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  • ABC’s of Lighthearted Living … My Prescription: Learn How Happiness Leads To Good Health – Alternative Medicine

    Living a Happier, More Fulfilled Life is as Easy as learning the ABC’s

    In ABC’s of Lighthearted Living, My Prescription, Dr. Maggie shows us how to achieve better health through a higher level of happiness…and that Happiness is really a CREATED attitude! Twenty-six alphabetically arranged proven principles leave you laughing, inspired, confident and more connected – to your inner feelings and to those around you. Packed with moving stories of those who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve great joy – stories gathered from Dr. Mears’ 30-plus years as a physician of Internal Medicine – ABC’s of Lighthearted Living offers a profound message of hope for anyone struggling to find fulfillment in a challenging world. In this alphabet, A is for Attitude and W is for Wow. Dr. Mears’ ruminations on such apparently simple truths reveal the immense power of transformation inherent in all of us.

    PRAISE FOR ABC’s of Lighthearted Living

    ‘Nice work! This book is filled with truth, heart and wisdom which can help you survive life’s many difficulties.” – Dr. Bernie Segel, author of Love, Magic and Mudpies and 36 Prescription for the Soul. About the author: Internal Medicine physician and Hospice doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Maggie Mears has won acclaim for her approach to healing the “whole person” as well as distinct symptoms. ABC’s of Lighthearted Living arose out of the unique connections she developed by listening to her patients – a dynamic that revealed the dozens of inspiring anecdotes that form the basis for the book. Mears is also the founder of Write From Your Heart TM, a creative writing workshop in which participants blossom as they discover the healing power of writing.

  • Bring Forth The Light

    “I was given this moment of time to allow me the way to go home or a split second of reaction time to stay. I knew I would only have that second to react, and my mind knew what it needed to do. We both were feeling as if we were paralyzed, as we could think but couldn’t move. Remember, time was standing still for us, and we were in that moment of time. Just as time was very slowly starting to kick in for us both, I was able to begin lifting my arm to block the axe, (still in slow motion). The axe was coming right at me, and I knew if I missed, the axe was going to kill me in front of my son. I knew it would be lights out for me, but tragedy for Aubrey. It’s funny how we both knew and both could see that my life was going to end. I believe that in life we have checkpoints-points in life we can choose to go home by or continue on in life if we want to continue. For me this was a checkpoint, but what would that mean for Aubrey? Could you imagine being with someone you love and watching an axe split them open, before your very eyes? That was not a moment I wanted Aubrey to bear. I knew I couldn’t leave such a loving being with such tragedy to deal with. This was not going to happen. I was going to go on for yet another day.”

    About the author

    EMMANUEL is a trained spiritual medium; he has had the guidance of James Van Praagh, John Holland, Tony Stockwell, Marilyn Whall and Jose Gosschalk. He is a certified regression therapist under the training of Brian L Weiss, MD, and is a spiritual minister under the Order of Melchizedek Emmanuel has been intuitively, psychically guiding, assisting, and bringing forth messages from spirit for more than twenty years, as well as guiding others through regression therapies. Between homes in New York and Boston, Massachusetts, he and his wife, Elia, travel and enjoy their life on its journey. They are blessed to have built a temple for their own personal spiritual growth. Wherever they go, they both do their best to let their love and light shine. They are grateful that they bring forth a light to be shared by all.


    The idea’s we manifest in our mind were given to you for a reason. Build your own belief to become the best version of your true-self.

    Have faith… It’s worth it. You ARE worth it. If you don’t believe me follow me I’ll show you.

    I have spent my whole life believing in the idea that I was destined for greatness. It took me 29 years before I came to terms with that idea. Experiencing life to the fullest, traveled most of the world by myself with nothing but a back pack. I believe the experience’s we put our self through are the adventures we talk about, the wisdom it creates. I have always accomplished a goal, When no one said I couldn’t, I DID! I can and will. I am inspiring millions of people.

    Mama, Pops, I will make you proud.

  • Jesus, Save Us Now: The Seven Degrees of Daily Deliverance

    Do You Know the Solution to End all Wars?

    When problems come up in life, do you know how to solve them? And do you want to know who or what is causing problems in your life? In Jesus, Save Us Now, author Andy B. Nakagawa explains where our problems originate from and how to solve our problems.

    In this book, you will learn:
    • The Origin of All Wars
    • The Four Step Process of Deliverance
    • The Three Deceptive Devices that the Devil Uses
    • The Four Activation Levels of the Devil
    • The Seven Degrees of Daily Deliverance

    There is a study guide included in the book.

    May this book inspire you to live a life free from the bondage of sin.

  • Self Growth: A self-talk for self growth

    This book was written for anyone who is looking to make the best out of their life, and to be the best they can be in every areas of life. This is not just about a chosen career or about climbing the corporate ladder. This is about evolving into the best possible being you can be without any restrictions on religion, culture or nationality. This is about discovering who you truly are and want to be. Most of us spend a lifetime chasing after dreams and titles trying to please others and becoming what our society want us to be, but forgetting to become the best version of ourselves for us and creates a void that will never be filled no matter how many title we have acquired. This book highlights most of the necessary steps one should take to become the best version of oneself, it is a motivational butt kicker and will get anyone who is serious about growing in any area of their life…doing what’s important to truly grow and be better by living their best version of life. It’s true there are many books out there about self-growth, but this one is direct and to the point if one want to improve in any area of life then … this book is a must have, It’s guaranteed to have a profound impact on your life!

    Author Biography:

    Kessa’s philanthropy work includes sitting on the Board of several Non Profit Organizations. Ms. Gooden is not only an accomplished business woman, entrepreneur and mentor, she is a devoted mother of three beautiful children. Kessa has survived an incredible journey of faith, she immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and has been on her own since then. She has climbed over every obstacle and survived every challenges. She has been tested through the proverbial fire on every area of life (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially) and has lived through more hardships than most people could count. Through these fires, she has been purified as gold. Her beautiful heart is a big as her smile and her compassion for others knows no limits. Kessa has the life experience of mentoring and motivating others worldwide. Her testimony is one of victory, valor, and courage. Her mission is to help others attain their God given destinies through mentoring, motivating, encouraging, teaching, demonstrating, listening, and sharing. Kessa thrives on accepting the impossible as completely possible! It is her honor and joy to bless, give, share, and help others attain their best life!

  • Understanding Teens

    It is not God’s plan for us to depend on our own efforts and just do our best as parents; He wants us to understand and obey His will.

    It seems that there are many options available when it comes to information on parenting teens, in fact, God’s Word is the only reliable source; looking elsewhere will leave you ignorant and confused about how to raise your teen. Following the example of your parents is a common choice that leads to repeating their same mistakes. God provides us with all the information needed to succeed at this awesome task, and this Discipleship Workbook is a tool based on His Word to guide you through the Scriptures where you will find the answers you need. Traditional, blended or single parent families’ will all benefit equally from this information.

    This Discipleship Workbook provides the following practical tools:

    • To build a strong spiritual foundation for parenting.
    • To work together (if married) as a team.
    • Important principles that help you maintain a healthy loving relationship with your teen.
    • How to instill mature character in your teen through loving discipline.
    • How to disciple your teen.
    • To understand the emotional and physical changes your teen is going through. This knowledge will help remove the fear and confusion that both teens and parents experience during adolescence.
    • Helping parents get a unified vision in where they are leading their teen toward maturity and how they are going to get there.

    Every parent wants to do the right thing, but parenting according to God’s will does not come naturally. Failure comes naturally, so we must choose to rely upon His Word and His grace to accomplish this important undertaking. But we also need guidance from materials such as this workbook, and from other mature believers who can disciple us in these truths. Being a parent is one of the most important tasks God has given us to do for Him here on earth, and we need to prioritize this training within our churches and disciple God’s people in these truths.

    The UNDERSTANING TEENS DISCIPLESHIP WORKBOOK can be used for personal study, as a counseling tool, or as a study guide for a men’s or women’s group, Sunday school class, or home group. It will draw you into God’s perspective as you commit to completing the various aspects of study: reading of Scripture; answering questions, studying definitions of biblical words, cross referencing biblical principles, and practicing self-examination leading to action plans. This workbook is very practical and has many illustrations to help you grasp the biblical principles that are being presented. If you commit to learning the material and apply it faithfully, God will not only transform you as a parent, but your entire family will be blessed.

    THE AUTHOR, Pastor Craig F. Caster, is the Founder and Director of FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES. With many years of experience as a youth pastor, marriage and family counselor, teacher, speaker and author, he has gained a reputation as a trusted resource for equipping and ministering to families. He has developed Bible-based marriage and parenting tools and touched the lives of countless people through his seminars hosted by churches around the US and internationally. Pastor Craig has been a keynote speaker at conferences, retreats, family camps, and a weekly radio program. Married since 1980, he is enjoying three grown children and grandchildren.

    Please visit the FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES website at www.FDM.world or www.DiscipleshipWorkbooks.com where you will find more information as well as resources concerning the family that are free for downloading; videos, audio, workbooks, leader’s guides and articles are available.

    FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES exists “for the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,” (Ephesians 4:12), and to carry out The Great Commission by making disciples for Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).

  • Waking Up At Both Sides: Discover What You Couldn’t Ask

    This book, written by Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe, delivers new and deep insights into the nature of our reality and our cosmic role in the game of life. With intriguing humor, he describes the process for awakening ones through the eyes of his own hilarious and painful experiences after he was pulled out of his body into “Heaven”. The many world views presented in this book allows one to see the many challenges and opportunities in an ever changing universe for their own personal growth with the goal of living a fulfilling life and not turning into a living zombie. Dr. Vanhauwe was a staunch opponent of any forms of religion or spirituality and describes parts of his journey in a wonderful narrative that is sprinkled with Divine insights and loftiness; presented with love, gratitude and appreciation for all. This is a must read.

    About the author:

    Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe obtained his doctorate in Biochemistry and specialized in Neuropharmacology to understand the brain. He was a strong opponent of any religious of spiritual beliefs in lieu of logic and science, until he was pulled out of his body into Heaven or Nirvana. In this book, he merges the knowledge of the known with the unknown, which he obtained through tutelage by the Divine, and through his remembered memories or our past and our futures. This book is an amazing journey with deep, profound insights, yet light to read at any level. Prepared, with love, gratitude and appreciation for all.




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