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  • Darla’s Animal Art

    Over the years, I have amused myself by creating fun computer artwork using various animal ‘models’. This book includes a lot of those works. Yes, I do admit, I have a weird sense of humor, and I really like puns; so be prepared. I cover everything from science fiction, to television shows and movies, to patriotic subjects, to a little ‘cross-breeding’. I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together.

    About the Author:

    I was raised in a small West Virginia town. After working part-time for a couple of years, then a couple of years in college, I joined the military serving as a US Navy Corpsman. Afterwards, I worked as an administrative assistant for a Government contractor, then in the construction industry. Now, at 70 years old, I am retired and enjoy doing things for which I have a passion…writing, artwork and ghost hunting. I may not be able to get around as fast as my younger teammates, but I love what I do, and that’s what counts.