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  • Aftermath: Destruction of the Rule of Law

    Book Seven in the Trump Author’s ongoing series on the President of the United States is a blow-by-blow recitation of the efforts of “Hot Rod” Rosenstein, Robert “The Dark Swan” Mueller, and the Deep State to cover their own lawless tracks as they seek to remove from office the one man who can expose them and bring them all down.

    That man, of course, is the duly-elected 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Because he is a Washington outsider, who has vowed to “Drain the Swamp,” he must be destroyed at all costs. Read herein the full account of their effort to do it!

    About the Author:

    Author T.M. Ballantyne, Jr has written and published six books on President Trump in the past 24 months. In this latest he relates in details the sordid tale of crime and corruption within the ranks of the deep State – primarily in the DOJ and FBI – which leads directly to the Obama Oval Office. As always, the author exposes the total dishonestly of a fully-complicit National Media who not only refuse to report the daily revelations of lawlessness, but do all in their power to protect the guilty while shaming the few brave men and women who have courageously fought to bring the malfeasance to light!