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    The idea’s we manifest in our mind were given to you for a reason. Build your own belief to become the best version of your true-self.

    Have faith… It’s worth it. You ARE worth it. If you don’t believe me follow me I’ll show you.

    I have spent my whole life believing in the idea that I was destined for greatness. It took me 29 years before I came to terms with that idea. Experiencing life to the fullest, traveled most of the world by myself with nothing but a back pack. I believe the experience’s we put our self through are the adventures we talk about, the wisdom it creates. I have always accomplished a goal, When no one said I couldn’t, I DID! I can and will. I am inspiring millions of people.

    Mama, Pops, I will make you proud.

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    Jesus, Save Us Now: The Seven Degrees of Daily Deliverance

    Do You Know the Solution to End all Wars?

    When problems come up in life, do you know how to solve them? And do you want to know who or what is causing problems in your life? In Jesus, Save Us Now, author Andy B. Nakagawa explains where our problems originate from and how to solve our problems.

    In this book, you will learn:
    • The Origin of All Wars
    • The Four Step Process of Deliverance
    • The Three Deceptive Devices that the Devil Uses
    • The Four Activation Levels of the Devil
    • The Seven Degrees of Daily Deliverance

    There is a study guide included in the book.

    May this book inspire you to live a life free from the bondage of sin.