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  • A Box Seat to the End Times

    A Box Seat to the End Times: A Commentary of the Book of Revelation Volume 1: God’s Letters to the Churches

    This commentary provides detailed analysis of the book of Revelation. In customary form, Ron Teed’s work will aid the general reader as well as students and pastors looking for an easy-to-read and understand, yet in-depth discussion of the book of Revelation and End Time prophecy. Teed unpacks the text verse by verse while remaining true to the scriptural content. The commentary analyzes popular conceptions of the rapture, the millennial kingdom, the 144,000, and the antichrist while testing them against Scripture, providing a vivid portrait of each scene of John’s apocalypse. Teed’s insight and exposition will aid the general reader as well as students and pastors.

    Author Biography:

    RON TEED lives in Wheaton, Illinois, with his wife Betty. While in college he became an atheist and he remained an ardent atheist until a series of di_ cult circumstances forced him to his knees, saying, “God, if you’re there, I need you. Please help me.” Ron began studying the Bible, spending many hours a day doing so. _ rough that study he came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He began leading Bible studies, which were expositional in nature, and eventually went to Wheaton College Graduate School where he earned his master’s degree in Biblical and Theological studies.

    Betty Riley Teed received the Lord as her Savior as a child and then attended Wheaton College, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. She worked for twelve years as a writer and editor at Scripture Press Publications before returning to school. She is currently a clinical psychologist.

    Ron and Betty established Village Church of Wheaton in October 2003 where they continue to serve as co-pastors. Ron excels at expository teaching of the Word and these commentaries grew out of several series of messages delivered at Village Church.

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    A Call to Repentance & Restoration: A Personal Prayer Guide

    A Call to Repentance & Restoration is a personal prayer guide designed to be used in private, small or large group settings by individuals, churches and organizations who desire to draw closer to the Lord in response to His call to repentance and restoration. Within this personal prayer guide are prayers of praise, thanksgiving, and confession for both the new follower and the seasoned disciple of Jesus, offering specific steps to take in responding to this call.

  • A Christian Father, A Man of Faith

    A Christian Father, A Man of Faith

    Born in the to a poor family, just a year before the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression, growing into A CHRISTIAN FATHER A MAN OF FAITH. A working man raising a family in the turbulent 60’s with Faith through trying times. Dad as a young man would see his father die a horrific death. Becoming a man with Christian values and principles the Lords man whose life touched others having an effect on all. His legacy continues as seen in A CHRISTIAN FATHER A MAN OF FAITH.

    About the author:

    Dr. Michael W. Cotie is a pastor-teacher, called by God and Pastor of Baptist Church in Dayton Texas. Bro. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University, his Masters of Theology from Slidell Baptist Seminary as well as his Doctor of Theology. Bro. Mike has been a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ since 1963. He felt God calling him to the ministry shortly after High School Graduation and surrendering to God’s call in the 1980’s. Serving God from that point.

  • Absolute Love

    Absolute Love

    Love exists and the topic of this book is where does Love come from, why is Love an Absolute, who is this Absolute Love, what does this Absolute Love look like, and what are the characteristics of Love?
    Love is an entity, one entity a unity of substance, purpose and power. Love is a personal being that is ultimate power and absolute personhood. All else is relative to Love, created by Love, sustained by Love, defined by Love and ultimately judged by Love.

    Author Bio:

    ROGER WILLROTH lives in Ames, Iowa. He has been married to Cathy for 40 years. Roger and Cathy have one daughter, Megan. Roger graduated from The University of Northwestern St. Paul in 1978 and from Bethel University Seminary in 1983. Roger enjoys reading and writing, friends, traveling and golf.

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    Maryann Brickett (Stupka). In her book, Maryann argues the case for all Americans to realize that America is a Christian nation. While America allows “freedom of religion” for everyone, there is a strong case that the founding fathers dedicated this land to God, and America’s constitution, laws, culture, traditions, customs, morality, and way of life are a direct result of biblical influence from the Bible. Using biblical citations Maryann outlines the Ten Commandments and how America has broken them. The book analyzes past civilizations which have fallen to the same immoral and debt ridden levels that America has now and shows how those civilizations have either ceased to exist or are now Third World countries. Maryann builds her case on the hundreds of famous people, including presidents, scientists, statesmen, and others who have proclaimed their strong faith in God. They have stated that it is impossible to govern without His divine help. Maryann also cites many of America’s cities which bear biblical names. Her goal is to inform readers of our nation’s roots, rich heritage, and engage them in the culture war to regain our country, one family at a time. One nation is one country, “under God” with liberty and justice for all.

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    Beyond the Shemitah

    For years H. Vandergouw has been sensitized by the Lord in regard to the last days we are living in. One of the areas that the Lord has targeted is the economic state of this country in relationship to the new global economic order envisioned with the coming Day of the Lord.

    His previous writing of Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation in 2011 included a chapter that considered our ominous economic realm that not only our nation was beset with, but that of the world.

    Since that time, even greater warning signs are becoming evident which are issuing “critical” alarms as never before. Sadly, our government and media are either suppressing and/or covering up the dangers these alarms are presenting. Using Biblical precedence and the historical results of past Shemitahs and Jubilees, 2016 – which is a Jubilee year – could be the year where a serious economic “fall” takes place. In this regard, the Lord gave this author “Actionable Recommendations” as He called them for your benefit. Why? To help you PREPARE for potentially the greatest economic collapse this world will ever experience. It is my sincere hope that this book will be a practical resource and guide for you and your loved ones in the perilous days ahead.

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    Burning Questions About Islam

    HAVE YOU HEARD that Allah’s followers constitute the world’s fastest-growing religion? That Muhammad was mankind’s greatest and final prophet? That the Bible is unreliable and the Qur’an is God’s ultimate revelation?

    In Burning Questions About Islam—A Panoramic Study for Concerned Christians, Wilbur Lingle tackles those claims. Here, in language everyone can understand, Lingle provides readers with a comprehensive survey of the history, beliefs, and fallacies of Islam. Using passages from the Qur’an and the Hadith, he provides information and details aimed at creating a better understanding of the beliefs and practices of the followers of Islam. He also gives readers practical suggestions on how to engage its followers with the truth of the Christian gospel.

    Burning Questions About Islam gives readers the tools they need to witness to Muslims in an informed and nonconfrontational manner.

    WILBUR LINGLE received a B.A. and M.A. in Bible from Bob Jones University. In 1989, he began Love to Share Ministries, an outreach program to teach Christians how to witness to those of other religions, including Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. Burning Questions About Islam is his fourth book.

  • Conversion of a Vicious Roman Centurion

    Conversion of a Vicious Roman Centurion

    This book is about a vicious Roman Centurion soldier whom was commissioned by the Jewish leaders to travel to various regions and kill or imprison any Christians who were practicing the doctrines of Jesus Christ. But on his way to Damascus, a bright lightning struck him off his horse and when he fell off his horse, a voice instructed him of his new assignment. He was converted into the Christian faith and for this he was no longer useful to the Jews. They captured and put him into prison for persecution.

    Rev. Martin Edior is a native of Trinidad. He has written many other religious issues. He is an anointed minister in the C.O.G.I.C. He likes to pray and lay hands on the sick and afflicted. He is married to a lovely lady from Belize, Central America and is very happy with his marriage life. His lovely wife is his editor.

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    Many years ago, as I was describing the latest saga in my bizarre life to a dear friend, she suggested I write a book about my life. Eventually, over a period of several years, I started writing down these short stories and finally put them together into a book. It was then that I realized that many of my life experiences had a profound impact on who I was and how I thought. I started out as a quiet, shy person who was unsure of herself and her abilities. Even though I had grown up a” ending church every Sunday, trying to follow the teachings of the Bible, I knew something was missing in my life. Eventually I married a United Methodist minister and we raised two children together. The challenges we faced during our years in the ministry allowed me to grow in strength and confidence. I was continually learning new life lessons as God put me in positions where I could be of help while caring for the needs and problems of others. As God led me to take on leadership roles, I found I could depend on His guidance and continual support. I was energized as He guided me to use my creative and artistic talents. Then one day the doctor told me I had a tumor and needed major surgery, all at the same time my husband was being put on trial by the church for behavior unbecoming of a minister. When you are down and out is when you find out about your faith and God’s power to turn things around. Never before had I envisioned the challenges I was yet to face. I knew that God was not finished with me and that I had much more to accomplish. Praise God!

  • Divine Package and You

    Divine Package and You

    The book ‘Divine Package and You’ is an attempt to bring a major theme of the Christian faith into a broader focus. In doing this, it takes a swipe at what the author considers as a breach in contemporary Christian teaching. He therefore urges Christians to move from the shadow to reality, from milk to solid food, and reject the trash for healthy food.

    Like Berean Christians, we should expose every teaching and doctrine to the searchlight of the Holy Spirit making the Holy Scriptures our reference point. We should examine every teaching and hold on to the truth that will set us free.

    This book is an eye-opener and a must-read for every Christian, both the clergy and the laity. No one can read through it and remain the same. Be blessed as you read through it.

    About the author:

    The author, Israel Oladipupo Odewale was born in Gbongan, in Osun State of Nigeria. According to him, he was given strict religious upbringing by his parents who were ministers in the Anglican Communion. His father wanted him to go into the ministry after his university education but he chose to go into teaching. After a brief stay in teaching he proceeded to join the Nigerian army where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. It was there he became a born-again Christian.

    He recalls that his time in the army was the best period of his life as he experienced the Lord first-hand and was able to touch many lives for Him. Although he faced much persecution, he could not be intimidated.

    After his retirement from the Nigerian Army, he came to Britain where he established a church in London called ‘Narrow Way Christian Fellowship’ which he now co-pastor with his wife, Mrs Francisca Olajumoke Odewale. They are blessed with children and grand-children.


    The author could be contacted at this email address:


    Phone: 07949 984 783

    Website: www.narrowway.org.uk

    Other books written by the author:

    The Standard of God

    That You may Prosper

    Do you love Me more than these?

    Can God be truly a Righteous Judge?

    Some of these books are available from the contacts above and at Obafemi Awolowo University Bookshop, Ibadan University Bookshop, Baptist Bookshop Ibadan, CMS Bookshop Ibadan, all in Nigeria; and the Amazon.

    You can also take a look at some articles written in our Facebook at pastor@narrowway.co.uk