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By Jay Lillie


A young boy’s aspirations take him on a dangerous ride into the Eye of a bad
storm and the land of adult infidelity.

About the author:

Author Jay Lillie, a Manhattan based lawyer, has travelled the globe representing
American business clients and foreign banks and insurance companies regarding
their investments in the U.S. His novels reflect the cultures and people of the
many environments in which he has been employed to solve problems and close
deals. The acclaimed Pacific Rebound is international suspense at its best and
takes us from Manhattan, throughout what the author coins AustralAsia, to
Japan, and the Great Australian Desert. His novels, Havana Passage, Justice,
and Gitmo take place closer to home but feast on the same global awareness
Jay Lillie brings to the stage of life. His characters are fictitious, but places and
situations are very real, including those within the workings of Capital Hill
and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, where most international lawyers
spent the rest of their time. Jay’s experience racing sailboats in his teens, as a
Naval Officer, and Bermuda Race veteran, brings the plot of FOUR to life.

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