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  • Falling Back In Love Again : 12 Steps To Saving Your Relationship

    Dr. David Stevens’ new book, Falling Back in Love is ideal for any couple-whether married, engaged, or dating for any considerable time. Unlike other authors who may write about relationships, Stevens has lived and breathed this subject-helping couples for 40+ years but more importantly, has been in a loving and caring relationship for over 50. Stevens’ book is not only filled with sound advice, but with examples of what it means to be in a committed relationship. As the good doctor would say. . . “Forget about trying to have a perfect marriage and strive to be perfectly married. “What does this mean? After you read, Falling Back in Love you’ll understand, but more importantly, you’ll be able to incorporate more love into your relationships. Sheilah Brooks, Writer

    I felt that with the divorce rate being at 50%, this book could save couples tons of money if they want to salvage a relationship. We live in such callous times when love and commitment seem almost nonexistent.” Martha Tucker


    About the author:

    Dr. David Stevens, pastor and marriage counselor seems to have put his finger squarely on the “Fix-it” button of the marriage, relationship, and dating world. In Dr. Stevens’ book, FALLING BACK IN LOVE AGAIN, the reader gets to look back at the love that once flared in their marriage. He helps couples recall the laughter, excitement, and ecstasy that thrilled their hearts in the early days. Dr. Stevens allows couples to linger a moment as a reminder of what they are trying to save. Additionally, readers come to understand differences in the sex drives of men and women and that it is all in God’s design. Dr. Stevens uses his book to make sense of differences that often dry up love and marriage. You might be surprised about God’s plan!.

  • Five Ways to ‘Jazz Up’ Your Marriage: Investing H.E.A.R.T. Into Your ‘Ever After’

    If you want to put some pizzazz in your marriage, read Five Ways to Jazz Up Your Marriage for proven and practical steps to take your marriage to the next level of intimacy!

    As a couple goes through the different stages in marriage, the husband and wife have the opportunity to bring life and freshness to their marriage as they incorporate hope into their relationship, especially when challenging times come; they gift each other with empathy, when one is having a bad day; they strive towards agreement and compromise as an expression of love and respect; they enjoy remembering where they’ve come from and look forward to where they are going; and finally, they forsake their independence in order to cherish and maximize their togetherness for the glory of God.

    Investing H.E.A.R.T. into their marriage will jazz it up towards their ‘ever after’!!

  • Marriage Minutes: Building a Healthy Marriage One Minute at a Time

    Based on his thirty years “in the trenches” as a marriage therapist and the knowledge and insight he has gained from thousands of clients, Jerry Shipp has written a book of practical and, sometimes, humorous parables to help us grow deeply satisfying marriages.

    In our high-tech, chaotic world where relationships are shallow and people are more connected to their devices than to each other, it is difficult to know how to create a “perfect” marriage when there are so few good examples out there. How can we create “love for a lifetime?” Everybody wants it, but so few seem to achieve it. This book will give some answers to these burning questions.
    In just two minutes a day, men, you will learn:

    • What Eeyore, Tarzan, the Grinch, Pepe Le Pew, and Captain Picard have to say about intimate relationships,
    • How “Jaws,” “50 First Dates,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “Godzilla,” and “True Lies” can help you to enjoy and improve your marriage,
    • What “Stupidville” is and how not to go there,
    • The proper way to “pursue” the woman you love, and
    • How to overcome being a “doofus.”

    Women, you will learn:

    • How to prevent “drift,”
    • What “unconditional respect,” The Law of Association, and “submission” really mean,
    • How to “fight” in a way that strengthens your marriage,
    • What ordinary things like scabs, weeds, frogs, and back doors can teach you about your marriage.

    Couples, if you apply the mostly simple (but not necessarily easy) suggestions in this book, you will have created a fabulous, enduring relationship.

  • Oneness: A Call to Honor God in the Marriage Relationship

    Weddings are filled with hopes and dreams. For many, the promises made that day quickly fade with the ups and downs of everyday life. Shared goals may seem not so shared anymore. Before long, the love and closeness a couple felt fades into memory and divorce now seems like an option.

    What caused the disintegration of a marriage? In his book Oneness: A Call to Honor God in the Marriage Relationship, author Dean Schendel approaches the relational issues marriages face from the standpoint that selfishness is the root cause of all problems. The situation doesn’t have to be hopeless, as Jesus Christ is the only solution. Schendel experienced divorce firsthand and knows the difficulties couples face in a marriage. He reminds us of our need for Christ, the roles and duties of the husband and wife, and how forgiveness plays an integral role in the marriage relationship. Finally, he discusses other factors that affect oneness in the marriage covenant.

    Oneness: A Call to Honor God in the Marriage Relationship challenges you to obey what God has commanded for the marriage covenant. Discover what God wants you to know about yourself and His plan for your marriage. There is no fruit in living our own, selfish ways. Keeping the marriage covenant together according to God’s design is of utmost importance.




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