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  • America

    AMERICA: Once the United States?

    A thought provoking work that will have make you laugh and cry. It is in A to ZZ format that will spark your interest with true stories as well the funniest e-mails from years past. You will find this book inspirational and will make you think where America might be heading. It addresses some important topics from today’s current events. You will enjoy the A to ZZ format as you focus on topics of interest to you.

    About the Author:

    Ralph “Pete” Peters is a highly recognized author, trainer and leader around the World in the areas of implementing maintenance and manufacturing best practices, developing effective productivity measurement systems and initiating long term sustainable operational improvement processes. He has also supported both the public and private sectors. His value as a consultant has been enhanced through his direct leadership and profit and loss responsibilities within large maintenance and manufacturing plant operations prior to focusing upon consulting.

  • Leonard O’Donnell - From 'SPAM' to BALONEY

    From ‘SPAM’ to BALONEY


    In “From Spam to Baloney” you will find everything from mild chuckles to hearty belly-laughs…from podium to Lazy-boy entertainment…It’s all here for you to enjoy!” Leonard O’Donnell

    “A visiting soloist at a church function bragged to his audience in a booming obnoxious voice, ‘Two years ago I insured my voice with Lloyds of London for a million dollars.’
    There was a hushed and awkward silence in the room until an elderly woman yelled out, ‘So what did you do with the money?’

    Now that’s funny! You’ll love it…

    “…Some of the funniest I ever read, but I just learned to read last year…”
    H. O’Donnell – New Brunswick, Canada

    “…Easy Reading…funny and entertaining…couldn’t put it down.”
    G. Dennis – Lake Brantingham, N.Y.

    “For a quick laugh, it can’t be beat!”
    Rev. W. Young – Wesleyan Village, Fl.

    About the author:

    Leonard O’Donnell is a retired Wesleyan minister from the Florida District. He proudly claims his roots are still firmly planted in ‘The Might Miramichi’ district of Atlantic Canada. He has never denied his great love and appreciation for a good laugh here’s the proof!
    (‘A goldmine of hilarious reading!’)