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  • Coloring the World of Uncle Mike (A Coloring Book)

    Don’t let me be stuck in a world of black & white.
    Color my world and make it bright.
    Inside you will find the drawings from my world of four books:
    Eye of the Sleeping Dragon
    Time Keepers
    Saddle Sore
    Plus other drawings of a verity.

    Uncle Mike is a writer and former welder who loves to write short humorous stories for the young and the old.

    He is married to his wonderful wife, Valerie, and they have a son together. And they are enjoying a life full of adventures.

    Other than writing, he is also interested in arts and in science. And if you’re interested, you can check out his other books entitled Eye of the Sleeping Dragon, Time Keepers, Quasar and Saddle Sore.