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  • Journey Into Darkness: A Story in Four Parts

    Journey Into Darkness: a Story in Four Parts (2nd Edition) Full Color

    In a war in which more than a quarter million boys age seventeen and under fought in the opposing armies, Journey Into Darkness, a researched blend of fact and fiction, is about a young boy in the Civil War. Written specially for students, enjoyed by adults as well, it takes the student reader into the events of the war through the experience of a peer.

    Originally published in four books at the request of a young reader on behalf of others who don’t like thick books.

    “This would be an excellent resource for middle school American history classes, giving a boy’s-eye view of the Civil War and reminding students that kids their own age were caught up in active duty during the war.” – Blue Ink Review

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  • Orion Honor’s

    Orion’s Honor

    John has illusions of grandeur after reading too many books about knights. To escape his past, he convinces his friend, Ben, to join him in the marines. Stationed on Wake Island in 1941, John believes this is his chance to become the knight he’s always wanted to be, but Ben is more realistic about their situation. Ben has to choose: allow John to destroy his future by believing in knights during a real war, or save him by revealing a secret which will destroy their friendship. The world is at war, does Ben have time before it finds their island?

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