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  • Money Scraps

    Money Scraps’ is about living on the edge trying to make about 15 dollars a day doing odd things that improve your overall well being.Going thru some of the steps to ensure success.Different ways of doing things.

    About the Author:

    Having come from the UK as a baby ,growing up in BC and Albeta. Attending school in New Westminster.Later living multiple times in Europe and Mexico learning the many different aspects of the culture.It has given me insight into the work I do today.

  • Systems-Thinking: Concepts, Principles, & Applications of the Modern Scientific Philosophy

    Systems-Thinking is defined and used as a worldview, based on the contemporary understanding of Physics. A rational model is derived from the worldview; explaining concepts in Economics that offer a broader understanding of value creation. From this basis, concepts for rational decision-making, organizational design, and governance are derived and their applications explained. Examples and application exercises are provided throughout the book.

    About the Author:

    Hamid Noorani is a Chemical Engineer with M.B.A. in International Management, Ph.D. in Organization and Management, and extensive professional experience. For links to related videos, visit the website www.powerfulmethods.com