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  • Love Everlasting Series: An Immortal Love Never Dies Vol. 1

    About The Author

    Margie Eileen Jones better known to fans as Vyperbites or Vyper is a disabled American Navy Veteran living in Mesquite, Nevada. She spent 5 years and 11 months in the Navy as a Personnel Specialist and Yeoman.

    Margie’s attended classes at American Continental University online, Corning Community College in Corning, New York, College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in English and Professional Writing at Grand Canyon University to become an LGBTQ editor and writing coach. She currently lives with her son James and has the support of her family.

    About The Book

    ‘Shiro and Yazu Tashio are two mated half-brothers living together in the modern era. Yazu is a half demon or hanyou that was made handicapped 500 years ago by a terrible accident in a fight with his brother Shiro, a full purebred dog demon from the Shiro Inu clan.
    Shiro has had to give up his title as King of Demons to make a life for himself and Yazu. They live a humble life just scraping by to make ends meet.
    Time and change has been rough on both Yazu and Shiro as immortals never age, but the world changes around them.’

  • Love So True

    Xavier Chase came from a broken home. He saw his mother die and his father left him at an orphanage. He grew up a poor man. The only salvation he had was his knowledge of electronics. He could build or fix just about anything in that field. His dream was to establish one of the world’s most advanced electronics company. Then he met Leta Porter, a daughter of a billionaire Alexander Porter. His heart went out to her and the two fell in love. However, she was slated to marry a man she did not love, Logan Hays.

    I was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. I graduated from Fort Hunt high school. I took up writing strictly as a hobby, something to do when I was home. For most of my adult life, I worked in my family’s store located in Alexandria, Virginia, where we sell lamps, lamp shades, and do repairs. Also as a hobby, I do ghost hunting with the PROBE Paranormal Investigation team. I am 55 years old and happily married for 36 years. One might say that my marriage is Love So True.

  • Middle East Quicksand

    This is a “historical espionage thriller,” that names people, places and events that have happened, and those that are likely to soon come to pass. Some of the key players in this international plot include: Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump; former Secretary of State John Kerry, Hillary Clinton; and key influential leaders of EU, NATO and the Middle East.

    Vincent Renaldo was leading a sedate suburban life and mundane corporate job until now. He’s now on a quest for real meaning in life, passion and true love. Vince gets ensnared in the “quicksand” of espionage plots, and love affairs with three women. Which of these women will satisfy his quest: There is Eva, the wild seductress of Monaco. There is Anne, the beautiful double agent, with all the right connections. There is Susan, the devoted loving wife and mother of his children.

    Vincent learns the lessons of life when he becomes involved in an international plot between Iran, Syria, Israel and the United States comes together to confront him. He discovers that the real battleground on earth is that one absolute freedom that we all have: choosing between good and evil.

    Quicksand is a page-turner you won’t be able to put down!

    “This author has certainly done his research. … His ability to keep readers entertained with the [actual] historical facts, as well as romance and corruption, adds to the excitement. The author has done an extraordinary job of describing events, corruption, and seedy characters. Readers will feel as if they were right there. Quicksand is scary, informational and very entertaining.” Carol Hoyer, PhD., for Reader Views.

    About the author:

    Robert Thomas Fertig is a veteran of the USAF. At the Columbia University Graduate Physics Lab, he was responsible for setting up experiments. At General Electric, he taught computer programming, nationally. At Sperry Univac, Fertig was a Competitive Analyst. He later became Vice President of Advanced Computer Techniques Corporation. He established Enterprise Information Systems, Inc., an IT Consulting Firm. Robert T. Fertig is the author or co-author of nine books: Quicksand, Guardianship Reality, Culture Battles, Consequences, the Beauty and Wonder of Transcendent Truths, The Software Revolution, Best Interests of the Children, and Engineering Workstations. For five years, he was a volunteer with Guardian ad Litem (CASA), and is currently an Eldercare Guardian, in Pinellas County, Florida.




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