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  • Charlie Christmas

    Thirteen-year-old Charlie’s life will never be the same. A terrible car accent has claimed the lives of his mother and father and Charlie’s voice.

    Charlie relocates to a farm in the Colorado foothills to live with his aunt, uncle, and younger cousin. Farm life was a lot of work for Charlie, but when fall comes will he be ready for school?

    Fearing rejection because of his disability, Charlie challenges himself to learn sign language. With the help of special friends he learns even more than he bargained for.

    About the author:

    Suzanne K. Biggs is an avid crocheter. She has completed several courses at Institute of Children’s Literature. Suzanne is currently living in northern Colorado with her husband, Jim, and her dog Foxy.

  • Grandmother’s Journal

    Bless your grandchild with a written record of prayers you have prayed for them over the years as well as a legacy of your relationship including your dreams for his/her life. This book is especially designed to help “long distance” grandparents feel connected as they record interactions with the grandchild. It offers a written record for noting important milestones in their life. The grandchild will have a way to trace the Lord’s answers to specific scriptural prayers. The journal provides a written account of your love, affirmation, and dreams for your grandchild. Consider selecting a favorite photo to glue onto the appropriate page where highlights of a visit are recorded. The prayers spoken over the grandchild will never go out of existence. They will pile up in the golden bowl in heaven that is before the throne of God. They will still be before the heavenly Father years later.

  • Mommy, Why Am I Superhero Too?

    About the Book
    “With her humble crayons, Silvia creates an illustrated storybook that follows a child’s wondering about his changing world in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. What makes this story different, and enduring is that as the child explores the big city where he lives through his window; he discovers that his dad, an immigrant supermarket delivery man, is a superhero of the pandemic but his dad has a different idea about who the real superhero of these times is!”

    About the Author
    “Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Silvia’s work as an educator, child parent psychotherapist, and clinical social worker has been centered on a deep love and respect for the internal world of the child. In 2010, Silvia discovered, through the deeply transformative experience at the Infant Parent Mental Health Fellowship at the University of Massachusetts, led by Dr. Ed Tronick that creating cuentos, or short illustrated stories for children, could give a powerful voice to the Latino-American immigrant mothers with whom she has worked for the last twenty-five years.

    She published her first cuento, “”Mommy, tell me, how you got here?” (bilingual edition) in 2013. This book creates a dialogue that helps these mothers remember, share and embrace their untold stories with their children. Silvia expanded this story in her second cuento, “Mommy, tell me, why did you come here?” (bilingual edition). Silvia’s books have been well received internationally, most recently at the 2018 Guadalajara International Book Fair, where she was guest speaker, the 2018 Frankfurter Buchmesse, and the 2019 International Academic Migration Conference in Bari, Italy.

    Silvia has written and illustrated many “cuentos,” inspired by the courage, love and hope of the immigrant families she works with. Some of them will be published; some of them will be used only in the intimacy of her psychotherapeutic work and some of them will remain in her heart. Every time Silvia creates a “cuento,” she hopes to honor her Abuelo “Bigotes,” the magical storyteller of her childhood.

    Silvia was the Connecticut Infant Mental Health Association 2014 Jane C. Bourns Award recipient for Excellence and Exemplary Service to Young Children and their Families in the Field of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.”

  • My SPECIAL Inseparable FRIEND

    My Special Inseparable Friend, is a truly unforgettable story about fur and friendship, for both young and adult readers. The story hopes to inspire and help us appreciate the unconditional and always faithful love and loyalty a dog has for its master. It shows that regardless of difficult circumstances, a dog just sees the good in us without asking anything in return. Likewise, this book shows us that, in life, nothing is permanent and that many times separation is necessary. We must make painful decisions for the good of those we love. At the same time, it teaches us about the cultural differences of a traditional Mexican family through descriptions of customs and values. Also, it gives insight into the way Mexican people bind together to help each other in major tragedies, as in the 1985 massive earthquake in Mexico.

    About the Author
    The author, Maricruz Avitia, originally is from Mexico City. As a young, inspired woman, she relocated to the United States to pursue her dreams of an education. After she completed her degree of School Guidance and Counselor and Community Counseling at Siena Heights University and PhD in General Psychology at Capella University, she fell in love to guide and helping others to achieve their academic aspirations. Her other passions include exploring new cultures and customs, losing herself in nature, and spending time with her animals. Drawing inspiration from her endeavors, she continuously creates new, true, and imaginative stories to present to her audience.

    About the Illustrator
    Jose Concepcion Mata Sanchez is a young innate artist. He was born and lives in Mexico. At his young age, 16, he had to drop school to help his parents. Drawing is one of his passions. He would like in the future to continue his studies and get a degree in graphic design.

  • Our Life’s Adventurous Journey

    Baby Boomers come together in this biographical story a couples Journey through life together. From birth to currently over 41 years of marriage, good times and bad times they have persevered as the climb has been steep. Thoughts of giving up came but with God’s help they have made it through. Their wedding vows were for better and for worse, in sickness and in health not forsaking each other. Their life story Christians and Husband and Wife travelling this journey together their story and sharing as they present “OUR LIFES ADVENTUOROUS JOURNEY.”

    About the author:

    Michael W. Cotie is pastor of a small Baptist Church in Dayton Texas. Dr. Cotie attained his Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University and attained a thM and a thD from Slidell Baptist Seminary. The story of life and married for 41 plus years and a native of the Houston area, Mike and Debra have travelled to over 22 states in their lives and have had a great experience as they sought to accomplish God’s will for their lives. Baby boomers who have remained steadfast on their journey through life.

  • PAMPERING PARENTS: Empowering Parents One Baby At A Time

    Registered nurse, Victoria Bidlack has been caring for newborns and their parents for over 30 years.  After the hands-on care of more than 16,000 babies, “nurse Vicky” as she is fondly referred to, has made it her life's mission to empower parents from all over the world and all walks of life. After reading this book, and putting into practice its empowering lessons, parents report gaining a sense of mastery in achieving their baby care goals. Parents will learn the four key elements in promoting “Baby Bliss”, along with what NOT to do in caring for your newborn.  This book is a must have for new parents or anyone who knows the pure joy of having a new baby in their life.

  • Sweetheart

    This is the story of how an unbreakable bond developed between Sweetheart and her owner.

  • The Trials and Tribulations of Kittyhood

    This book is a work of love. Love for a cat named Aphrodite. We adopted her the minute we saw her come out of the hiding place where her feral mom and dad were temporarily staying…under our neighbor’s back porch. It was love at first sight. We adopted the whole family and they stayed with us until her mom and dad (Hera and Zeus) crossed over that Rainbow Bridge. Sixteen years later, Aphrodite is still with us, and although she has some health issues, is still going strong. I hope you enjoy her story (as told to you by Aphrodite).

    About the Author:

    I was raised in a small West Virginia town.After working part-time for a couple of years, then a
    couple of years in college, I joined the military serving as a US Navy Corpsman.Afterwards, I worked as an administrative assistant for a Government contractor, then in the construction industry. Now, at 70 years old, I am retired and enjoy doing things for which I have a passion…
    writing, artwork and ghost hunting. I may not be able to get around as fast as my younger teammates, but I love what I do, and that’s what counts.

  • Train Up A Child: Timeless Strategies for Guiding a Child into Mature Adulthood


    Have you ever wished for a handbook that could help you train your children to become upstanding, responsible, and successful adults?

    Unfortunately, many parents feel compelled to raise their children in the same way they were raised, despite the fact that the world is very different than it was when they were children. As a result they may be destined to repeat mistakes their parents made and they risk failing to give their children valuable tools they may need to succeed.

    Dr. Johnny Holloway, the founder and senior pastor of Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church & Ministries in Durham, North Carolina, helps you transform your approach with this faith-based guide to parenting. Learn how to:

    • build relationships with children based on love and respect;

    • recognize when children are going through difficult times;

    • help children confront and overcome the problems they face; and

    • set high but reasonable expectations for children.

    Even if you grew up in a loving home, you can improve upon the way you were raised and give your children the tools they need to navigate life’s toughest challenges.

    Overcome your doubts and fears, and join the author as he looks back at his own upbringing and explores how to Train Up A Child.




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