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  • Echoes Through Time: A Harvester Adventure Series

    Earth is dying due to an alien object placed in orbit about the Sun. Earth receives a message from the far reaches of deep space informing the Earth space program that it is not allowed to travel any deeper into space than the outer planets. Due to some very extraordinary qualities concerning the strange message, the Earth Council is forced to search all of Earth’s history, both past, present, and future to find a singular young boy for which a special Project will be formed which will place him in training for a trip to the very Center of our Galaxy.

    About the author:

    Richard Chamberlain was a part of the Naval Submarine force for twelve years. He was hurt during deployment and then medically discharged. He then entered Idaho State University and attained a degree in Mathematics and studied astrophysics. After graduation he commenced working at Nuclear Power stations on refueling code to refuel nuclear reactors. He worked for sixteen more years in various engineering positions at Nuclear Generating Stations throughout the various states. After he could no longer do that work he turned himself into the DAV. From then on he studied Physics, Mathematics, and various subjects pertaining to Quantum physic and Cosmology. He now writes, reads, and studies Electronics.

  • Game of Stealth

    A future President of the United States is paralyzed by the errant bullet from the gun of a drug and gun smuggler. Frank Dewey Ryder, still partially disabled, and his Secret Service bodyguards are nearly killed by a top secret surveillance dolphin while diving in Hawaiian waters thirty years later. Why? International intrigue follows the President, the drug and gun smuggler, and the bottlenose dolphin as their lives wind around each other like stands of DNA. The President is captured and taken aboard a foreign submarine. Can he be rescued by anyone or anything in the President’s huge hightech arsenal? Game of Stealth is a powerful and provocative story, rich with characters and a punch that will leave you wondering if it was all true.

    About the Author:

    Robert William Hult has played dual roles for most of his life. At the same time he was a submariner, he was a student of animal behavior. At the same time he was a scientist, he was a practicing, published expert in dolphin, porpoise and whale behavior—a cetologist. While he was a retailer for nearly thirty years, he was a filmmaker and a writer of science, science fiction and history. As a caretaker, he has also been a book publisher.

  • In Who’s Hands: Cause & Effect

    This story, the first in a trilogy, begins in a Barbaric world, thousands of years in the future, where scientists, known as “the smart ones”, have spent generation after generation planning and preparing to bring down their ruthless rulers. These “smart ones” have written a story, it, and the development of time travel, many thousands of years after the story was written, will be key to the success of their plan, but was there success?

    Their hope is twofold, firstly that people will one day live peacefully and in a free world and secondly that science will be allowed to develop naturally rather than be oppressed by fearful Barbarian rulers who view “the smart ones” as a necessary but dangerous evil.

    This story has science and theology completely intertwined. It’s a story that answers the most asked question in human and theological history. People may actually change their minds based on the theory this fictional story suggests.

    Horrific atrocities, much mystery, believable science, mistakes, love, anger, fear, more mistakes, hope and drama fill the page and your mind. It’s cliffhanger ending leaves you knowing it is not over, you will be confused but the confusion will only fuel your thoughts and want of an answer. Visit “IN WHO’S HANDS” on social media and let us know what you think happened.

    The subtitle for the 2nd story is “The Answer” and it does totally answer the ENDING of this 1st story but it still leaves some mysteries up in the air. The 3rd novel will clear up these mysteries and totally blow you away. So much so that I can not even reveal the subtitle.

  • Primus – One: Dreadnaught

    Several months have passed since the harrowing adventure and near fatal mission to once again save the Earth. Jim Lexington and Primus have been working hard to correct the devastation left behind by Legion and help things on earth return to normal. Now, they become entangled in a deviant and dangerous situation as a new adversary devises a plot to capture the SS Lexington. Jim and his wife, Sarah, along with One and Primus must handle this adversary while an even more sinister and deadly device, left behind by Legion, once again threatens the very existence of earth and the entire solar system. The danger is great and the consequences become even greater, once again leaving it to Jim, Primus and One to correct. But, this time everyone’s survival is not only in great peril in many ways, it is a matter of Time as well!

    About the Author
    Joe D’Aulerio after releasing his first two books in the 5-star epic series of intrigue and adventure, Primus-One, has release this third adventure in this ongoing series. A former KSC employee, Joe loves talking about his days at the Space Center and the biggest point he likes to make is how we can come together and accomplish almost anything if we really set our minds to it, like landing a man on the moon and returning him safely back to earth and yes even authoring a novel also. Joe currently resides with his wife in Central Florida.

  • Primus-One Legion: Book 2

    Several Months have passed since the harrowing adventure and near fatal mission to save the planet that left Jim Lexington in need of some rest, but now he returns to find mischief, intrigue and danger. Jim and Sarah encounter a talented flamboyant and somewhat rebellious young lady, Samantha Slate, who falls victim to the power of a second Centurion, but instead of succeeding in a successful matching it places her at deaths door. Once again, the planet is placed in peril and Jim must now rescue Samantha, and undo the deadly mischief of the Centurion that ends up putting him at the edge of death!

    About the author:

    Joe D’Aulerio, A former KSC worker and who lives in Florida with his wife, enjoys writing science fiction. As a science fiction writer Joe’s interests are not the violence and destruction people have come to expect but showing the innocence, naivety and comedy as well as the intelligence, adventure, thrill and sorrow a good story can tell.

  • Primus-One: Book 1

    A normal ordinary American citizen, Jim Lexington going about his now forced retirement is suddenly put into a position of disbelief and perplexity. Jim encounters a most unusual life form. With his new-found friend, only visible to him and with unbelievable abilities, Jim finds himself engaged with a childlike and innocent unusual living being and in peculiar situations. Jim then becomes the center of attention when a companion of his new friend arrives. Struggling to keep both out of the hands of the government and trying to show the world they mean no harm, Jim is then made aware of a deadly and dangerous derelict that would pass through the solar system without harm until, that is, it is discovered by scientists. Not really knowing what they are dealing with and in an attempt to protect the earth, US and Russian governments, try to destroy what they think is an asteroid and end up altering the derelicts course placing the earth in lethal danger. Jim must now figure out a way to deal with the derelict that ultimately places him in grave peril.

    About the author:

    Inspired by Clive Cussler, Joe D’Aulerio intends for his début release, Primus-One, to be the beginning of an eye-opening epic series of intrigue and adventure. A former KSC Support Test Manager, Joe currently resides with his wife in Central Florida.

  • Quasar

    This story is of adult humors science fiction of today’s times. This takes you to a bar in New Orleans where everyone gathers.

    Two groups of men make near the same discovery. Proving their point takes them each on a journey.

  • Rangoul

    Rangoul  is a supernatural thriller set in 1950’s rural Georgia. The KKK has infiltrated local law enforcement and has committed a string of murders covered up as random accidents. Jamal, an African American grocery store clerk puts a target on his back when he attempts to save a woman he believes is being attacked by a police officer behind his store. Jamal’s boss Eugene, had a daughter who died under suspicious circumstances. Although her death was ruled an accident, her father always suspected the towns Sheriff was somehow responsible for his daughters death.
    The grieving father takes matters into his own hands trying to prove foul play was involved in her death.

    On his way home one evening Jamal is given a creepy doll as a gift from a strange old woman. Things begin to spiral out of control after this. Jamal begins to have visions and loses track of time with no memory of his whereabouts. Eventually the police and the Klan catch up to Jamal and he must fight for his life as well as the lives of his wife and son. It turns out the doll Jamal was given possesses the soul of a Demon named Rangoul.

    The doll once belonged to a young boy who’s father was framed and executed hundreds of years ago in the same town. It has the power to cause great pain and suffering to those who wrong you. As Jamal learns more about this power he must decide if it is a gift or a curse. While both fighting their own demons, Eugene and Jamal’s journeys intercept and set forth a chain of events that will shake the small town to its core.

    About the Author:

    Mikail K. Farrar was born in Kansas City Mo. in 1979. He lives in Lawrenceville GA with his wife of 15 years Clarice, their 11 year old daughter Victoria, and their dog Ruby. Mikail gets his passion for writing from his mother Sondra who is a retired English teacher. When Mikail was a young boy he remembers his mother waking up in the morning and quickly writing down her dreams before she would forget them. She would encourage her son to do the same. Fast forward to today and Mikail is not only writing down his dreams, but transforming them into riveting stories to share with the world.

  • Silversuit III: Heritage

    One hundred years have passed since the dreaded bacteria attacked humanity, causing women to become sterile and shortening men’s lives. Marauding bands kidnapped children, now the most precious commodity on Earth. Only those living in the coldest lands have survived. A strange silver liquid covered the skins of a few chosen ones, giving them extraordinary powers. These Silversuiters became the sworn protectors of the world leaders. Hero teachers saved thousands of children and evolved into the most respected leaders on the planet. As generations passed, they became more powerful and finally absolute dictators. L’ora R’oak and her companion, rogue Silversuiter Fourth, become the heads of the resistance to overpower the Supreme Teacher and the Tenured Council.

    About the author:

    Beverley Blount lives in El Paso, Texas and Mexico City where she has completed 30 years of training teachers in her Montessori schools. She is now consulting in schools in Mexico and the United States.

    Under her pen name, B. Palma, she has written seven bilingual books in the Palo Alto series for young adults. Palma’s books weave her husband’s tales of growing up on his family’s haciendas with her own adventurous teens in the Mexican countryside. Their lifetime love of horses is reflected in these Palo Alto adventure books.

    Silversuit III is her first Science Fiction adventure book and Silversuit I and II will soon follow, tying the 100 years back to the last Palo Alto book; Love’s End — And Then. Blount’s most recent book; The Blount Guide to Phonic Reading, is the result of her life’s work in sharing with children and adults her passion for reading.

  • The Chronicles of All-Time: Remember to Forget

    The Chronicles of All-Time is a series of books that describe the nature of time, space and reality with a central storyline, the life of Dr. Elliott Himmerept. Very much like the best-seller book “Life of Pi” this book describes the amazing awakening story of Dr. Himmerept, which is an alias for the author, Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe. Through his visits to Heaven, which are described in this first book, and many strange occurrences in his perceptual reality, a multi-cultural and intergalactic story starts to develop. The entire series will help young and adult readers understand the nature of our Universe and the multi-faceted role that we play during our human life experience. While the setting and the story telling is meant to be science fiction, it is up to the reader to discern what parts of the book may have been taken from the real life experience of Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe and what parts are science fiction. Or maybe all of it is what truly transpired? The first book in this series focuses on the remembrance of who we truly are as humans, and the main character’s journey to openness and acceptance that life is more than it seems through our five senses. With insights from our distant past and futures, it becomes clear that we are not alone in this Universe and that we are part of a much larger living entity. This book will help you re-evaluate what is possible and what is real or not.




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