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    My Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen: But I’m Doing All the Cooking

    My Woman’s Place Is in the Kitchen is a book that challenges your eyes to not only look at what they see but also see what they’re looking at. This book will take you to a cross and show you every road; it will fill that void in your relationship with things of substance. For most women, tall, dark and handsome is fine if you’re just looking, but if you want to see, strong, thick minus the lie is the vision this book empowers. After reading this book prayerfully, you’ll understand the enormous differences between a marriage and a partnership, is he cheating on you or cheating for you.

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    Our Life’s Adventurous Journey

    Baby Boomers come together in this biographical story a couples Journey through life together. From birth to currently over 41 years of marriage, good times and bad times they have persevered as the climb has been steep. Thoughts of giving up came but with God’s help they have made it through. Their wedding vows were for better and for worse, in sickness and in health not forsaking each other. Their life story Christians and Husband and Wife travelling this journey together their story and sharing as they present “OUR LIFES ADVENTUOROUS JOURNEY.”

    About the author:

    Michael W. Cotie is pastor of a small Baptist Church in Dayton Texas. Dr. Cotie attained his Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University and attained a thM and a thD from Slidell Baptist Seminary. The story of life and married for 41 plus years and a native of the Houston area, Mike and Debra have travelled to over 22 states in their lives and have had a great experience as they sought to accomplish God’s will for their lives. Baby boomers who have remained steadfast on their journey through life.

  • WE DANCED!: A Devotional Filled with Excerpts From the Dance of a Real Fairy-Tale Romance Including Practical Dance Tips

    WE DANCED!: A Devotional Filled with Excerpts From the Dance of a Real Fairy-Tale Romance Including Practical Dance Tips

    Marriage is like dancing. To learn to dance, you follow the steps on a paper chart, placing each foot in the footsteps on the floor as indicated-but it takes lots of practice to dance fluidly with great finesse.

    Often when we marry, we believe we are in love and marriage can’t get any better. However, there will be times where we swing and our partner sways. There are going to be times when both partners are fighting for the lead. At other times we just melt together and everything is totally synchronized. Is it possible to keep that synchronization forever?

    In We Danced, author Lin Sons presents a story-like couples devotional using her 40-year marriage intertwined with a theme of dance. Lin offers life lessons applicable to any couple, whatever their own personal story. Each life lesson is followed by a dance tip designed to bring couples finesse in their dance of marriage.

    The message in We Danced is clear: the marriage dance takes lots of practice. By invitation, the Lord provides the strength, joy and finesse.

    About the Author

    Lin Sons completed her BA in Biblical Studies at Atlantic Coast Bible College and Seminary. As a relationship coach to women and couples, Lin encourages them to apply biblical principles to everyday living. She was married to Buck for forty years; she has two children.

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