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  • The Healer

    The Healer

    Coming to terms with the worse possible circumstances of life is a slow, painful and terrifying process.
    A woman is viscously beaten and left for dead. Waking up in a hospital a year later, she has to navigate through her fears, confusion and uncertainty of the future.
    She is reunited with her children and bullied into using new abilities to find and help heal victims of human depravities by members of a secret international law enforcement unit.
    The victims she and her counterpart locate are rescued but not all have their happy endings. Life is not always fair.

    Author Bio

    Robin Anderson was born in Albany, NY, served in the US Army for five years as a calibration specialist, and worked with a major tax preparation organization for sixteen years. Robin and her husband, along with one of their 8 grandchildren now live in NC on a small hobby farm. They have five children now grown and scattered. She works now as a volunteer and is active in her church. The Healer is the second in a series that started with The Ripple Effect.

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  • The Healing

    The Healing

    “The author captures the raw emotional journeys of the Crockett family and their closest friends, the Willinghams. They all desperately beckon normalcy to return in the wake of tragedy, the death of Navy SEAL, Travis Crockett. The author has a keen ability of helping the readers feel as if they are physically a part of the story. Written in such a clever, rhythmic cadence, most readers will not be able to put this book down until the last page has been read.”

    - Clarissa Douthit, The US Review of Books

    RECOMMENDED by the US Review

    The Healing follows the events of a weekend as Navy Chaplain, Charles Willingham and his wife Teresa renew their old friendship with the Crockett family. The Chaplain had the reluctant task a year earlier of telling the family about the tragic death of their oldest son Travis while he was on a mission in Afghanistan with his Navy SEAL platoon. The unexpected appearance of Clay Lucas, the platoon leader of the SEAL team that Travis was a part of, leads to many memories of everyone’s relationship with Travis and each other and how the family is coping with their loss.

    Author Bio

    MARC HARDAGE lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with his wife of forty years, Janet. They have three sons, Seth, Ty and Colt. They have two grandsons, Hudson and Ezra. Marc is a regional marketing director for 5Star Life Insurance Company and has been in the insurance business for over thirty years.

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  • The House on Shadow Lane: A Love Story

    The House on Shadow Lane: A Love Story

    Peopled with remarkable and varied characters, the plot of The House on Shadow Lane required a skillful hand to keep events moving at its almost frantic pace while remaining believable. As Robert Heylmun weaves the lives of his characters into the nap of his plot, their connections produce the complicated, even twisted, events that make the novel captivating. How, the reader wonders, will the romance developing between Hal and Simon survive the challenges they face? How will Carl, who is “in love with two people of different genders,” decide? While readers have likely never known such characters or situations, the author’s ingenious interplay brings them into vivid reality. As a result, readers will likely share on finishing this page turner, a “joyful sense of loss” that paradoxically occurs whenever I finish a novel I have much enjoyed. Good stories like this leave the reader to ponder what will happen next to those characters that he has come to know so well. The author’s story telling expertise establishes him as a writer whom readers of gay fiction will want to read again … and again.

    – Michael Dryden, American River College, Sacramento.

  • The Last Cruise...?

    The Last Cruise…?

    THE LAST CRUISE reunites Wes Hardin and Tully Cain (see Fancy’s Way and The XO), now members of VFA-142, the Ghostriders, as they take the Navy’s newest fighter, the F-35 Lightning, on its initial deployment, on board the nuclear aircraft carrier, Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72. The cruise gets off to a surprise beginning when the Lincoln Strike Group is tasked to the Caribbean after the shoot down of an American Airlines plane. Future encounters take place in the skies over the Gulf of Aden and the Black Sea before the carrier arrives in the Arabian Sea and commences operations in the turbulent skies over Afghanistan – which presents its own unique set of challenges. The action continues non-abated almost until the Lincoln and her consorts return to their home port of Norfolk, Virginia.

    Author Bio

    WALT TURNER taught fourth grade for 31 years in Irvine, California and enjoyed introducing his students to the craft of writing. Blending his love of the military with his love of reading, he sought to produce adventure-laden stories that he would like to read himself.

  • The Last Orphan Maker

    The Last Orphan Maker

    More than fifty years ago on Okinawa, Old Man Richards found a little girl on a cliff from where her mother had jumped to her death. He loved her. He left her. Now, nearing the end of his life, can he find that love again without finding her?

    World War II emptied much out of many lives, but it also built bonds ordinary life cannot recreate, bonds unbreakable by time, trials or people, bonds born of violent death, bonds which survive violent death. This is a story of one of those bonds and the people it touched.

    Author Bio:

    Earl Griffin was born in Childress County, Texas on February 20, 1953. He grew up on a farm along the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River. He graduated from Texas Christian University in 1975 and from Texas Tech School of Law in 1978. He lives in Childress and practices law. He has written several books and novellas: “The Escadara”, “Hearts In Passing”, “Wasted Coincidences While Waiting For The Ferry From Red Hook”, “I. C.”, and now, “The Last Orphan Maker”.

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  • The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

    The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

    What if God chose someone to clean up the earth before he sent his son Jesus Christ and we all know what will happen if he sends his son. Who would you send? A mild-mannered office worker? Knowing the villains that you have to face, it would have to be only one individual. He is a tired old truck driver that loves the Lord more than his own brothers. Just like the Scriptures of old, God sends his chosen that can do the job and gives him an name that will be respected in the ages. “Marshall Minister” The law man With a no nonsense in the ability of God. You have to be rough and you have to be tough. To preach the gospel and be the Marshall you have to be. But the loving kindness of the family man that he is.

  • The Mighty Spartan!

    The Mighty Spartan!

    The Mighty Spartan is a family-friendly fiction.

    Pete Russey is an ordinary citizen in a small Southern-Illinois town. He loves his little town. But life happens and he suddenly becomes the mighty Spartan.

    How does he deal with a giant man-eating spider or the Hell’s Angel as they ride behind him, or the scream he hears from his wife’s adjourning labor room?

    In the midst of chaos and everything, one thing remains true: his adventures are entertaining. Who knows, you will find yourself identifying with him.

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  • The Other Edge

    The Other Edge

    An exciting story, a thriller of violence, love, suspense and tenderness about a christian shepherd who unwittingly experienced the worst nightmare that someone could have lived through. Coming back home and finding out that his wife was murdered and his daughter had been raped by the same criminal. The psychological aftermath of the events caused him grief that he could not contain it and attempted suicide that just ended with him drowning in alcoholism.
    This story takes place in the beautiful town of Long Branch New Jersey and its surroundings.

    About the author

    Rodrigo Sibaja was born in Costa Rica in 1943 where he grew up and did some studies. When young Rodrigo wrote a few poems and short stories, but never published them, so they got lost in time. He got married when he was 21 years old. At 23 he, his wife and their first kid moved to the USA where he worked as a welder for 35 years. He lived in Long Branch, N.J. for 10 years, where he had two more children, then moved to Los Angeles, California. They went back to Costa Rica for three years where his fourth kid was born and came back to the USA after. Now he, his wife and his married children are living in Georgia. His four kids are all professionals in different fields. At this time Rodrigo Sibaja is retired and writing.

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  • The Poe Consequence by Keith Steinbaum

    The Poe Consequence

    Are you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe? Are you an admirer of his murderous journeys through madness and the macabre? Professor Warren Palmer is. And for the two L.A. street gangs responsible for his murder, class is now in session.

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  • The Second Messiah

    The Second Messiah

    The planet Earth is on the verge of destruction. The protagonist-Jason Reeves, along with his two companions, have been sent to try to change that lethal outcome. Unfortunately, an automobile accident robs Jason of his memory but not his purpose.

    As a lonely amnesiac meanders through the streets of San Francisco, he encounters street gangs, crime hoodlums and a memorable prostitute. As Jason’s powers slowly start to unfold, he finally discovers his identity and the mission he was sent to perform. His life force is slowly being depleted as fate of the planet hangs in the balance.
    But how does one begin the necessary process of transforming the Earth’s inhabitants in the face of ubiquitous evil? The negative energy emanating from Earth is reverberating throughout the universe and contaminating everything in its trajectory. Destruction seems inevitable!

    In the meanwhile, a false prophet emerges with uncanny powers. His unique abilities will precariously unite him with the Pope. Each person harbors ulterior motives of uniting the world’s religions. Toward this end, the ominous masquerade of the “Second Messiah” is set in motion with deadly consequences.

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