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  • An Untraditional Route: Fiona’s Beginning Book One

    A Untraditional Route: Fiona’s Beginning – BOOK ONE

    This book is intended for a mature audience only. Parental discretion is advised.

    Stella loves him. Bernard loves her. Puppy love turns into marriage until the unexpected happens. In a gradual change of events a troubled, stressed, and violent marriage between Bernard and Stella becomes uncontrollable. In the midst of the tense environment their children Fiona, Chamelle, and Deon suffer.

    Meanwhile, years pass and Fiona, the oldest of three children is learning the ends and outs of her teen years. When Bernard decides to leave the home Fiona suffers the abusive nature of her mother. Her siblings Chamelle and Deon are caught up between the feud of their parents and Fiona’s secret.

    Desperate to find what love is she clings to the one guy that gave her that special feeling…Terrance Fierce. Terrance and Fiona’s relationship turns serious as the months go by. But can Terrance and Fiona face what lies ahead? Can Fiona make her own decision and deal with the unexpected? Or does Fiona listen to her mother and choose the second option?

  • Angels Survive

    Dian Bingham, a young writer from Houston, finds herself living an exciting lifestyle in Los Angeles and writing for Chris Kendrick, one of the most talented producers in Hollywood. But when the Reverend Michael, leader of a mega evangelical church finds out about her relationship with “the bad boy of Hollywood”, she finds her soul threatened.

    About the author:

    STACY NEWTON is a native Houstonian and lives in Los Angeles as a writer and actress. She has finished writing a children’s book which will be her fifth book.

  • Betrayal in Paradise

    On the majestic island of Kalua, Hawaii, three African-American/ Hawaiian sisters besieged and subjected to the challenges of bitter conspiracy, the sting of deceit, the effects of personal pain, and the
    undeniable heartbreak of betrayal; however, the power of God, the power of their own prayers, renewed unity, the aid of three heroes, and faith, explosive joy enter the lives of the Royal sisters. The sisters are defenseless against Kerwin Patrick, a ruthless and ungodly man who is planning a sinister plan to destroy the Royal sisters. Nevertheless, through guided events, an unexpected love connection evolves, and lives change.

    About the author:

    Avis Lawrence, born in Florida, has lived, and worked in various states. My professional background is diverse. I have worked in the fields of Administration, Acting, Fashion Modeling and Instruction, and Entrepreneurship. I studied at Barbizon Schools of Modeling and Fashion, Marymount College, and Florida Memorial College. Writing in various forms, has given me pleasure and purpose. I penned a poem which appeared in VISTA magazine in 1969. My works are based on my life experiences. I write to enlighten women about God’s power, be hopeful, and, never give up on love, but to always pray, trusting God to guide them.

  • Catacombs of Hell

    The beautiful Madeline Windsor was born and raised in Canada and traveled to Paris, France. The idea of her own dress-making shop became a reality and because of her hearing disability, she rarely went out on dates, no one embraced her hearing impairment until she met Jack Holt, a vineyard and coffee house owner. A millionaire playboy by reputation he finally met his match, unlike no other women in his life, her beauty and strong determination captured his heart.
    Their relationship was met with a big question, will she spend her life in Paris or Canada? She must choose between the two countries until fate got her into trouble when she was lost into the heart of the Paris Catacombs, a place filled with a history of darkness and terror during the Middle Ages. Madeline was caught between life and death, will her hearing disability be the reason for her demise? The reality of marrying Jack seemed obscure at this point or the prospect of going back to Canada the answer to her terrifying experience?

    About the author:

    Mary A. Lonergan, a retired Asthetician and hearing impaired. She is a member of the Canadian Hearing Society and lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada along with her husband Mike and their little dog which she has personally trained for a hearing ear dog.
    Mary’s love for writing started after their children all left the nest to begin their own adventures. She has previously dabbled with writing Song lyrics which she won awards and she has written and published many poems to her credits. Still something was missing in her life…. Her love for writing stories where she would let her vivid imagination loose and run wild.
    I wanted my readers to feel the experience and try to guess the next step in the world of suspense and adventure and be able to put down the book and look forwards to my next book.

  • Delicious Romance

    Tony Cross was an average boy, who wanted nothing more than to be a great chef like his father. He then met Annie Roberson the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on. They fell in love. A tragic event changed their lives when a tornado took Tony’s family away from him. Afraid of going to a foster home or an orphanage, two places he would rather not be, he decided to run. A second tragic event took Tony away from Annie and he was presumed dead. But Tony had amnesia, not knowing who he was, or where he came from. The only thing he remembered was his martial arts fighting skills and his ability to cook. The Browns, a kind family, took him in and became his family. Tony Cross was reborn as Troy Witt. He found he was falling in love with Jackie Brown. Will he ever remember who he is, and if he does, will he stay with Jackie, or go back to Annie?

    I was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. I graduated from Fort Hunt high school. I took up writing strictly as a hobby, something to do when I was home. For most of my adult life, I worked in my family’s store located in Alexandria, Virginia, where we sell lamps, lampshades, and do repairs. Also as a hobby, I do ghost hunting with the PROBE Paranormal Investigation team. I am 55 years old and happily married for 36 years.

  • Don’t Mess with Cindy Lou

    Cindy Lou, a young girl with a mind of her own, will let you know it with words and actions. Innocent in many ways, but she knows how to protect herself.

    After her mother goes on tour with an acting troupe, Cindy and her dad have quite an experience getting her through high school. A first kiss, a new neighbor, a careless young man with sex on his mind, a lost first love, and a homeless boy all play a part in her growing up.

    Will her mother return home in time to save Cindy’s dad from utter despair?

  • Duties of the Heart

    A seed of hatred is planted in the heart of a young King, after the death of his father and mother. Left with only his anger and hatred to guide him, Marsalis’s actions will bring about a war that will split Lavatia in two. Years later, his mysterious seer, Shalyndria, prophesies the birth of a sorceress that will bring about his downfall.

    Growing up in the after math of the great wars, the young sorceress is shielded from the world for reasons unknown to her. She slowly learns to develop the new powers awakening inside her as she seeks adventure and the truth. She meets Prince Alexander and is introduced to a world she never knew existed.
    Prince Alexander Casesar wants only to live his life as he sees fit, starting with marrying a woman of his own choosing when Mirage is set in his path. He is immediately ensnared by her beauty and captivated by her innocence and the carefree way she sees the world.

    In the end, he defies his father’s orders and even battles the “Mystical Ones” to be with her. He will find himself caught between his duties to his throne, country, and the Duties of his Heart.

    About the author:

    I was born in Manhattan, New York, but was raised in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina by Kathy and Oliver Burns Jr. I have two sisters, Allison Burns and Olivia Jenkins, a brother, Oliver Burns III, and a huge loving family. I fell in love with the written word in the ninth grade after reading Charles Dickens, “Great Expectations.” I loved the way he weaved together characters and events to create mystery. I received my B.A. from Charleston Southern University and my M.B.A. from Jones International University.

    Duties of the Heart developed through lots of small stories and experiences twisted into my favorite kind of book, Fantasy Romance, where the possibilities are limitless. At the end, a whole new enchanted world was created. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Eyes from Above! : The Sequel to “A Real Love Story”

    “Eyes from Above” the sequel to “A Real Love Story”, is a romantic novel about a man who experiences great loneliness and deep depression after the death of his beloved wife of forty-eight years. His loss of will to live consumes him until his wife comes to him in visions and urges him to enjoy his life on earth until they are united again for eternity. He meets a much younger woman and the three of them become entwined in a journey of found, lost and then found again happiness. His story will lift the hearts of readers who have suffered great loss.

    About the author:

    The picture is Howard with his granddaughter Rebekah.

    HOWARD R. MILSTED, JR., a mechanical engineer, has owned and operated a successful mechanical contracting business in suburban Philadelphia for over fifty-eight years. He lives in South Jersey with his fourth collie, Maeve. Howard has authored “A Real Love Story” (prequel to “Eyes from Above”) and a children’s book entitled “Just Another Collie” written for his four companions who brought love, devotion, and joy to his life over the years.

    Howard and his late wife enjoyed traveling around the Unites States while they were together. Their trips were highlighted by many book signings for his first two books. Howard and Claire always loved meeting people who were interested in their story and wanted to share their stories in return.

  • Hidden Secrets

    Lita has spent many years as a Latino servant for the Logans, an up-scale American family. She has watched the children grow up and loves them dearly. Her own son was sent to college by the family she serves.

    Lita prays daily for the Logan children and watched with anguish as they confront the various vices and problems confronting young people in the USA today. She wishes that the parents could realize how skillfully their children are hiding secrets from them. Not daring to interfere, Lita does what she can to help her charges survive the woes of contemporary youth today.

    Author Bio

    Dr. Thomas Berry is a retired Professor of Russian Language and Literature. He lectures for John Hopkins University, the Smithsonian Institution, the Russian Cultural Center of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and on numerous international cruise lines. He received a “Gramata” from the Russian government for enhancement of relations with that country and the USA. He has published eleven academic books and eight novels. He has traveled extensively all over the globe. His webs: www.amazon-thomasberry.com and sbprabooks.com/thomasberry

    Cover Design by James Berry

  • Love and Fear

    About the author:

    Myrna Sego grew up in the central valley of California and moved to the Monterey Peninsula in 1975. Her love for writing manifested itself in 1988. She loved to write about romance & mystery. She has written many short stories and wants to share them with others. Myrna & her husband live quietly on the coast with their four dogs.