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  • Aftermath: Destruction of the Rule of Law

    Book Seven in the Trump Author’s ongoing series on the President of the United States is a blow-by-blow recitation of the efforts of “Hot Rod” Rosenstein, Robert “The Dark Swan” Mueller, and the Deep State to cover their own lawless tracks as they seek to remove from office the one man who can expose them and bring them all down.

    That man, of course, is the duly-elected 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Because he is a Washington outsider, who has vowed to “Drain the Swamp,” he must be destroyed at all costs. Read herein the full account of their effort to do it!

    About the Author:

    Author T.M. Ballantyne, Jr has written and published six books on President Trump in the past 24 months. In this latest he relates in details the sordid tale of crime and corruption within the ranks of the deep State – primarily in the DOJ and FBI – which leads directly to the Obama Oval Office. As always, the author exposes the total dishonestly of a fully-complicit National Media who not only refuse to report the daily revelations of lawlessness, but do all in their power to protect the guilty while shaming the few brave men and women who have courageously fought to bring the malfeasance to light!

  • Inside Hawaii’s Capitol: Lessons in Legislative Democracy

    “Jim Shon’s book takes you inside the hopes, aspirations, triumphs, and failures of the legislative process. Having covered the legislature as a reporter, I was left thinking it was both better and worse than I remember it”.

    Tom Coffman, author of Catch a Wave and Nation Within

    Inside Hawaii’s Capitol tells the tale of Jim Shon’s twelve years as a member of the Hawaii State Legislature. Readers are encouraged to put themselves into the shoes of a legislator and to gain an appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of today’s representative form of democracy in general, and Hawaii’s recent experience in particular.

    Step back from the media hype and sound-bite rhetoric of today’s politics to reflect on both the promises and the frustrations of the Capitol world and to understand how the “system” attempts to deal with complex problems that often seem beyond the modern legislature’s grasp.

    Most chapters include a number of lessons and personal conclusions about our democratic process. Readers are invited to ponder these, to agree or disagree, and to better understand how our community elects its representatives and gathers each year to make its laws.

    This is not a “dirty laundry” book, nor the lofty memoirs of a powerful politician. It will not please those who take delight in trashing government or elected officials. Shon is a true believer in democracy, warts and all. Inside Hawaii’s Capitol is admittedly the view of only one participant, but it can serve as a citizen’s handbook for those who would appreciate insights into legislative life. It is also a rare insider case study, valuable for citizens and students of American politics.

  • LAW of WAR of LAND for the REPUBLIC of VIETNAM

    About the Book

    Law of War of Land of Bright Quang, he struggles for justice as a prisoner of war. Just because the unjust laws are to be the self-evident-truths of the constitutional rights, the use of the greatest power deprives the rights to life of the innocent humankind without having regrets. Significantly, the insensitivity of the powerful nations does not only rob other sacred foreign nations but also lack of ethical consciences has trampled down the weakest people in order to satisfy their aggressions. Despite this, these powerful nations have not respectfully expressed religions, but they’ve used figures of religion’s powerful expression of their sublime’s powers.
    His struggle takes wisdom to conquer the delusive laws whilst a modern civilization expresses a play on trick in the laws. Obviously, all of the laws of a great power America have been enacted for the Vietnam War which is why a great power has not enforced any laws. When great power America did not only abuse the laws in order to bully a weak nation but also trampled down the sovereignty and self-determination of a small country as the Republic of Vietnam. In this event, the laws are expressed belligerent by inhumanity without having been enforced for justice-cause. So the respectfulness of the laws is lost by the chicanery.
    The super values of the law are clarified by the justice-cause if law has not been enforced thoroughly, we would call the delusive laws of the greatest power. Therefore, we the people should fight for justice as a nation because law is logic symbolized by the rule of law without having dictatorship. Furthermore, the law is expressed by the honor, dignity, and constitution of the people’s race and the nation- as a result, law is law. Finally, when a great power has enacted unjust law to become the constitutional rights, the Great Power America can not represent for modern civilized and progressive society. Of course, a great power and modern civilization does not only esteem law but also loves human beings in all without having to be discriminated against for human rights and deprived of the rights to life of mankind.

    About the Author

    Bright Quang Author has been composed for the eighteen books, whilst he’s poet, sculptor and painter’s specialist. He struggles for justice as a prisoner of war of proxy war America in the Republic of Vietnam without having compensated for prisoner of war when the US Congress enacted H.R. 7885 Pub-L 88-205 Approved December 16, 1963 in order to occupy his country. While he came to US on November 23, 1993, graduated a Bachelor Degree in Art, and earned Nonprofit Management in CSU Hayward, East Bay. As a result, the rest of his life fights for justice because perform justice that’s peaceful as demagogy’s anti-justice of the unjust law is become the constitution rights.

  • Super World Citizens

    This is a true untold story of American patriotic history. It is a story of how a group of ordinary American Citizens and a Prince became involved in US foreign policy and intelligence around the world.

    At one point, the group was a household name in Washington, DC, and had direct contact with high-level officials, right up to
    the president of the United States.

    One senate investigator said, “It is like you entered into a world of science fiction and then you find that it checks out.”

    The story tells how the group, with their sources for intelligence, were one of the key factors in ending the Cold War with the
    former Soviet Union, along with freeing several countries that were ruled by brutal dictators.

    Then there was a nationwide scandal, and the group was abruptly pushed aside.

    Many major magazines, such as: New York Magazine (Christmas Issue) U.S. News and World Report, Time Magazine, and Boston Globe wrote about the group, but the author, due to his privacy and well-being, had decided not to be involved in the articles.

    But now after thirty years, he has decided to write his true, untold story in American history.

    Author Bio

    Gary was born on June 11, 1958, in Astoria, New York, and moved to Freeport, New York, at the age of 3. He now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. He attended Sullivan County Community College Culinary program and finished at the State University of New York in 1984, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in business with a minor in computer science. Gary has also lived in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Manhattan Beach, CA and now resides in St. Petersburg, FL.

  • The Case of the Good Deed

    The Case of the Good Deed follows two investigators reminiscent of Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto, but not the same. An old Hawaiian deed from the mid-19th century is found in the wall of an historic church. The deed is to a valuable parcel in rapidly developing downtown Kakaako. A young museum researcher and a young reporter believe it can complicate if not stop a major development. Then a suspicious and tragic death. Was it an accident? Follow Detective Charlie, Izakaya owner Moto, and reporter Zoe as they unravel the authenticity of the deed, and if the death was murder.

  • The Most Feared Man In America

    This biography of J. Edgar Hoover differs from all previous books on the subject. My book posits and documents the existence of two political myths about Hoover. One is a God myth, which was created intentionally by a long-standing FBI public relations campaign. The other myth is a Devil myth that emerged in reaction to the God myth. Both of these mythic perceptions are unidimensional stereotypical depictions of the man, which obscure the reality of the former FBI director. The author uses declassified FBI memoranda to shed light on the personality and professional performance of Mr. Hoover through examination of his marginalia. Hoover’s handwritten comments in the margins of FBI memos are candid and fascinating manifestations of his true self.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Dirk C. Duran-Gibson, Ph. D. teaches interviewing, persuasion, communication theory, professional communication, magazine writing, and serial murder communication at the University of New Mexico. He has published a book on communication in the practice of law, a half-dozen books
    on serial murder, and two books on outer space studies. He is an acknowledged authority on product recalls, serial murder communication, and outer space, and has been interviewed more than one hundred times by international, national and regional media. He has served as a consultant to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Federal Aviation Administration. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his wife, Linda Duran-Gibson, BA, MA, CCC.

  • Thinking Beyond Capitalism: An African American Alternative

    The book is divided in two. The first section addresses the theoretical shortcoming that result from the predominance of capitalism. We recognize that capitalism was initially accepted as progressive and incorporated elements of democracy however slavery (the first contradiction of capitalism) was the economic activity which produced the profits which were then invested in the industrial revolution. Successful industry ultimately destroyed slavery (captains of industry insisted that if they had to pay their workers, other “captains” would have to do the same). But, the ground work was laid for racism, which became the next contradiction of capitalism. As the democratic revolutions of Europe and the U.S. promised “liberty and justice for all, slavery lived on. Meanwhile, capitalism continued to reach out, and colonialism and imperialism became the form of domination it would coexist with. Domination included abuse of the environment and natural resources. The second part of the book is empirical. After reviewing the conditions of African American the authors review several essential building blocks for rebuilding communities that can provide stability and prosperity for all.

    About the author:

    Cynthia Hamilton and Robert Terrell have been friends and political allies for over thirty years. Cynthia has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Boston University. Robert received his B.A. and M.A. from Bowdoin College in Maine. They worked together first in Boston and began to work on ideas for political and economic alternatives. Both are community organizers, Robert in Boston, Cynthia in Los Angeles. Robert is now Director of Fair Housing in Boston, Cynthia, who has MS, is a retired university professor and former Director of African American Studies at the University of Rhode Island. They are founding members of the Twenty-First Century Institute and they promote and help others to implement the alternatives promoted in this book.

  • Wanted!

    About the author:

    Author T.M. Ballantyne, Jr has written and published six books on President Trump in the past 24 months. In this latest he relates in details the sordid tale of crime and corruption within the ranks of the Deep State – primarily in the DOJ and FBI – which leads directly to the Obama Oval Office. As always, the author exposes the total dishonestly of a fully-complicit National Media who not only refuse to report the daily revelations of lawlessness, but do all in their power to protect the guilty while shaming the few brave men and women who have courageously fought to bring the malfeasance to light!




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