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  • 30 Chapters of Wisdom: Designed for a Chapter a Day

    30 days of Wisdom: Designed for a Chapter a Day

    Start your day right with these inspiring quotes from Kemar to perk-up your day. Getting up in the morning will never be the same again when you have these easy to live by motivational pieces. And when you’re about to retire to bed, read through the passage again so you’ll have a peaceful sound sleep just to be ready for the next day!

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  • 31 Days of SONshine

    31 Days of SONshine

    Janice Johnson Browne, Ph.D. has done a brilliant job of fashioning heaven’s supernatural Light into an inspiring devotional collection. It is a well-known fact that in order to develop a solid habit one must be consistent in performing a specific action for 30 days in order to see fulfillment in their personal lifestyle. However, the result of a supernatural inspired habit for 30, PLUS one day will be the enlargement of a Christ-inhabited lifestyle.

    Daily reading and meditating on Dr. Browne’s uplifting messages will stimulate the reader’s desire to embrace the light of Jesus which nurtures the mind, soul, body and spirit. For the mature Christian, the habit of basking in the Light, that may have become dimmed through personal loss, disappointment, pain, illness or time spent away from scriptural instruction, will be rekindled.

    Ellie Wharton, Missionary, Author, Radio Talk Show Host

    Open your mind, soul, body, and spirit to 31 inspirational true stories and devotional meditations filled with faith, hope, and encouragement.

    Your 31 Days of SONshine journey will include:

    • Scriptures and Inspirational quotes at the beginning of each day by the author
    • Life lessons to live by
    • Interactive exercises with thought questions for journaling
    • The authors encouraging thought “A Ray of SONshine” at the end of each day
    • A daily prayer offered by the author for the reader
    • A compilation of scriptures that can be used as an independent Bible study
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    Artist in the Apple Shed
    A Matter of Perception: To Encourage Creativity in Relationships

        This is a true story you can depend on. Do you seek more meaning in life? New relationships and your creativity can bring enhanced meaning. By opening wider your perception of what is possible and believable you increase your faith in yourself and God’s provisions for you.

        The relationship which is in front of you brings you surprising gifts. What a comfort and source of creativity! You learn this from yourself and the person or animal you have drawn to yourself.

        Beautiful photo images illustrate the artistic life in the apple shed and its mission of storytelling over time.

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  • Hip, Hip, Hip-PITY No! : My Easter Journey

    Hip, Hip, Hip-PITY No! : My Easter Journey

    Hip, Hip, Hip-PITY No! proposes that…the human psyche, the heart, and the spirit are resilient enough to overcome any misfortune, even the seemingly impossible because courage and a firm will are powerful forces within our nature;

    • reflective discernment heightens an awareness that adversities grow us and armor us if we dare to override temporary disruptions;
    • positivity and laughter lift and heal the spirit;
    • wisdom is born from our struggles;
    • who we are far outweighs what we can do;
    • the only moment within our control is the present;
    • fueled energies can be channeled into creative memories;

    “Every injury has its own unique rate of healing.” (M. D. Curry MPT)

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  • Learn of Me: Passions from my Heart

    Learn of Me: Passions from my Heart

    Ned E. Hoopingarner was born to Dee W. and Leura Maude Hoopingarner on December 17, 1924 in Uniondale, Indiana. He grew up in Zanesville, Indiana, and graduated from East Union Center High School in 1943. Ned in 1943 was drafted in the US Army and served three years in World War II in Honolulu, Hawaii at First Haftner Army Base.

    Ned was released from the army in 1946 and for the next twenty years worked for his dad who owned a lumber yard and construction company. In 1966, Ned, then president of the lumber company, decided along with his brother Neil to sell the business and move to Florida. He relocated with his wife and seven children ages three to fifteen years to Palmetto, Florida where he still resides.

    Yet Ned found something noteworthy, as he tapped into the inner longing of his heart, finding a faith so dormant, and a desire to pursue a live pleasing to Christ. Learn all about Ned’s tale as you read through this extravagant work that’ll surely inspire everyone.

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    Miracle in Malawi

    Jason is a young competitive soccer player from Whitby, Ontario. The sudden death of his father rocks Jason’s world and he becomes rebellious towards everything in life, especially God.

    Molly is a teenage girl eking out a living in southern Malawi. Both of her parents have died and she is struggling to take care of her younger brother and sister. In contrast to Jason, it is her unwavering faith in God which strives her to keep going.

    While in Malawi, a chance meeting between these two young people results in a close friendship and transformed lives in the process.

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    Scripted in Heaven

          Scripted in Heaven follows the journey of Dr. Robinson V. Baron and his physical and metaphysical healing.
          As a stubborn surgeon, he ignores a cryptic warning from an old lady about a supposedly imminent complication with his health. The struggles that follow take him to a journey of spiritual renewal, which leads him to rediscover his true faith and his true love.
          He seeks for the divine guidance of Padre Pio da Pietrelcina while trials and tribulations test him and his family. His devotion grew, even causing him to embark on a punishing pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy, despite his fragile health.
          His mystical metamorphosis is a story of courage, sacrifice, and triumph. It inspires the reader to reflect on his own weaknesses and makes him long for purpose and Truth in this mortal life.

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    The Fruit of the Nut:


    For Max, “Who says so well what can’t be said,” Walter Starke, inspiring author of ‘God is All.’
    In this book, Max unites ‘SPIRITUAL THOUGHT’ with ‘quantum’ discovery, Revealed to Enlighten humanity with Innate Power, in order to overcome egoistic discordant condition. Virtual reality, exposed as illusion, grips mankind and is replaced with The Expansive Cosmic Conscious Universal Reality of Wisdom Encompassing ‘ALL LIFE.’


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    The Golfer’s BOOK OF PROVERBS

    This book contains many examples of how the game of golf can teach the reader life lessons and God’s truth. If you are passionate about your walk with God and the game of golf, this book is for you.

  • New Road Leading To Christ

    The New Road Leading To Christ

    From a childhood of abuse came loneliness, fears, and torments in my life. Then going through a nervous breakdown, an abusive marriage, and a desire no longer to live, one day miraculously it all began to change.

    Reading my testimony you too will come to realize that God not only protected me, but God Himself is now using my yesterdays for His Glory. God saved me to be here for each one of you.

    The spark of life that seemed to no longer be within me was still present, and burns more than ever brighter today.

    Never did I imagine after raising a family that God would so powerfully come into my life. It all began 1993 when He led me to Yugoslavia on a pilgrimage, then in 2003 He once again led my husband and myself to a Bible College in Colorado.

    Then upon graduation we were ordained as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God had already let us know that we were to be founders of Message of the Cross Ministries, which today gives me more joy than I had ever hoped for in this life.

    Just as my earlier life began as a mighty disaster, this now new life in and through Jesus Christ has just the opposite effect and meaning!

    Traveling is one of my desires, and I patiently wait to see yet more of God's creation and beauty for all of us.

    Without Jesus Christ I am weak; with Him I am strong. He is my all. Visions, Dreams, Signs, and Wonders!

    God began to show me things in the Supernatural realm almost twenty years ago; but until now He has never led me to talk about them.
    God has chosen this book for me to tell and reveal things that some of you may have never heard of before now.

    Through me God wants you to know more about Him while you are still on this earth. So as you read the words written in this book, you too will discover that there are deeper things about God then what we as humans may think there is sometimes!

    Contact Information:
    Reverend Joan Bellrichard
    Message of The Cross Ministries
    P.O. Box 9992
    Colorado Springs Colorado 80932-0992