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  • A Dream Bunny’s Tale

    A Dream Bunny’s Tale fable series are whimsical tales about how the hopes, dreams and wishes of all the children in the world float to a magical land known as the Place of Dreams. Barely hidden between the space of sleep and our dreams, you will find out how it all began, and how the children of this world find their way to this magical kingdom.

    It all started when Dream Bunny and his best friend, a little star named Twinkley, who both resided in the Place of Dreams noticed that their charmed kingdom was slowly disappearing. The children of the world had stopped using their own creative imagination causing the magical land to slowly fade away.

    Fortunately, Twinkley knows what to do, but it isn’t long before the two friends discover that the plan to be in the real world is a bit more complicated than they had anticipated.

    Discover how Dream Bunny and Twinkley find a way to save the Place of Dreams!

    About the Author:

    Christine (cJ) Garrett was born in England to a mother who was an opera singer and a Shakespearean actress. The family moved to the United States when the author was very young. Her deep love for the arts was formed during the many hours she spent as a child backstage watching her mother perform. Following in her mother’s creative footsteps, she is both an artist and a writer.

    A Dream Bunny’s Tales series is the author’s favorite works. From illustrations to original lullaby music, to animation screenplay and toys, she has created all aspects of this whimsical project.

  • The Caged Princess

    The Caged Princess is a fairy tale meant to give an illustration for the basic teachings of Christian salvation. A princess (a.k.a fallen man) needs to be rescued from an evil dragon; but, rather like most fairy tales, the princess isn’t just swept off her feet to safety. Instead she is given the power, tools, and ability to overcome and defeat her enemy by the sacrifice of her prince. Basically, this is the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ. God doesn’t just fight for us He strengthens our arms for battle. The princess transforms from a beaten, worn, hopeless, and helpless victim to a mighty overcomer. Sometimes we feel helpless against our own personal demons and we need a reminder that it is God who enables us to do more than we could ever hope or imagine.

    About the Author:

    So, here’s a little about myself. I love my God, my family, and my home. I was taught about Jesus growing up and met Him at the age of ten. Since then I’ve had moments of strengths, weakness, and failure; but He has always been faithful and never disappointed me. I’ve been blessed with a husband and children; each of which is a game changer. Seriously, I always considered myself a child/parenting expert; until I had kids. I just want to apologize to every parent I have ever judged; you now have my empathy. Still, the love and acceptance I get from my children is beyond expected. Even in moments of ups and downs they are gifts. Growing up, my home was wherever the military sent us. I went to four different High Schools in four different states. I’ve also lived in Iceland and Okinawa. Still, South Carolina was our home away from home. It is my beloved Palmetto State. Well, there it is in a paragraph. Hope y’all enjoyed the story.

  • Totally Inappropriate

    Totally Inappropriate is a story for young readers about a sheep and two cats that go on a historic tour of Great Britain. It is a humorous tale about political correctness and basic, human values.
    There is a list of difficult words in the appendix as well as a list of 130 things that money cannot buy.

    The endearing humour portrayed by these creatures is sure to warm the heart as well as address some of the more complex matters of life as we know it.

    It is illustrated by the author with simple pen and ink drawings. Teresa has also designed and painted the book cover. This book aims to make refreshing change in the minds of young readers at home and abroad.

    About the Author:

    TERESA L. STEELE is an author and book illustrator, born in the north of England U.K. and now residing in Ontario, Canada. She is well-travelled and has a love for the simplicity of life. She has a Diploma in interpretive book illustration from Sheridan College, Ontario, as well as a Diploma in Education and Training from Sunderland University, England.




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