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  • Quo Fata Ferunt: Where Destiny Leads Us

    Inspired by her horoscope’s prediction of an “abundant future” in a new job, Sylvia the 18-year-old daughter of a single mother is hired second cook at Bermuda’s Ravello Gardens Guesthouse.

    Edith Thompson, the tight fisted spinster who owns the guesthouse, sends Sylvia to the Hamilton market everyday to purchase the food her cook requires for the evening meal.

    During her daily trips to the city, Sylvia runs into Annie Craig, an old acquaintance who once dated Edith Thompson’s brother. When the librarian suggests Sylvia might be related to the Thompson family because of her freckles, she sets out to find her father.


    About the Author:

    Before leaving his home in Bermuda to enter Ryerson’s School of Journalism, Ernest
    waited on tables at the Belmont Manor Hotel, serving such notables as Jennifer Jones, Robert
    Newton, Eugene O’Neill, Somerset Maughm, Sir David Meek and host of others.

    During the course of his studies he interviewed many celebrities for the college newspaper.
    Former heavyweight Joe Louis, Crooner Billy Daniels, singers Billy Daniels, singers Bill Kenny of of the Ink Spots, Ethel Waters, Nellie Lutcher and Vic Damone were among the lot.

    Hired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation he was their first black reporter and
    Covered many events in and out the country for 36 years. He also taught broadcast
    Journalism at John Abbott College. Ernest was named a “Headliner” by Ryerson University’s
    School of Journalism for making a mark in his journalism career.

  • The Singing Shepherd: A heroic tale inspired by David, hero king of Israel

    The Singing Shepherd has a familiar theme – a peaceful but self satisfied culture under attack by a ruthless foe bent on enslaving them. The people had made the mistake of trusting a dazzling leader who pleased himself first; his people last. The tale reacts angrily to the spirit if the present age whose monumental conceit has never been equaled in history; an age dangerously close to catastrophe. The book calls for rescue from a Source outside our conceit and closed systems. It is aimed at the present problems of our time.

    About the Author:

    Author Rich Parlee is a retired School teacher and pastor presently engaged in the kind of fellowship and adventures he calls forth in the book. He lives on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in the forests and ocean that inspired his book. He still builds and sails boats and participates in the ‘faith families’ you will find in his story.




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