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  • Approved Exposés On Otis C. Harrison’s How To Save Black Americans From Themselves

    In these exposés the reader will come to understand how and why “New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking” will give Black people the organized legal systems to empower ourselves. There is no real societal growth and development without viable and sustainable socioeconomic systems that can be passed on to future generations. Far too many Black Americans mistakenly believe Whites and others will take care of us while we sit back and do little or nothing to take care of ourselves. Affirmative action for Black Americans will not exist in the 21st century.


    About the author:

    George M. Sistrunk is a writer, researcher, and a data analyst. He and Otis C. Harrison have been friends for years. Their close friendship goes all the way back to when they were babies in a playpen on Sunnyside — a predominantly Black neighborhood in Orangeburg, South Carolina. His background has given him a broad base to write about this first ever economic empowerment concept that is capable of moving millions of Black people into the 21st century.

  • Don’t Forget Your Keys: Each Key Holds the Power to Your Career Advancement

    You are being evaluated on factors that go beyond your technical abilities, personality or past performance. To get through certain doors, you need to know how to communicate and perform confidently in any situation.

    Barbara B. Bergstrom, a recognized authority on executive presence and international protocol, knows how to succeed. Every week, business executives throughout the country read her syndicated column, “Executive Etiquette,” to gain advantages over their competitors. Now you can also benefit from her insider knowledge.

    Get ready to discover:

    • Why doors only open for some people
    • How to determine the right thing to say
    • Leadership-building techniques
    • The power of professional packaging
    • And most importantly – how to acquire the right keys

    You choose your behavior so you determine the consequences. Make a conscious decision to join the successful people who are unlocking doors. It’s as simple as knowing how to stand out from the competition and do the right things.

  • Economics, Power, and Group Dynamics

    There’s a new economic theory in class—and everyone will know of it through Economics, Power, and Group Dynamics.

    Dissatisfied with the current economics and economic systems, Philip A. Bralich demonstrates a new economic theory that can reduce the division of rich and poor people, and increase the size of the middle classes, challenging the dynamic of the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

    If you wish to see for yourself how one can do it, with every flip of a page, Economics, Power, and Group Dynamics always has something in store for you.

  • The Incredible Investment Book

    In 1974 Chuck Salisbury left his Real Estate Career in Springfield, Illinois and headed for a job with a Municipal Bond firm in Beverly Hills located at 8665 Wilshire Blvd. The small firm was called Stern-Brenner and Co. and little did he know that he had found a home where he could learn the Securities Business from the security and tax-free benefits offered by Municipal Bonds. In 74 most of the bonds were bought by institutions and banks but with the tax rate among the highest in History he decided that he needed to educate wealthy people and their CPA’s of the benefits of Muni’s. Getting off to a fast start on the phone he used his imagination to create a Municipal Bond seminar to attract wealthy people and Tax Preparers including local CPA’s. He supposed that the reason more wealthy people didn’t buy Muni’s to lower their taxes was because most didn’t know anything about them. Chuck was right and for the next 4 years he was busy doing seminars from San Jose to San Diego and built a substantial clientele of wealthy investors. He not only sold bonds but, with some of his wealthier clients, actually underwrote some smaller Special Assessment Bonds called 1911 Bonds.

    As a creative person who likes to think ” out of the box” he searched for bonds that had defaulted to see if there was a opportunity for greater profit as well as Tax-Free income. His biggest find was the Ontario Motor Speedway bonds which, as revenue bonds, couldn’t make the timely payment required. But Chuck read the original offering and found that the bond security was the property upon which the Speedway was built. As Commercial Property, next to the 10 Freeway, he concluded that the property was very valuable and confirmed that with a call to a local Real Estate broker. So Chuck called his wealthy Clients and encouraged them to buy the defaulted bonds at 25% of face value and then foreclose. That begin a 22 year career as a fixed income specialist with imagination. His clients were Hollywood elites, Sports Stars and his favorite, WWII Hero Jimmy Doolittle. Chuck loved to visit him in his sparse Santa Monica office. Chuck has many stories that now form a foundation for more investment books. Stay tuned.

  • The Way Leaders Think

    The only limitation on your leadership potential is the one you create by how you think.

    When a leader completes the necessary positive action to change the way they conduct business, the whole organization completes the same postive transformation. At the end of the day, “Leadership is all about you”. But also remember, “It’s more about the people in your organization who you influence and lead.”

    The individual who receives critical lessons in thinking on how to think like a leader is given an advantage in life.

    About the Author:

    JOHN E. MARKLEY is recognized for his work in program and leadership development. He has developed curriculum, written books and materials and provided training programs for local, county, state and federal government employees and leaders. He has developed training programs, written curriculum and provided training programs for private sector employees and leaders. He developed a pilot training program for the U.S. Department of Labor: OSHA Consultation Program in conjunction with The Small Business Development Centers and the University System in West Virginia. He was appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections Academy Division to serve a three-year term as a Northeast Region Field Coordinator. In this capacity he developed curriculum and provided training programs to corrections employees and leaders on a national level. He was appointed for an additional year as an alumnus to assist in training newly appointed field coordinators. He has worked as an adjunct professor teaching university students Criminal Justice theory and practice. He has worked for the Department of Education teaching OSHA approved courses. He has assisted in supporting community programs for the youth.




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