the same after reading this book.