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  • Noo Daddy Noo

    About the book:

    Two young kids meet their grizzly demise. The guilty parties go free on technicalities. Then silent justice takes over and dish out gruesome payback! Don’t miss all the gory details with a surprise ending in the fictitious horror-NOO DADDY NOO

    About the author:

    Ronald Brantley is a clerk who was born in Indiana. My book NOO DADDY NOO was inspired from some of my own childhood memories! I now live in Tennessee by myself for now and am pretty much content with my life. I do date but don’t have anyone regular at the moment but things can change at any time.

  • Supernatural Collection of Horror Anthologies

    From the bowels of Hell… comes a Supernatural Collection of Horror Anthologies… with abysmal Demonic and Luciferian encounters. This entire eerie den of terror… frights… and the putrid macabre… are bred from the innate fears and phobias that plague our darkest seeds… that lie dormant… in the pitch-black abyss… of our aphotic… pugilistic… and utterly sinister imaginations.

    About the author
    “After serving in the United States Army for 14 years in the Military Intelligence Corps as a 35M, Human Intelligence Collector (Interrogator/Linguist), I was honorably separated from Active Duty for service connected injuries I incurred while on OEF status. Consequently, I am a “”Wounded Warrior Alumni”” and I am proud to be part of the “”Wounded Warrior Project””.

    Using my Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating CUM LAUDE. Furthermore, my educational achievements include my induction into the following HONOR SOCIETIES: Golden Key International Honor Society, SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society, Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society.

    Quote: Reality is in the mind of the beholder, whether it is real or supernatural. As a result, the true situation that exists in the perceiver’s state of mind makes the manifestation of sensed events real-life.

  • The Gateway

    The Gateway tells the story of a beautiful but mysterious house in the mountains. It is infested with demons, which got in when the original owner committed suicide by diving from the stair landing and smashing in his head on the floor, thus opening a gateway to a nether region of evil. The Hawthorne family, who buy the house from the estate, have to learn to live with the demons without breaking any of their rules, for fear of death or worse.

    Nell, the youngest child, learns at an early age about the actual gateway. However, the little statue of Pan in her mother’s garden, who may or may not be in league with the demons, seems to protect her from their worse depredations. Nell grows up and marries Rick, an engineer with an oil company. They move into the Barn, an old carriage house down the hill from the Gateway. Eventually, over Rick’s horrified objections, they have to move into the Gateway. Because of difficult circumstances after Rick’s death, Nell finds she has to sell the house that she loves so much. The demons wreak their rage and retribution on the hateful man who buys it.

    Author Bio

    Cynthia Delafield spent summers at the Gateway. She was aware of its other occupants at an early age. Most events are exaggerated and much is fiction. She wrote the book after the buyer of her house in Riverdale, NY, painted the rare red gum wood paneling in the living room white. She has been a painter, actress, guide on trips to China, pastry chef and caterer, owner of a B&B and dolphin researcher, which prompted her first book, “my Dear Dolphin”, a diary about some dolphins and her four children, published under her married name, Cynthia de Narvaez.




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