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  • Born Dead

    A baby is born with his navel cord wrapped around his neck for twenty minutes before doctors could bring him back to life. His family calls him a miracle child after being without oxygen for so long.

  • Love But Unwanted

    A story about a girl that is loved by everyone she meets. But the love that she wants from her father, she can’t seem to get. So she takes the love from others and make a positive motivated move in life for herself.

  • What’s My Job?: Little Max Learns a Big Idea

    Max Diaz turned five years old, and his curious mind has questions. He ambles through his Saturday with mother and sisters noticing happy people performing tasks of serving frozen yogurt; displaying Italian bakery goods; running restaurants; and styling hair.! What lesson does Max learn?

    About the Author:
    Dr. Sue Augustine is the author of, The Hungry Brain’s Nutrition Cognition Connection, Attention Deficient Disorder; What we know and what we can do, Tools for the Cooperative Classroom. The first time illustrator has written for teachers parents and now children. Over the years she has taught children and adults of all ages and enjoys: writing, painting, gardening, cooking healthful recipes, playing tennis, and traveling. She lives with her husband Bill and their two cats.