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  • Love Everlasting Series: An Immortal Love Never Dies Vol. 1

    Love Everlasting Series: An Immortal Love Never Dies Vol. 1

    About The Author

    Margie Eileen Jones better known to fans as Vyperbites or Vyper is a disabled American Navy Veteran living in Mesquite, Nevada. She spent 5 years and 11 months in the Navy as a Personnel Specialist and Yeoman.

    Margie’s attended classes at American Continental University online, Corning Community College in Corning, New York, College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in English and Professional Writing at Grand Canyon University to become an LGBTQ editor and writing coach. She currently lives with her son James and has the support of her family.

    About The Book

    ‘Shiro and Yazu Tashio are two mated half-brothers living together in the modern era. Yazu is a half demon or hanyou that was made handicapped 500 years ago by a terrible accident in a fight with his brother Shiro, a full purebred dog demon from the Shiro Inu clan.
    Shiro has had to give up his title as King of Demons to make a life for himself and Yazu. They live a humble life just scraping by to make ends meet.
    Time and change has been rough on both Yazu and Shiro as immortals never age, but the world changes around them.’

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  • Love's Liturgy

    Love’s Liturgy

    Forrest L Ingram is a poet married to Ann, the love of his life. In these poems, he celebrates special yearly remembered occasions such as their first date, the first time they made love, the anniversaries of their marriage, and Ann’s birthday. He also includes in the volume numerous everyday love poems. Mr. Ingram has previously published poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and analyses of current events. He has taught literature at the university level and edited a literary journal. He hopes that true lovers will read these poems and be inspired by them.

  • Magical Wings: The Journey to Fudge Mountain

    Magical Wings: The Journey to Fudge Mountain

    Magical Wings the Journey to Fudge Mountain is the continuing sequel of Magical Wings. Join our beloved characters on their next adventures to the mysterious journey to Fudge Mountain; on Abi Gail Airlines and the mystery of the lost “I” sickle. We don’t wish to give away too much, it is a must read of mystery, fun and suspense!

    About the author:

    The author, Bobby Sherman, was born in Worcester Massachusetts. Growing up Bobby enjoyed playing the acoustic guitar, writing music and poetry, later developing a love for golf. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Miami with a minor in Psychology, and practiced Music Therapy in Florida.
    When he lived in Texas, Bobby volunteered for the Special Olympics. He has since supported many causes; animal welfare, arts and culture, children, education, environment, health, human rights, politics, science and technology.

    Today Bobby owns a day spa called Essentials Retreat Day Spa. You can learn more at our website, www.essentialsretreat.com.

    For more information or to order any of the Magical Wings wonderful products please visit my website. www.magicalwingsjourney.com. There is also information regarding the Matt Sherman Foundation where all the proceeds of the books will be given.

    I reside in Largo, Florida with my rescues; my doggie Peaches, three cats Titolino, Candy, Manchess and two turtles and fish.

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  • 9781635242904-Perfect.indd

    Many Faces

    Yana realizes that a girl’s life is not always about pretty dresses and perfection. She learns early in life that love and loyalty come with a price. With death knocking at the back door, Yana has to become more cunning than her enemies. Not knowing who to trust, she becomes a victim of a wicked game.

  • Margie and the School of Hard Knocks-Level Three

    Margie and the School of Hard Knocks-Level Three

    Do like-minded people get along well by living together? This experience is put to the test in the first part of Level Three, to be followed by more new and exciting experiences. What else would you expect in a school of hard knocks?

    Author Bio

    The idealistic child in Margie was allowed to be guided to delve into a fantasy world, retrieve her unresolved issues, get closure from them and move forward towards the inner peace that had always eluded her. Her journey ran the gamut of emotions with a great deal of love and laughter as the healing process.

  • Mind War

    Mind War

    For millennia all attempts to end violent war by negotiated or imposed peace have brought only brief respite. On the premise that war is endemic to the human disposition, MindWar proposes to supersede its killing and destruction with a more civilized focus on the mind. The persons and properly of humans are replaced as targets by the divisive situations and perceptions. These are then analyzed and adjusted to a practical consensus. MW extends to sociopolitical applications generally, identifying and refining previously vague or unknown mental processes into a new science of “thought architecture” : a standard of rationality and precision in human affairs in which the experience and exercise of thought are finally, fully mature.

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  • statham-front

    MPR Chronicle: Recruitment

    This world has been shaped over centuries into two breeds: ice manipulators and fire manipulators. 700 years after the birth of the first fire manipulator and ice manipulator, you will step in the shoes of a young boy name Drayden Jelansti, who ice powers has just awakened. After being sheltered for his first fifteen years, he finally attends high school and begins learning and mastering his powers. But little did he know that he’s being targeted by the fire manipulators for his “enhancements”. The “soon to be king” Lived (live-ved) sends his sons and their allies to target Drayden after they discover his location. While in school, Drayden struggled to gain allies to help him with his battle against the fire manipulators for their survival, and Drayden learns the truth about himself and his family along the way. This story tells the tale of a young ice manipulator struggling to live in the outside world and discovering his true self along the way.

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  • Murder in the Jury Box

    Murder in the Jury Box

    Phillip Carmady is on trial for the murder of his wife, Prudence. Sandra Eversol is a wife, a mom, and a Sunday school teacher. When she is called to fulfill her civic duty by serving as a juror in Phillip’s trial, her jury service sends her on a journey into the unfamiliar world of courtrooms, judges, defendants, lawyers and rules of evidence.

    In this fast paced legal thriller of conspiracy and murder, Sandra diligently sorts through the evidence searching for the truth, until unknowingly she becomes part of a murder conspiracy and finds that elusive truth…the hard way.

    Author Bio:

    An avid reader, Doris decided to follow her love of reading, transformed it into writing and published her first novel in 2008.

    Since publishing her first novel, Doris has published five more novels, three of which have earned five stars on Amazon Books.com.

    In a recent newspaper interview Doris stated, “It is my desire that as you, the reader, closes the last chapter on one of my novels, it will be with a contented sigh. It is my hope that you will feel the time you spent reading my novel was time well spent.”

  • Mystery at London Ledge Lighthouse

    Mystery at London Ledge Lighthouse

    Heath’s beliefs are challenged while trying to solve the mystery of a haunted lighthouse near Connecticut. His cousin Cade experiences mysterious activities, and may be in danger there. While researching the lighthouse’s history, Heath and his friends discover some fascinating information about its past.

    Learn the other clues that make Heath question his prior beliefs, until he is finally confronted face-to-face with the truth!

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  • No Time for Justice

    No Time for Justice

    A graphic story based on documented history has its location in northern Texas and the Indian Territory before, during, and following the Civil War. Having both Cherokee and Choctaw Indian blood, a courageous young man faces a compelling decision during the Civil War whether he will defend the honor of his Unionist white stepfather who has been murdered by a Confederate or defend his Confederate Cherokee mother’s cultural heritage. A truly gripping story that is sure to capture the reader’s attention from the first page to the last.

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