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  • An Untraditional Route: Fiona’s Beginning Book One

    An Untraditional Route: Fiona’s Beginning Book One

    A Untraditional Route: Fiona’s Beginning – BOOK ONE

    This book is intended for a mature audience only. Parental discretion is advised.

    Stella loves him. Bernard loves her. Puppy love turns into marriage until the unexpected happens. In a gradual change of events a troubled, stressed, and violent marriage between Bernard and Stella becomes uncontrollable. In the midst of the tense environment their children Fiona, Chamelle, and Deon suffer.

    Meanwhile, years pass and Fiona, the oldest of three children is learning the ends and outs of her teen years. When Bernard decides to leave the home Fiona suffers the abusive nature of her mother. Her siblings Chamelle and Deon are caught up between the feud of their parents and Fiona’s secret.

    Desperate to find what love is she clings to the one guy that gave her that special feeling…Terrance Fierce. Terrance and Fiona’s relationship turns serious as the months go by. But can Terrance and Fiona face what lies ahead? Can Fiona make her own decision and deal with the unexpected? Or does Fiona listen to her mother and choose the second option?

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  • sally-front

    Don’t Mess with Cindy Lou

    Cindy Lou, a young girl with a mind of her own, will let you know it with words and actions. Innocent in many ways, but she knows how to protect herself.

    After her mother goes on tour with an acting troupe, Cindy and her dad have quite an experience getting her through high school. A first kiss, a new neighbor, a careless young man with sex on his mind, a lost first love, and a homeless boy all play a part in her growing up.

    Will her mother return home in time to save Cindy’s dad from utter despair?

  • Sensual & Tasty Under an Apron: Love From Afar and Recipes

    Sensual & Tasty Under an Apron: Love From Afar and Recipes

    Cooking the perfect love in a long-distance is never a piece of cake!

    Cherry, a single woman in her fifties, was looking for a true love. Following the advice of a friend, she entered an online dating site. And boom! She had found her love in the profile of a man named Robbie. But with distance and time differences in between them, could their relationship withstand the challenges of reality? Could this love from afar become the true love she had been searching for?

    Included are some recipes to enhance the essence of a passionate tale. It is a sensual and tasty love story that one will remember for a long time.

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  • Sheila and The Outcast

    Sheila and The Outcast

    When Sheila S. Monaghan received her Graduate Degree of Geology in 1882 she never dreamed that scarcely one year later she would receive such a plum assignment. The Territorial Governor of Montana had specifically asked for her by name to oversee a water dispute in the Tenderroot Valley and further to formulate a water distributing plan. The goal being the instituting of federal regulations on commercial water use. Sheila a young woman of twenty-nine and a graduate from Overlin College, a unique institute established by Christian Missionaries and Evangelists who thought it their Christian duty to also accept females and blacks becoming the only institute in the United States to do so at the time. Sheila was the only child of Hayden R. Monaghan a geologist an Overlin alumni himself and one of the founding members of the United States Geological Survey in 1879.

    Being aware of the political landscape in Montana Hayden warned his daughter about the male-dominated political quack mire she was walking into. Sheila nonetheless had accepted the appointment after some prayer time. Being the only female geologist in the nation she harbored the idea that the Territorial Governor may have asked for her because he believed the situation needed a woman’s touch and not necessarily brute authoritative force. However, in reality, the appointment was a desperate but calculating bid by a governor angered by local women pressing for the vote and a water distribution situation growing worse by the day and at times threating violence. The governor’s hopes were two, placating the women of the territory by putting a woman into a high profile position and then embarrass them into political silence when the female appointee failed in her mission. The latter being something he was sure would happen.