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    A Word Fitly Spoken: A book of poetry, quotes and thoughts

    Writing has been a direct connection from me to God. When a friend saw my poetry book she started reading it and said she couldn’t put it down. She encouraged me to do something with it; I was seventeen then. Now that I have several more poetry books, I prayed and feel that this is what the Lord wants me to do. It’s one of my greatest passions, next to ministry and cooking. I pray this book ministers to you and helps you heal, restore, encourage, motivate and captures attention. Let the words sink and revive you, so that after you’re done reading this book, it will feel like you have just taken a breath of fresh air. There is something in here for everyone. If you enjoy reading “A Word Fitly Spoken”, there is more to come.

    One thing I have noticed about poetry is writers create it when they’re in deep depression and those poems end up making you feel the same way you felt when you started reading them. So I have decided I would never end a poem or song on a down-beat, but always on a high note. Being the praise and worship leader, I find that sometimes in order to get to the next level, we have to encourage ourselves in the Lord.

    As you read my book, please don’t just browse it — think and ponder on it and remember it. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. There’s something in here for every mood I’m in, and if you can apply it to your life it will help you just the way it helped me. I hope and pray you enjoy it and will be looking for my other books.

    Thank you for supporting me and my dreams!

  • At Ease Like The Blooming Lotus

    At Ease Like The Blooming Lotus

    A journey to awaken the peace and freedom in the inner recesses of the heart and the soul. Amidst the daily grind, and the chaos and uncertainty in the world, it is important that we step back for a while and align ourselves with the truth and beauty in and around us. There is no need for ground – breaking or radical changes; just a small shift in our perspective and consciousness to embrace the basic truths and principles of life and nature. This may very well turn out to be the most effective way to counter the enormous stress and tension of modern living. It is equally important that we become more responsive to the needs of our fellow beings, and resist all forms of oppression, violence, discrimination, racism and the deeply – rooted fanatic spirit.

    Haimnauth Ramkirath grew up in a small rural village in Guyana, South America. The beauty and simplicity of country life shaped his abiding love for nature. From an early age, he dived deeply into the richness and beauty of the spiritual and philosophical teachings and traditions of the East. This stirred in his heart a lifelong quest for inner peace and harmony. These poems reflect his intense inner search and contemplation. Haimnauth was a teacher for ten years in Guyana before taking up residency in the USA in 1991. He is a professional accountant and has worked his way up to the Controllership level. Haimnauth comes from a background of strong family values and he and his wife, Radhika, have inculcated these values to their son, Akash and daughter, Tamala. Haimnauth believes firmly that one has to work out one’s Karma and salvation while actively participating in the world, and to abdicate one’s responsibilities and duties is a negation of life itself. He is a very vigorous campaigner for social justice and equality, and his utter condemnation and abhorrence of racism, discrimination, social apathy and indifference to the plight of the poor and the oppressed, and scourge of the fanatic spirit, are reflected in some of the poems.

    (This collection of poems is a full color book of top quality production.)

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    Butterflies, Bears, and Other Poems for Children

    Butterflies, bears, and Other Poems for Children is a delightful collection of poems and colorful artwork that uses rhymes to teach about holidays, dental health, fire safety, animals, dinosaurs, etc. The author, Patricia Herber, firmly believes that the concept of rhyming is an important skill that can be a fun way to help children learn to read. Written in an easy-to-read and listen-to format, children will enjoy turning the pages as they learn fun facts and view amusing illustrations. This totally entertaining book will surely capture your child’s attention and is appropriate for toddlers through age ten.

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    Come Into My Garden Volume 1

    “Poems written during the “LONG WAIT”

    Imagine the all-consuming yet innocent young love of a 15 year old boy and a 14 year old girl. Suddenly all contact is lost due to a conspiring grandmother who intercepted and destroyed U. S. mail. 60 years roll by. They each had married and raised large families and they meet again. Time passes. Another six years before they are both widowed and then…

  • Dee Dee’s Inner Most Thoughts

    Dee Dee’s Inner Most Thoughts

    Dee Dee’s Inner Most Thoughts is a collection of my thoughts from religion to sensuality. Here’s hoping everyone enjoys reading my work as much as I enjoyed writing it. If these works inspire just one person to think just a little longer on the topics within I’ve made a difference.

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  • Encouragement: My Book of Psalms

    Encouragement: My Book of Psalms

    The book “encourage” is written to enlighten the hearts of others, and say there is a way out of any given situation. It will mention when losing hope and feel depress; there is someone you can turn to. There is encouragement in death, and the excitement of love written from the heart. In this book I would like others to be reminded of the pass and excited for the future and given to the present. There will be similes of age and youth troubles and peace to help individuals to build beyond present issues of life. We can’t predict what will happen but can be prepared for what take place. Thanks Christa L. Tarpley

    About the Author:

    I am Christa Wilson Tarpley, born and raised in the state of Virginia in a small town called Axton Va. I am a graduate from Carver High School, attended nursing school “National Business College” Danville Va. and received a two year degree. Years later I went back to school and received a two-year degree from “Phoenix College”, Phoenix. I am married to Jimmy L. Tarpley and have 2 children Sol Angelo and April. Writing is my passion, and is my way of expressing and sharing from my heart I love writing songs, poetry, and short stories; fiction as well as fact. I write to encourage andmaybe touch someone heart, and to offer a positive outlook in any given situation. Again, I say thanks from Christa Tarpley.

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  • Escape Artist An Anthology

    Escape Artist An Anthology

    Escape Artist was first published in November of 1995, and this anniversary edition contains virtually all the same poems.

    Let me quote from my description from the original version: “Escape Artist tells of my retreat into my little world, the protective cocoon from which I observe life.” The poems are, in a simple phrase, “life, according to me”. Most of the experiences are personal, but some are borrowed from others. The observations, however, are all mine. Welcome to the “hideout of the visionary”.

    One key difference worth noting here: I have added an extra poem – ‘in loco parentis’ – that did not appear in the earlier version because it did not exist at the time.


    About the author

    Byron Sogie-Thomas was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and is a naturalized American. A thirdgeneration public servant, he graduated cum laude from Howard University and earned a Masters degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He resides in Maryland with his wife Yewande. His most recent anthology of poems, entitled Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks, also published by LitFire, is available from the publisher, Amazon, and a variety of online booksellers. You may follow Byron on Twitter — @yrubored.

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  • Everyday I Love You

    Everyday I Love You

    Hearts are beating in unison
    In this collection of newly-discovered poems
    For when it comes to love and life
    There is only one thing left to say
    That is… every day, I love you.
    May we all believe in love again.


  • Flowerchild


    These roots represented my struggle
    These vines represented my truth
    These branches represented my strength
    These words represented my fruit
    These seeds will represent my growth
    These flowers will represent you

    - flowerchild

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    Fragmented Blues

    Fragmented Blues comes to be more than 12 years after its conception. A collection of blues, war, travel, and love poems written to organize, describe, and even jive through rural realities and communities rich with history of southern literature. Influenced by iconic writers: Richard Wright, Etheridge Knight, Faulkner, Welty, Jerry Ward, Jr., and Margaret Walker, the book echoes traditional voices. Fragmented Blues was written in migration through the Deep South, Chicago, Southern Italy, onward to the Arabian Gulf in war time where the fantail of a U.S. vessel and a swaying darkened sea tide became the backdrop dredging lines displaying the faith and substance of life.

    Fragmented Blues, Marcus’ second volume of verse is a fitting follow up to his first book. It contains 61 skillfully crafted poems that give the reader a sense of a young Black male from Mississippi discovering his place within the context of a complex and evolving global community. With “Fragmented Blues,” the title poem, Marcus brings his blues to commune with the future but he is ever mindful of the past.

    -Charlie R. Braxton, Hip-Hop Journalist/Poet

    White’s goal is not just to draw pictures of pain, but to pull back the pain and show that hope or possibility still exists. Yet, White does not appear as an idealist, but more of a romantic- a man who loves, is compelled to love, even if his love is not returned. And that is the hope that is seen and felt in his poetry- a hope that someone will read his work and realize that possibility of love.

    -C. Liegh McInnis, Writer and Professor of English at Jackson State University