Historical Romance

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  • Paper Faces on Parade

    In the middle of the eighteenth century, at a time of England’s political unrest, a man named John Wilkes leads a group of men into a secret society. Disgruntled by his inability to be accepted into political society, and hiding under the guise of a newspaper writer, he leads family, friends, and political cronies into his nefarious way of thinking. At this time, mechanized printing was popular, and for some in public office, keeping up with the societal pressures of the times meant turning to unprincipled conduct.

    Katherine Howard, daughter of a popular printer, realizes that her father, Lorne, has gone missing. Her contentious older siblings would never help her find him, so she turns to her father’s attorney, Garrett Gardiner.

    Garrett is struck by the beauty of his client’s daughter, although he had known Katherine’s deceased mother and often spoke of her uncommon beauty. In addition to her exquisite looks, Garrett also finds himself drawn to her intelligence and inner strength, qualities not typically found in one so young.

    Katherine also turns for support to a relative she knows little about—her father’s sister, Josephine Wilkes. Although she receives assistance from Garrett Gardiner, and solace from her aunt, Katherine finds herself entangled in a web of suspense, illegal affairs—and murder.

    What mystery is held in the stunning mask that Katherine discovers in her father’s study? Does it hold the key to her past, which until now has not been revealed? And what role does her father play in the covert political dealings that she has stumbled upon? As Garrett and his father help Katherine and her aunt solve these mysteries, the attraction between Garrett and Katherine grows, changing Katherine’s life forever.

  • The Lady Swain

    Bobby Joe Campbell is the captain of her own ship The Lady Swain. Born into a world when
    men rule the seas, head strong and stubborn, she sets sail on her maiden voyage for new adventures and into danger.

    Jeffery McSteele, the handsome pirate set about to kidnap Bobby Joe for revenge on her father for some misguide slight to his mother.

    Together they set off to discover the secrets of a man who is out to get both of them, Bobby Joe’s ship and Jeffery for some act from a long time ago, when they were friends.

    Will they kill each other before they find the truth, or will the Lady Swain sail off with his heart… Come and join them on the high seas and adventures in the Lady Swain.

    About the author:

    KATHRYN DEAN was born and raised in the Appalachian mountain chain. She now lives in Central Georgia with her loving husband 20 dogs, and 1 cat.

    When she isn’t doing research for ideas on her next book, she likes to read, gardening, arts and crafts, sewing, and crocheting. She watches NASCAR AND THE NFL EAGLES.

    Her favorite genre of novels are historical romances, John Grisham novels, Steven King thrillers, and yes she does read other authors, too.

    Most days she is on Face Book, spreading the words of God with family and friends, and plays computer games. Come and join her some days if you like.

  • The Promise of Sunrise

    Paige Fitzhugh has spent her life trying to please everyone, especially her family. Now that it is time for her to marry, it is to a man she does not love and who does not love her. She does, however, become enamored with a man who is building new places in the estate for parties and recreation. This is disturbing to her sister, Maudene who is waiting for Paige to marry Findley Worthington 111, so she can then marry her own fiancé, Curtis.

    As the days grow closer to the wedding, Paige has finagled her way into meeting Tyler Alden and without meaning to, has divulged the drudgery of the wealthy life she no longer wants a part of, the oddness of Findley, and how much she desires the life that poet, Geoffrey Stoner, describes in his writings. Tyler has his own desires, which especially include revenge on James Fitzhugh, Paige’s father. So a marriage is accomplished against everyone’s wishes and only for convenience for Tyler and Paige.

    The marriage, though satisfactory at times, is filled with loneliness, distrust, betrayal, and doubt for paths taken. I am hopeful that finding a novel in this time frame is more than interesting and worthy of your time and effort. This is an era of economic crisis and world upheaval for rich and poor alike. The defining of who certain characters are revealed to be will hopefully surprise and delight you.




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