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  • Martin King - Atomic Angel

    Atomic Angel

    The phenomenal life of David Oliver Goldman, a saga of the floundering anti-hero who tries to find his way in an increasingly hostile world and its ever elusive meaning. After exposure to atomic atmospheric testing in the Bikini Islands, his life is irreversibly changed. His journey intertwines with iconic notables and histrionic events in the mid-twentieth century. For three decades Goldman’s odyssey is interwoven with the path of his adopted brother, who shadow one another with contrary elucidations of the world’s gist. An American gothic tale of lost prophecy, lost love, lost God and lost self in a metaphysical pilgrimage that finally reveals the meaning of his life.


    About the author:

    M. A. KING has traveled much of the world in the quest of exotic culture, anthropological tales and the fabled perfect wave. Born and raised in The City of Angels where anecdotes of Los Angeles’ past has been a life long fascination.

  • Creatures of the Night

    Set in New Orleans Terry is unaware she is surrounded by creatures of the night, until one night, their leader Tim turns her into one. But she soon realizes Tim’s true intensions are to over throw an ancient
    prophecy. She discovers her true destiny is to stop him from destroying her kind, will lead her into a dark journey.

    About the Author:

    Stacy Newton is a native Houstonian and currently lives in Los Angeles as a writer and actress. She finished her book signing with ANGELS SURVIVE this summer, and is currently working on her next book.

  • Hands

    From the demanding life in the United States, Margaret Wheeler will take readers into the quixotic and seductive country of Spain—where her many adventures and romantic escapades await. In Hands, readers will follow her as she embraces what life and love offer. She will bring thrills and excitement to everyone’s imagination as she allows herself to be engulfed by the riddles of love and the heat of romance. Starting off her journey with Jim, she will allow readers to see her smile at the prospect of her future as she recalls her past with its bittersweet memories. Later on, she will find herself in a new life she never dreamed of living. But will she be able to find true love and happiness? This book tells all.

    Suffused with intense emotions, beautiful characters, unforgettable backdrops and a compelling storyline, Hands is a unique tale that will engross readers until the passionate and surprising ending unfolds.


    About the author:

    Bàrbara Wegryn Marroquín was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She attended Cornell University and received her masters’ degrees from Middlebury College and The New School for Social Research. Her thesis for The New School was her novel HANDS. She studied in Madrid Spain and eventually worked in the Air Attàches office at the United States Embassy. She married a Spanish citizen, A. Marroquin, and remained in Spain for over 20 years. She now resides in San Antonio, Texas.

  • How Things Fell Apart: A Short History of South Africa 1488 to Present Day

    In How Things Fell Apart – A Short History of South Africa – 1488 to Present Day, John H. Glover reveals the source of Apartheid and the racial struggles of the indigenous South Africans. Africans, their struggles with the European for political justice and freedom, and their denial of equality in the South Africa Parliamentary system and its society. John used letters written by European South African Politicians to show the fights of the indigenous South Africans and what they were up against, such as Percy A. Molteno, James Rose-Innes, J. X. Merriman, and Sir Alfred Milner, British Governor of Cape Colony, who wrote to Rev. James Green on December 12, 1901: ” . . . As for the indigenous South Africans, one thing which appears to me quite evident is that a distinction must be drawn in the case of the natives between personal and political rights. A political equality of white and black is impossible . . . in any South African Parliament the interests of the blacks should be specially represented . . . this could be best done by white men, not elected but nominated for that particular purpose . . . As regards to personal rights, I hold that those of the natives should be just as clearly defined, and just as sacred as those of the white men. I do not, however, think that they need always be, or ought always to be the same. . . . How Things Fell Apart – A Short History of South Africa also reveals the indigenous South African politicians such as Walter Benson Rubusana and John Tengo Jabavu, and their struggles to combat political injustice and apartheid.

  • In Memory Of: A Collection of Poetry

    I was 42 years old when my father had passed. My Aunt Lorretta travelled from Springfield, MO to attend the funeral. After the service she had gathered the family up and took pictures. One picture had my brothers, Kenneth and Howard, and myself. Howard was eleven years older than me, the oldest of us, while Kenneth was seven years older. Within the span of a year and a half when that photo was taken, Kenneth passed away. He was 54 years old. A few months later, my granddaughter, Juanita, would be stillborn. Two years after that, Howard would pass. My sister and I would be the only
    ones left. Then, in 2013, she would pass away, too. I’m the last one left.

    With my parents and siblings gone, I have no one to share my memories with. The younger family members don’t care to listen. Once I die, the memories I have go with me. That’s why I’ve written this book: to have my past remembered. I’m not going to bother writing an entire lifetime into this book. This is just a few short stories and poems I’ve written. There’s nothing to look forward to. This is the last chapter of my life. All my dreams that never came to fruition are fading. I have no desire to love again. This pain and memories stay firmly rooted into my mind like an emotional divorce. It took me to the edge of suicide at one point. The unexpected death of my son, Erick, in
    1984 had left me empty, gasping for breath. His death still haunts me. Three months later, my mother passed on New Year’s Day. There were more tears and sorrow than happiness and laughter. Instead of making more memories, I’ve decided to share them.

    About the Author:

    I was born in Kansas City, MO and currently live in Independence, MO. I started writing in 2013 as a way to cope with the loss of my sister, as well as the tragedies and losses I’ve experienced through the years. I have a passion for music and have played guitar self-taught for thirty years, as well as self-teaching piano for two years. I’m a great grandfather as of 2018. I’ve been a commercial truck driver for twenty two years, though I consider it more of a hobby than a job. I had previously
    published a book entitled Sometimes I Daydream.

  • The Seventh Seraph

    Dr. Mathhias Mort Samael, the Archangel of Death, is seeking a psychiatric consultant to travel through time with him to keep him from falling apart while he does his hardest jobs. Dr. Susan Fernandez, a recent graduate from Harvard Medical, has an incurable brain stem cancer that the Death Angel tells her can be healed by Raphaella, the Healing Archangel.

    Together they address the death of the Egyptian first born at Passover, then go on to travel through time to treat the other great collections of deaths, such as the Inquisition, the Black Death plagues, World War II, and the final soul collection at the Last Judgment.

    About the author:

    Dr. Marvin McMaster has a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and Postdoctoral experience in Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. He has worked for DuPont, Kraft Foods, and Ciba-Geigy as a research and process development chemist. He worked 25 years as a Technical Sales Representative selling and supporting HPLC analytical systems. During this time he conducted over thirty HPLC schools for his employer’s customers and for students at University of Missouri – Saint Louis as an adjunct professor. He has supported and networked Macintosh computers for Washington University Medical School. He retired in 2002 to teach Bible study for St. Andrew United Methodist Church while continuing to writing technical text books and fictional novels full-time.

  • This Land Is Mine! A Story of Crazy Horse and George A. Custer

    Examines the contested expansion of the Western United States through the perspective of two important historical figures. It is the story of a time when open land, resources, and wealth west of the Mississippi captured the imagination of everyone in nineteenth century America. The United States government sent expeditions to capture as much land as possible, and thousands of easterners set off in stagecoaches to find their fortunes. Angry American Natives and vicious conflict greeted the trespassers as they continued to invade more territory.

    The book follows the lives of two brave leaders from very different cultures, born just two years apart: George Armstrong Custer of the United States Seventh Cavalry; and Crazy Horse of the Native American Lakota tribe. Custer delighted in youthful pranks as a child and as a young man at West Point Military Academy. Ambitious, courageous, and lucky, Custer successfully advanced his military career in spite of a few misdemeanors. Thousands of miles away, Crazy Horse hunted buffalo, captured horses, and learned the strategies of warfare by studying animals and following Native traditions. Both Custer and Crazy Horse became passionate leaders. This gripping story culminates when Crazy Horse and thousands of Native American warriors collide with Custer’s Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Big Horn to fight for their land and everything they held dear.

  • Wet Confetti

    Rolled, silver white hair created a halo about the woman’s head. The lamplight cast oblique shadows on her delicate, high cheekbones. Above the cheekbones, her eyes were ice blue and steady, belying the eighty years of this statuesque woman. Her demeanor exhibited and commanded an aura of aristocracy. Kathleen’s throat tightened and felt dry. She trembled slightly as she spoke. She was a reasonably intelligent, thirty-eight-year-old woman quite capable of comprehending all that had been depicted and yet, the shocking concept of the old woman’s claim was loathsome and incredulous. Acceptance of such cruel allegations against her grandmother, whom she so admired, was totally denied. In this emotionally charged family saga, Kathleen is shocked to learn of her grandmother’s wicked past from her Great Aunt Rose. As if the shocking revelations aren’t hard enough for Kathleen to deal with, she is forced to make a decision that will determine the course of her future.

    About the author:

    JENN SHELL is the author of Wet Confetti, Purple Gold, Destiny’s Gamble and Turbulent Tunnel and is published in The National Library of Poetry. Her lifelong passion for books and history is the catalyst that embarked her on the journey of writing. Originally from Pennsylvania, an avid golfer, she now calls Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home.




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