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    This story is of adult humors science fiction of today’s times. This takes you to a bar in New Orleans where everyone gathers.

    Two groups of men make near the same discovery. Proving their point takes them each on a journey.

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    The Chronicles of All-Time: Remember to Forget

    The Chronicles of All-Time is a series of books that describe the nature of time, space and reality with a central storyline, the life of Dr. Elliott Himmerept. Very much like the best-seller book “Life of Pi” this book describes the amazing awakening story of Dr. Himmerept, which is an alias for the author, Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe. Through his visits to Heaven, which are described in this first book, and many strange occurrences in his perceptual reality, a multi-cultural and intergalactic story starts to develop. The entire series will help young and adult readers understand the nature of our Universe and the multi-faceted role that we play during our human life experience. While the setting and the story telling is meant to be science fiction, it is up to the reader to discern what parts of the book may have been taken from the real life experience of Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe and what parts are science fiction. Or maybe all of it is what truly transpired? The first book in this series focuses on the remembrance of who we truly are as humans, and the main character's journey to openness and acceptance that life is more than it seems through our five senses. With insights from our distant past and futures, it becomes clear that we are not alone in this Universe and that we are part of a much larger living entity. This book will help you re-evaluate what is possible and what is real or not.

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    Time Keepers

    This book is intended to be of comedy-science fiction for all ages of readers. This book is about two New York college graduates getting involved with future Time Keepers of the world. Main settings are of New York, Florida and Andros Island.

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  • Visitor from Harare

    Visitor from Harare

    An alien from planet Harare comes to Earth to study humans and report back his findings. After visiting Germany, the alien, now using the name “Johan Becker “, ends up in Bridgeport, New York, where he meets a family of Russian immigrants.
    The story follows Johan Becker as he observes the family who are struggling to adapt to a new environment while holding on to their old country traditions. The cultural shock the family goes through places them in awkward and funny situations, and the author describes these with plenty of sarcasm and humor.

    The characters in Visitor from Harare are quite realistic and it entices the reader to flip through the pages to find out what happens next. Also, anyone familiar with the emigrant communities in American can easily relate with the difficulties the family goes through in this novel.

    About the author:

    Edward Purizhansky lives in Amherst, New York. He is teaching at Buffalo State College. Purizhansky came to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1989. The characters described in the novel, and the way they walk through the realities of this new world while beginning their lives in the new country are the result of his close familiarity with the subject.