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  • 5 and The End of Magic

    Magic … is it real? Was it once real? Were there ever such creatures as trolls, ogres, or dragons? A present-day band called The Power of Sound may have the answer to these questions. Follow this group of five singers as they take their new friend Anthony on a history lesson back to a time when magic and myths were real. Was there such a thing as magic? Was music a part of magic? We will let you decide.

    About the author:

    Peter Kargenian, raised in Prospect Heights, IL, was an avid reader of adventure-fantasy novels.

    Pete’s history with music started at the elementary level and lasted throughout high school and into college. As a musician, combined with imagination and creativity, he has channeled those talents into writing his first novel. He graduated from Valparaiso University in 1992 with a BS Degree in Computer Science and works as an IT consultant. As a survivor of traumatic brain injury, Pete has climbed a mountain of obstacles, and has used his resourcefulness to create an original and fun story about music and magic.

  • A Russian Doll In China

    In this world of international M&A (Merger/Acquisitions) banks and their consulting arms play games of mutual tortuous interference during the buying process. Our hero has to find out how this looks like in the Chinese business culture without any of this showing up in the news. The players are introduced to him via a Russion doll with Chinese heads.

    About the Author:
    Son of an American officer and a German mother, Larry B. Ritter grew up in the US and Germany where his father was stationed. A trainee-program at one of the biggest industrial companies worldwide provided him with lots of practical experience which he rounded up with an MBA in Business. Already during his studies he was a visiting professor at a business school where he got elected school principal. As manager of the Corporate Training department at a leading Silicon Valley company he established links into Stanford University. Later he became consultant of the European president of a US computer company in Geneva and started his own business.


    Tomar El Oro, the stakes winning three-year-old American Quarter Horse stallion favored to win the race, unexpectedly lost miserably. Having overheard a conversation that suggested bribery, Kelsey Kelley wondered if her best friend’s father, Eustacio Rios, was bribed to lose.

    While Kelsey searched for clues, her father, who had deserted his family, arrived wanting to make amends, much to Kelsey’s disgust. Kelsey learned to accept both disappointment and success as she was caught by the intrigue and personal danger, while dealing Pete Kelley’s sudden new involvement in her life.

  • Adventures in the Big Woods

    This book is the story of three boys who lived in the late fifties and how they lived without electronic gadgets of any kind. They came from low income families. Television had just hit the market in black and white form and that was all they had. They built their own toys and made up their own games because money was scarce but they never felt they were poor. Their playground was The Big Woods as they called it along the banks of the Broad River where they found many adventures in the summer of ’53.

    About the author:

    Barnie Slice was born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1940 and grew up in the state. His true talent is art and he has become very successful in that endeavor over the years. He discovered that he could write in his late sixties and found the thrill of writing stories about things that he had experienced or knew something about. He published a child’s book several years ago and has written a story about his childhood since which he is going to publish. He looks forward to writing new stories in the near future.

  • Antwon’s TRUE Story

    Antwon Jenkins is a great actor and his vocabulary is marvelous for a young African American with ADHD but he can’t miss out on the opportunity to win his schools spelling bee and land an even better acting roles but does have what it takes to WIN.

    About the author:

    Tevin J. Gibbs- was born on July 14th 1992 in small town in Mississippi named Greenwood. When he was 2 his family moved to Birmingham Alabama. Ever since he was diagnosed on the AUTISTIC SPECTRUM at a young age he didn’t let that stop him from achieving his goals of writing books, drawing action figures and clothing that involves the BoyBlock he had been working on since fall 2012. HE PLANS ON SEEING THE BOYBLOCK IN WALMART AND TOYS R’US STORES ONE DAY. But now he’s focusing on getting several BoyBlock books published. If that happens he maybe a successful AFRICAN AMERICAN business leader under the age of 30. Ever since he was 15 Tevin knew he wanted to design toys but didn’t know that until 5 years later. Tevin plans on being a successful BLACK OWNED business leader celebrating all races and ethnicities by the time he turns 25.

  • Behind the Scenes of Jenna Castoron

    In the follow-up to Behind the Scenes of Jenna Shale, Jenna faces the loss of Aiden and continues to look back on her life, drawing comparisons between life and television as she shares the events that transpired around the tragic loss of her husband, the difficulties in finding love again, and the trials she faced as she tried to come to terms with the harsh realities of her world. With the narrative frame still focusing on television, Jenna tackles the difficult topics of domestic violence and sexual assault at the same time as she continues her exploration of the topics of sex and love.

    About the Author:

    Chelsie Keller has lived in northwest Ohio for most of her life and continues to enjoy spending time with her friends and family in the same county where she was born. She earned her Associate of Arts degree from Northwest State Community College, her Bachelor of Arts in English from Bowling Green State University, and, recently, her Master’s in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Chelsie claims that she has been writing for as long as she can remember but also notes a wide variety of interests including women’s issues, literature, and popular culture that have always had a tremendous influence on her academic studies as well as her writing. It is these topics that she works to unfold in the Behind the Scenes series.

  • Blackwater Castle

    Sir Guy was a landless knight in King William’s service for many years. He has been awarded land of his own in appreciation of his service. He arrives at Blackwater Castle to make his demesne his own. The previous owners had been slain in defense of their castle except for the daughter.

    Was she dead? Was she alive? This mystery must be answered as he is ordered to marry her if she lives.

    About the author:

    The author, Alyss Morgan, lives in Vilonia, Arkansas. She lives with her husband of 47 years and her cocker Spaniels and cats. She lives in the peace and quiet of the country and loves it. She is a devoted reader of fiction.


    In this warmhearted story, Mike is learning how to be responsible. The reader must decide if Mike is responsible or irresponsible, or maybe both. Everyone should be responsible and take responsibility! Being responsible means you are accountable for your actions, good or bad.

    About the author:

    Lillie Knox Mazyck is a retired educator and author in South Carolina. She believes that children should read to succeed at school and in life. Lillie lives with her husband, Larry. She has three children, one son-in-law, three grandchildren, one sister and six brothers. Her first book, Jessica’s Secret, was written on honesty. She is also the author of God Will Take Care of Us, Granny was Right, Suzie and the Bad Habits and Compassionate Runners. Lillie started writing for children when she finished her Master of Education in Early Childhood Education at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

  • Concentration

    The story is that of betrayal, violation of friendship, and love in today’s world. Anyone can be a suspect under the Patriot Act, which makes a system that would like to call itself “democratic,” no different from the worst case of totalitarian regimes known in the history of mankind. The main character, framed by his former friend, is deported from the United States to Rumania, where he ends up in a concentration camp, tortured and deprived of his civil rights. Those who finally found out that Jack was innocent, do nothing. Afraid of embarrassment, they keep silent. Hopeless and stripped of any sense, Jack is liberated by a global event, when a black hole moving at incredible speed through space approaches Earth and destroys half the planet. Jack escapes his prison and walks through a crippled world, discovering that, as one of this author’s favorite once said: ‘a true life, life in the end discovered and explained, the only life hence simply lived through, that’s literature.’ Drawing on a massive body of learning that ranges from philosophy to theology, science, and art history, the author creates story that is a conglomerate of human knowledge reflecting the problems western culture faces today.

    About the Author:
    JACK HABEREK speaks five languages. A building manager in Brooklyn New York. He grew up in Silesia (today’s Poland) and then in Germany (Munich). He attended his first class at Strasbourg, France of what’s called in Europe Lycée. He received his master’s degree from the University of Breslau (Wroclaw) in German literature. He then continued for his doctoral level in Vienna. This is his tenth book.

  • COWBOY on the WRONG TRAIN: Mouse with a Clue

    Protagonist Ty Grenshaw has lived on the Cal Grayson cattle ranch all of his 18 years. He works there as a ranch cowboy. His girlfriend, Patti Dileo, works for the Gully Real Estate Co. She hopes to sell a ranch to antagonist Skeet whom she met when returning to the small town of Gully after visiting her parents. The story takes them to a restaurant when Sonny Calhoun is murdered there. As the story progresses, Ty suspects cattle rustlers, finds a late calf, chases the trailer that might contain the bull that sired the calf, out of curiosity gets on the “wrong train” and from there becomes a kidnapped hostage. The story continues with escape, anger from his boss, the cattle auction where the antagonist buys cattle, a young girl living in the forest who is discovered by Ty and Patti, a court case where Ty is a witness and a tragedy.




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