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  • Baby Ody: A Llama Adventure

    I wrote this book as a teaching aid for a 4-H program so that children and llamas could get to know each other better. The story tells about a Llama from the day that he is born until he grows up to become an adult. In addition to its educational value, the story has been received as both humorous and entertaining. This book is an interactive book that is being used for home schooling. The book is illustrated with black and white drawings to be colored by all ages. The cover is printed in full color, as Baby Ody leads you down the path of a Llama’s adventuresome life.

  • Magical Wings Coloring Book

    I have been participating in book signing events as far as Guadalajara, Mexico. The response from my book Magical Wings has been tremendous! So many asked, when are you going to publish a coloring book for your fun characters?

    Hence, the coloring book was born!

    Illustrations by artists Carolina Palacios and C. Miller.
    Thank you and Enjoy!


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  • Stories of Rami the Wolf (Coloring Book)

    The Stories of Rami the Wolf provides coloring fun as it reviews illustrations and comments from each of the three Rami the Wolf books. Imaginations are stirred as pictures are artistically colored and inventive stories of wolves, wildlife and conservation become topics of interest and conversation.

  • What’s The Word/s?

           What’s the word/s is a fun fill coloring and activity book for all ages. The key is to figure out the compound word/s based on the picture/s given on each page.

           Can you guess all the answers? Let’s Get Started!!!