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  • Barney the Farm Dog: A True Story

    Barney the Farm Dog is a true story about a Saint Bernard. Read about this dog’s life on the Brewer farm with Farmer Vic. Barney’s funny antics and protective nature are heartwarming and humorous. All the illustrations are true pictures of life on the farm.

    Author Bio

    Mary Lynn Swiderski has worked with children for twenty-five years as a 4-H educator and health and nutrition educator with Michigan State University Extension. She retired in June, 2014. She has degrees in journalism and family life education. She has always loved creative writing, poetry, books, and music. This is her first children’s book as told to her by her husband, Victor, prior to his death. She was born, raised, and continues to live in Saint Ignace, a small, quaint city located just north of the historic Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    Victor Swiderski was born and grew up in Detroit then moved to Brewer Farms in Leonard, MI after high school. His degrees were in Physiology and Animal Husbandry. Later he moved to Alpena and began Gamble’s hardware store, which later became a John Deere dealership. He sold the business to his partner in 2000. Victor married Mary Lynn in 2002 and moved to St. Ignace, MI. There he ran a successful antique business until his death in 2014.

  • Dragon Scale

    Enter an enchanted land where big dogs talk, and fighting horses are fearless, when you journey into the pages of Dragon Scale: The Medallion. In Dorothy L. Smith’s exciting new world, you will meet Donil, a stalwart young knight; Bailee, the little orphan girl who must grow up too quickly; and most of all, Tasara, young, beautiful, lithe and a fierce warrior. Join the three them, along with their telepathic canine Colors, and their fighting steed, as they search for the key that will defeat the growing evil, and hopefully bring them all back once again to a land of happiness and peace. Read fantasy at its most magical and finest in Dragon Scale: The Medallion.

    About the author:

    Dorothy L. Smith has wanted to write since high school. But somewhere along the line “life and work got in the way.” In due time, however, she returned to the University of Central Oklahoma, got her M.A. in English, taught for a while, then began again to write. Now she resides on her farm in the Sooner State with her family. Her familiarity with and love of the land is evident in her writing. Dorothy is also a member of the Gold Prospectors of America. In fact, Dorothy keeps herself so busy that her husband Richard advises her “to stop, rest and write.”

  • Enigma Encruzijadas del Destino

    Un guardián dimensional, un asesino obsesionado y los especialistas
    Sue es una joven forense que trabaja en el centro de investigaciones más avanzado de toda Argentina, el S6. Ella, su jefe y su compañero se verán envueltos en una serie de misterios que han comenzado con un extraño correo electrónico que recibió Shein, su jefe, sobre un asesino capaz de matar a sus víctimas en cuestión de segundos con solo mirarlas un instante a los ojos. En el correo electrónico llaman a esta persona “el depredador”.

    El depredador ha descubierto la ubicación de las puertas dimensionales y lo que necesita para abrirlas y así apoderarse al fin de aquello que tanto desea. Por primera vez en siglos se dan las condiciones perfectas para llevar a cabo sus planes y lograr concluir aquello que inició cinco siglos atrás. Aunque sabe que la policía conoce sus recientes movimientos, no considera que puedan ser capaces de atraparlo.

    Sue y su equipo se verán envueltos en un sinfín de situaciones que los llevaran a pensar que se están volviendo locos. Personas que se esfuman en el aire, lugares que no tienen sentido del tiempo y extraños ataques a sus seres queridos mantendrán a los personajes al límite de la razón.

    About the Author:

    Amie Van Gogh nació en Irapuato Guanajuato el 18 de junio de 1982. Desde su nacimiento hasta en la actualidad su vida se ha visto envuelta en misterios, y enigmas provenientes de eventos paranormales, que incluso a los conocedores del tema los ha dejado perplejos. Estas situaciones le han acarreado una vida complicada acompañada de diversas situaciones, donde la escritura ha sido una manera por la cual plasma parte de lo vivido durante su vida. La novela Enigma Encrucijadas del Destino, es una novela que plasma una realidad llevando al límite a sus personajes principales.


    The human and non-human races do not mix; to be a half-breed is to be a pariah. This truth rules the life of a young half-elf boy named Freeborn. His sole friend is Tishamon, an elven woodsman, who frequently visits the boy. Tishamon adopts Freeborn, taking the boy along on his life of wandering, working and learning.

    When Tishamon becomes lamed, he settles in the Fire Hills and sends Freeborn to the local academy. The Fire Elves’ obsession with family lineage, and Freeborn’s contempt for the same, ends in violence, starting Freeborn on the trail to ever greater adventure.

    Author Bio

    Steven Calkum was born in 1967 and grew up on a small ranch in East Central Colorado. He earned BS and MS degrees, and worked, in natural resources for 13 years before becoming disabled in 2011.
    A voracious reader, he created his own style by rewriting drafts until he would want to read his own work.

    He remarried in 2016 and plans to be a househusband and work toward a career as a writer/storyteller in addition to raising more children.

    He currently lives in Wyoming with the youngest of his children from his first marriage.

  • Paddy’s Forest Trek

    An inquisitive, young porcupine gains valuable insights about trees when he visits his friend’s forest home. The fun-filled day of exploration with these two adorable characters, creatively introduces scientific concepts about plants and plant growth. This narrative nonfiction is informative and engaging.

    Author Bio

    Patti Gill has dedicated her career to literacy instruction. Her passion to promote equity in education was the inspiration for this book. You can learn more about her at: www.personalizedlessonplans.org

  • Red Mesa Café: the blog collection

    A collection of essays and blogs centered around a baby boomer’s perspective on aging and the environment.

    Author Bio

    A native of the San Francisco Bay area, Greg Gnesios has been exploring the American Southwest for nearly fifty years. For 30 years he was a ranger/naturalist with the National Park Service in places such as Pinnacles National Park and Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California; Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico, and Canyonlands National Park in Utah. In 1999, he joined the Bureau of Land Management where he managed Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas before moving to Grand Junction, Colorado in 2001 as the first manager of the Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area.

    He has since served as Chairman of the Board for the Colorado National Monument Association and as Byway Coordinator for the Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway. During the summer season, he leads tours throughout the west for various travel organizations. His award-winning photography and writing has appeared in numerous journals, magazines, museum exhibits, calendars and books. When he isn’t hiking or conducting trips, he sells rare books online, watches movies, and writes a blog about his adventures.

    He resides in Grand Junction, Colorado.

  • The Chameleon Returns

    The Chameleon Returns is the continued drama of the McLaughlin Family. Lucky McLaughlin inherited the role of the Chameleon from his Father Brooks McLaughlin the original Chameleon who dies suddenly from Colon Cancer. The Chameleon is an individual who Rights wrongs perpetrated by the most evil of criminals and brings them to justice. If the FBI cannot bring them to justice; the Chameleon can. It is a story of the McLaughlin Family as the family grows.I hope you enjoy my second in a series of novels. Next Novel is called Charlie. Look for it.


    About the author:

    I am T. M. Nugent, Author-Poet. Welcome to my Saga of Lucky McLaughlin and his family of heroes. In this new novel, The Chameleon Returns you will enjoy an action-packed adventure of a unique man and his family. I hope you enjoy this book because I enjoyed writing it. I was born at Holy Cross Hospital in nineteen forty-nine. I Had an exciting childhood with five brothers and sisters, I have lived in California and had a residency in Nevada and Aguacate, Costa Rica. This Novel is my twelfth book, and I hope you enjoy it.

  • The Dark Runner

    The Dark Runner is the story of an African holy man who travels by running. Arriving at his sister’s village, he discovers she has been kidnaped by slavers and traded to the captain of an American ship.
    To rescue his sister, he trades himself for her release. He doesn’t understand it but he finds he is driven by an inner impulse to fulfill an unknown destiny in North America.

    It is this journey and his impact on all those he meets with a brief telling of their stories and redemption that best describes the story of the Dark Runner.

    About the Author:

    Born in Cleveland Ohio and moved to California in the 1950’s. He graduated from Los Angeles State College with a BA. His studies were mostly in the Life and Physical Sciences. He worked for Los Angeles Police Department for more than 25 years. Once retired he began writing.

    He and his wife and family have resided in Chino, California for the last 43 years.

    “Family is very important to me. Hopefully any success I have will light the candle of imagination in one of my heirs,” Mr. McLeod stated.

  • Trouble in a Green Pickup

    What could be worse than facing a gang of criminals blocking the only way down the road?

    In Trouble in a Green Pickup by Charlie McCarty, the author exposes the practices people working for the Forest Service resort to as a way to fulfill their supposed mandate of protecting the nation’s resources and wildlife. He paints the way officials of the agency behave like dictators, shoving rules and programs down people’s throats without effective consultation, while wasting taxpayers money on ill-advised fire prevention operations.

    Picture this: Has anyone thought that wild forest fires would be a cause for parties as well as betting card games while the fire is raging and threatening to consume lives and properties along its path?

    In a book that is destined to ignite fires beyond the bushes of Tularosa Creek, Charlie explains why the sight of a green pickup assigned to Forest Service officials deserves more fear than the sight of a gang of criminals blocking one’s way down the road.

    About the Author

    Charlie McCarty was born in western New Mexico on February 4, 1940. He lives in Reserve, New Mexico, where he earns a living as a rancher, carpenter, and a hardware store owner. He has been married for forty-nine years and has three children and nine grandchildren.




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