By Barbara Wegryn Marroquin


From the demanding life in the United States, Margaret Wheeler will take readers into the quixotic and seductive country of Spain—where her many adventures and romantic escapades await. In Hands, readers will follow her as she embraces what life and love offer. She will bring thrills and excitement to everyone’s imagination as she allows herself to be engulfed by the riddles of love and the heat of romance. Starting off her journey with Jim, she will allow readers to see her smile at the prospect of her future as she recalls her past with its bittersweet memories. Later on, she will find herself in a new life she never dreamed of living. But will she be able to find true love and happiness? This book tells all.

Suffused with intense emotions, beautiful characters, unforgettable backdrops and a compelling storyline, Hands is a unique tale that will engross readers until the passionate and surprising ending unfolds.


About the author:

Bàrbara Wegryn Marroquín was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She attended Cornell University and received her masters’ degrees from Middlebury College and The New School for Social Research. Her thesis for The New School was her novel HANDS. She studied in Madrid Spain and eventually worked in the Air Attàches office at the United States Embassy. She married a Spanish citizen, A. Marroquin, and remained in Spain for over 20 years. She now resides in San Antonio, Texas.

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