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  • Distorted Mind: Mental Illness Revealed

    An Inspiring Personal Story of Overcoming Mental Illness

    When people can’t see what goes through your head . . .

    Severe episodes of depression, delusions, and mania tears Michael Fortnam’s life in ways that people around him can’t see. So for him, experiencing a painful level of isolation, emptiness, and confusion is the norm. But when a shocking arrest brings out all the bizarre things that go through his mind, what happens then?

    Distorted Mind describes Michael’s journey of battling his mental illness. It’s written in a way that makes readers understand the implications of being depressed, having hallucinations, and suffering from manic behaviors. It also details how he coped with his situation through medication and therapy to live a more meaningful life. Inspiration, hope, support, and comfort — that is Michael Fortnam’s story.