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  • Healthcare for All Americans: Healthcare Crisis USA - A Comprehensive Solution

    Healthcare for All Americans: Healthcare Crisis USA – A Comprehensive Solution

    “This extremely well-written and easy-to-read treatise on the state of healthcare in the US and the author’s proposed solutions is sure to garner much-deserved attention.”


    “Paguyo offers a solution for America’s woes in a system of universal healthcare. A close study of the pros and cons of systems in Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan reveals positive options that America can put together to form a greatly improved system for ensuring that sick people get treated properly. Tactics for implementing this new system are also discussed, in this thoughtful, well reasoned proposal for a solid solution to America’s healthcare problems.”



    • Proposes ideal healthcare that is universal, portable, user-friendly, simple to administer, worry-free and reliable; affordable and sustainable; based on FREE MARKET principles applicable and adaptable for others countries;
    • Is a comparative study of the seven well known national healthcare schemes Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland;
    • Is an examination of the thirteen major U.S. healthcare problems;
    • Is an analysis how U.S. healthcare impacts the American people, U.S. economy, and America’s global competitiveness;
    • Is an advocacy to dismantle and completely reconstruct from start the U.S.A. healthcare system in its present form;
    • Is a historical review of the U.S. healthcare system from post-World War II to the present.


    NELSON A. PAGUYO, M.D., is a doctor of forty-two years of experience prior to his retirement in 2005, of which, he spent seven years in residency and fellowship training; two years with NIH research; twenty years in solo medical practice, and thirteen years as a member of a staff-model HMO.

  • in-the-dessert-of-illness-front

    In the Desert of Illness

    The interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit is what makes us uniquely human. When people are facing the complex crisis of illness, it is imperative to care for the whole person, with respect and sensitivity. In the Desert of Illness provides guidelines for how to listen for cues that a patient may be reaching out for spiritual support, how to separate spirituality from religious dogma, and how to appreciate the ways in which spiritual support enhances medical care. The second part of the book focuses on the spiritual well-being of care providers, whose humanity and emotional pain are often overlooked. The role of healthcare chaplains is examined, and their journey with patients, families, and clinicians is explored with valuable insights that can enhance holistic healing for those who are ill, and integral wellness for care providers. In the Desert of Illness is an oasis of information and wisdom from an author with unparalleled Desert of Illness is an experience in this field.

  • my grief my experience_front

    My Grief, My Experience: Bereavement & Care For The Bereaved

    Human mortality is real and unavoidable. The death of a beloved is an irreparable loss that leaves the bereaved with deep sense of emptiness, emotional crumbliness, speechlessness and confusion. The loss of a beloved can sometimes feel like an earthquake of highest magnitude which shakes up the core of one’s being. Some may feel as though they are faced with spiritual and emotional tsunami. In the wake of this life-changing incident, it is also natural for the bereaved to need support in order to regain some emotional, psychological and spiritual balance of a sort. Understanding the tenets of grief & loss or bereavement will be key to initiating the process of regaining the much-needed foothold. My grief, My Experience provides basic understanding of grief & loss, as well as supportive tools, that can be individualized as one goes through the dark and dreary bereavement road. Accompanying the bereaved on this lonely journey can be quite helpful BUT knowing what NOT to say to the bereaved can be the beginning of caring wisdom. This resource provides tips to supporting the bereaved.