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  • A Long Stretch of Blue

    A Long Stretch of Blue

    Arfel Booker is a great young blues musician in the 1940s South. One night, after playing a blues gig in a new town, a beautiful woman takes him back to her log cabin to make love. In the morning (after blacking out from too much liquor), he awakens to an unwelcome surprise. Instead of the woman, an unfamiliar white man is in the bed, and the man’s throat has been slashed with Arfel’s knife.

    Arfel knows he’s been framed, and he makes a run for it and heads north by hopping trains. Once in a safe distance from the southern town, Arfel makes the acquaintance of Lemontree Johnson, a fellow blues man who helps to reestablish Arfel’s music and him. Despite this spot of good luck, Arfel’s troubles are far from over.

    Lemontree is the only person who knows the truth about Arfel’s run from the south and his current state as suspected murderer. All seems lost when a bounty hunter arrives looking for Arfel. Who is the strange murdered white man and how will Arfel Booker escape the long arm of the law this time?

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    Apartment 27

         Julian Madison is a young musician who has moved into the city in hopes of starting his own rock band. As he moves into the long-vacant Apartment 27, he quickly discovers that this apartment has a forgotten and frightening history.
         He begins to have recurring dreams of a beautiful and mysterious woman, and soon learns that this woman was killed in the year 1948 inside the confines of the very same apartment in which he currently resides. These dreams, he soon discovers, trigger a spiritual connection which allows Julian to travel into the past.
         Alternating between the past and present, Julian finds himself in love with a woman that has long since been dead, but with his ability to travel through time, he is of the belief that he, and only he, can save her from her terrible fate.
         An amalgamation of romance and paranormal thriller, Apartment 27 will leave you breathless by its end.

  • Emerald Beach

    Emerald Beach

    Jeanne Horne lives in fear; fear of meeting others’ expectations, fear of love, and most of all, fear of a set of stairs in an old hotel. The stairs hold the key to her fears.

    Despite her success in front of Hollywood’s cameras, Jeanne struggles with self-doubt and the belief that she is not beautiful. Even when love comes along, she pushes it away, fearful; that she will be found lacking.

    When pressure and stress builds to unbearable levels, Jeanne runs back to her uncle and Emerald Beach. She believes she is escaping all the demands of her life. But, life follows and not only is she coerced into staring in another film to be shot in Emerald Beach, but she is forced into confronting her fears, all of them.

    When a threat is made on her life, she comes face to face with her darkest fear, a set of stairs she tumbled down when a child. It takes the love of man she is too afraid to love, to guide her through the dark hours of discovery.

    This romantic suspense book is for women of all ages and anyone who has ever doubted the power of love. The book’s settings are based on real locations in North Carolina, although Emerald Beach is a fictitious beach based on Wrightsville and Emerald Isle beaches on the southern coast of North Carolina.

  • Hands Across the Sea

    Hands Across The Sea

    What happens when real talk gets a little too real? That’s the 800-lb. gorilla confronting the Office of the Sheriff.

    This character-driven saga puts the rear echelon in the crosshairs as Brian Cook gives it to you straight, no chaser with his debut vehicle, Hands Across the Sea.

    Hands Across the Sea delves into the professional and personal sides of the badge where the rubber really meets the road. Explore how the Command staffers of The Office of the Sheriff, known as the Agency, come face-to-face with the unexpected: the changing of the guard.

    Their larger-than-life Sheriff, Garrison Cottrell, abruptly resigns and passes the torch to his hand-picked successor – Brendan Callaghan.

    Explore how their egos and isms intertwine with their leadership styles and principles, and come to light during professional and personal situations that will test their character and patience beyond enforcing the law. Gear up for what happens when the door shuts and the dialogue begins, and sometimes not in that order.

    Cook doesn’t just peer back the curtain, he pulls it down with a look inside the Agency that often takes on the guise of Peyton Place. But we’re talking about professionals, right? Hands Across the Sea is the first in a literary series.

  • High Jinks in High Places

    High Jinks in High Places

    A story of murder, espionage, and terrorism comes together when private investigator, Jordan Anderson teams up with Senate oversight committee investigator, George Kilburn to discover how and why a highly classified, early warning security system that was being shipped from the Arlington, Virginia warehouse of the Kingman Corporation to their warehouse in Seattle, Washington for testing, ends up in Afghanistan. The sudden death, thought to be caused by a massive heart attack, of the Arlington warehouse disbursement officer further complicates the puzzle when it is found that the death was actually a highly unusual and well-planned murder that was essential in carrying out the deception. The two investigators also discover that they make quite a team in more ways than one.

    About the author:

    Ruth Barrett was born in New York and raised in Georgia. As an adult, her work with the federal government brought her to Virginia where she has lived for more than thirty years.

  • Look Into The Darkness: A Bill Ramsey Mystery

    Look Into The Darkness: A Bill Ramsey Mystery

    A young Heiress jumps to her death from the Golden Gate Bridge. The family wants to know why. How could this happen? Someone must have pushed her. Who would do this, and why? There were witnesses; the Police have determined it was a suicide. The family was not satisfied and hires a Private Detective, Bill Ramsey. Ramsey uncovers a sibling rivalry and assumed he had the answer, until others begin to die. This simple suicide becomes a tangled web that now threatens the entire family.

    Look Into The Darkness is the first of three books in the Darkness Series, and is now available now. The second book is due out late summer 2016.

    Author: James E. McDowell
    A writer of Fiction, Mysteries, Novels, and Illustrated Books for Children.

    Author: Mission Statement
    A writer creates pictures with words that only the mind can see. It is where
    Dreams and Imagination flow into the Rivers of Reality, adding new colors to the
    Sea of Life. Each new day is your Palate; Read, Dream, Imagine what could be;
    Paint your Story upon the Sea of Life.

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    Many Faces

    Yana realizes that a girl’s life is not always about pretty dresses and perfection. She learns early in life that love and loyalty come with a price. With death knocking at the back door, Yana has to become more cunning than her enemies. Not knowing who to trust, she becomes a victim of a wicked game.

  • Mystery at London Ledge Lighthouse

    Mystery at London Ledge Lighthouse

    Heath’s beliefs are challenged while trying to solve the mystery of a haunted lighthouse near Connecticut. His cousin Cade experiences mysterious activities, and may be in danger there. While researching the lighthouse’s history, Heath and his friends discover some fascinating information about its past.

    Learn the other clues that make Heath question his prior beliefs, until he is finally confronted face-to-face with the truth!

  • Paper Faces on Parade

    Paper Faces on Parade

    In the middle of the eighteenth century, at a time of England’s political unrest, a man named John Wilkes leads a group of men into a secret society. Disgruntled by his inability to be accepted into political society, and hiding under the guise of a newspaper writer, he leads family, friends, and political cronies into his nefarious way of thinking. At this time, mechanized printing was popular, and for some in public office, keeping up with the societal pressures of the times meant turning to unprincipled conduct.

    Katherine Howard, daughter of a popular printer, realizes that her father, Lorne, has gone missing. Her contentious older siblings would never help her find him, so she turns to her father’s attorney, Garrett Gardiner.

    Garrett is struck by the beauty of his client’s daughter, although he had known Katherine’s deceased mother and often spoke of her uncommon beauty. In addition to her exquisite looks, Garrett also finds himself drawn to her intelligence and inner strength, qualities not typically found in one so young.

    Katherine also turns for support to a relative she knows little about—her father’s sister, Josephine Wilkes. Although she receives assistance from Garrett Gardiner, and solace from her aunt, Katherine finds herself entangled in a web of suspense, illegal affairs—and murder.

    What mystery is held in the stunning mask that Katherine discovers in her father’s study? Does it hold the key to her past, which until now has not been revealed? And what role does her father play in the covert political dealings that she has stumbled upon? As Garrett and his father help Katherine and her aunt solve these mysteries, the attraction between Garrett and Katherine grows, changing Katherine’s life forever.

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    Searching for Sara

    About the Book
    When Alex Gregory takes his first job with Sterling Chemicals, he has no idea he is stepping into the shoes of a murdered man. With the help of Leslie and Cindy, he exposes the company’s secrets, but at the same time puts his own lives in danger.
    In Searching for Sara, Alex and Leslie get entwined in a mystery that started ten years ago. With only a piece of paper with five word they start on a journey that puts a real stress on their relationship, but a journey they must take. At the same time, they are being stalked by a killer who they thought was in prison.

    About the Author
    James Frazee is an avid cook and bridge player. Raised in the Midwest, he received his Doctorate from Purdue University. He currently lives in New York City. The Mosquito Bites (2017) is his third book and first fiction novel. Like his protagonist, Alex, Dr. Frazee spent his early career working for a chemical company. His own experiences and education form the expertise and story for this book.
    In Searching for Sara, Alex and Leslie set out on a new adventure that will solve a ten-year mystery or lead to their demise. At the same time, they are being stalked by a killer who they thought was in prison.
    His first book, Beginning Bride by the Numbers (2014) is a ‘how to’ book on the basics of bridge for beginners. His second book, Quick and Healthy Recipes from the Store (2014), provides healthy meals using what you already have in your kitchen.