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  • Apartment 27

         Julian Madison is a young musician who has moved into the city in hopes of starting his own rock band. As he moves into the long-vacant Apartment 27, he quickly discovers that this apartment has a forgotten and frightening history.
         He begins to have recurring dreams of a beautiful and mysterious woman, and soon learns that this woman was killed in the year 1948 inside the confines of the very same apartment in which he currently resides. These dreams, he soon discovers, trigger a spiritual connection which allows Julian to travel into the past.
         Alternating between the past and present, Julian finds himself in love with a woman that has long since been dead, but with his ability to travel through time, he is of the belief that he, and only he, can save her from her terrible fate.
         An amalgamation of romance and paranormal thriller, Apartment 27 will leave you breathless by its end.

  • Finding Me

    Petrova Breach always knew her life wasn’t balanced and with both of her parents dead, she lives with her loving cousin Ivory. When she meets Zephaniah, a beautiful mysterious boy who she has this deep connection with, she also learns her family’s biggest secret; that she is a vampire and her father is alive. Her father, Wilhelm, is the King of the Iona vampire coven and doesn’t want them to be together. Can Zephaniah and Petrova be able to fight their enemy? Or will they all be defeated by the Fige, the evil vampire coven who wants the Iona extinct?

  • Lone Star Lady

    Morganna McKinney Caldaron spent her adolescence hated by her step-father until he paid the Comanchero’s to kill her. He was betrayed by the Comanchero’s and she was sold to the Comanche’s instead; this betrayal left her step-father still unable to inherit her land.

    This young woman survived and vowed to return to take revenge on the man who destroyed her family and still has her younger sisters. Morganna; no longer an innocent girl, but now a grown woman, has no problem killing her step-father or the bounty hunters he has sent to kill her.

    All the while, she searches for the man who vowed to marry her when she was 15 and who she protected from Union soldiers. She hopes he still wants her and can help her get back her family and life.

    About the Author:

    Linda Kennedy is a 6th generation Texan that lives in Amarillo, Texas. She is a mother of 2 grown daughters and Nana to 5 grandchildren. Linda has done upholstery of furniture for over 40 years, but her true passion has always been to write. In 2016 Linda published her first novel, “Fallen Woman” a historical romance and now with the urging of her family she is now publishing this second novel.




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