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    ¡Mamá, cuéntame cómo viniste!
    Mommy, tell me, how you got here?

    With humble crayon drawings and the innocence of children’s curiosity, “¡Mamá, cuéntame como viniste!” tells the life transforming saga of the immigrant mother going through the unthinkable to bring to her children possibility and safety. Although this book was born in the work with Latino American mothers, its loving and powerful message gives voice to the immigrant mothers of our global community. This book is profound and it is transforming for children and adults as it allows in a gentle and sensitive way to talk about both the hope and the massive losses inherent to the journey of all of us, immigrants.

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    ¡Mamá, cuéntame porqué viniste!
    Mommy, tell me, why did you come here?

    “¡Mamá, cuéntame porqué viniste!” scaffolds the telling of the story of why a Latin American mother would take on the journey of migration. In a colorful, heartfelt, and developmentally sensitive way, this life transforming book helps all immigrant mothers to tell their children about their origins, their dreams, and how their unconditional love brought them to the United States in the hopes of creating the life of safety, peace, promise, and abundance any parent would want to give to his child. This book expands on the psychological themes and experiences of immigrant mothers introduced by the author in her first book, “¡Mamá, cuéntame porqué viniste!”

  • A CAT with SPOTS

    A CAT with SPOTS

    Oliver struggles to fit in because of the way he looks and begins to question why he is different. He is teased and bullied by his friends and siblings because of his unique spots. Eventually he visits Theodore at the Kuddly Kitten Klinic who painted his coat and learns the secret of his spots, and finally accepts himself.

    About the author:

    SHELBY BELFORD loves that through her books she has the opportunity to encourage children in the fight against bullying through her love for animals. She is delighted with the liberty to influence the upcoming generation of children by writing encouraging stories from her childhood about the furry friends in her life. What began as a senior project in high school has now blossomed into her becoming a published children’s author and advocate for many accredited non-profit organizations through her movement, Shelby Belford Books. You can find out more about Shelby and her vision for bringing awareness to non-profit organizations at www.shelbybelford.com.

  • A Trip To The Dentist

    A Trip To The Dentist

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is the youngest of seven children. She is a mother of four, three boys and one girl; and a grandmother to five. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and always puts her family first. Shirley is truly an entrepreneur, owning and operating a haircutting salon for children to close to ten years. She absolutely adores children. Shirley loves writing children’s books because, she says, “Children don’t judge whether or not the pictures are good.” Shirley has no enemies and everyone falls in love with her smile. Her smile reflects her true heart and natural beauty. She loves to make people laugh, believing that laughter is good for the heart and it helps to release stress.

  • At the Zoo Whos Whooo

    At the Zoo Whos Whooo

    WHOO-WHOO-WHOOO! Who are you? Well to answer that Hooting question let’s find out Who’s-Who, and what a “Whoo-Whoo” can do. So as the zoo animals leave their comfy cages two by two to help the misplaced babies, let’s review and see if the Hooting-Whoo’s will ever make it safely back to their rooms.

    Therefore as two Unborn-Whoo’s unexpectedly open their eyes and find their parents missing, Come see what new mighty surprise happens to Lucy-and-Luke-Whoo, when they find out, Who’s-Who at the zoo! And closing their door not knowing what they did that for, that’s an important discovery to make too.

    Because being clueless wondering Who’s-Who, as two cute loose Whoos’ break-away they will need to find out if they are a monkey-elephant-bear-tiger-giraffe-wolf-goose-or-camel today! Sadly in that plan without their parents there to tell them Who’s-Who, not knowing who they are, Lucy-and-Luke-Whoo will have no way to know, why they …. hoot!

    So come help the Birthday-Kids figure things out. And as we learn everybody needs a pal, in that new clue, let’s discover if Lucy-and-Luke-Whoo find out what they’re doing. Yes indeed let’s see if the Whoo’s get back home. Or misplaced at Zoo-World will they always be two confused Whoo-Whooo’s, lost and alone?

    About the author:

    Mary Fitzgerald Joslin is a housewife, novelist, and children’s writer. Please visit www.joslinf.com for new book releases. But now, let’s follow the Trail-of-Tails. And as we find out what happens when a-lot of cool animals escape, let’s see if two cute Hooting-Whoo-Whoo babies find out Who’s Who at the zoo today!

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  • Barry Bowling Ball

    Barry Bowling Ball

    Barry Bowling Ball, is the main character, he is an orange bowling ball. It’s a story about a small town bowling alley. Owned by a Mr. Gordon. This is Barry’s home. He is a sad bowling ball. His quest is to be the best that he can be and overcome his fears, which he does.

    Born in Massachusetts and have lived there all my life. I have had many life experiences to write about. I have 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, all of who also give me inspiration for my stories. I love my family, children, animals and traveling.

  • Come And Build A Snowman

    Come And Build A Snowman

    Janice Hutterer was born and raised in Wisconsin. She graduated from Silver Lake College where she received her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Special Education in 2002. Janice is an Early Childhood Special education teacher in Manitowoc, Wisconsin where she has taught for 13 years.

    She currently lives in Francis Creek, Wisconsin with her husband, two daughters and their dog named Bree.

    Recently, Janice invented and is developing a toy called the “Pop and Pull Snowman” which inspired her to write a book on the experience of building a snowman. Her snowman can be viewed on YouTube, Janice Hutterer/Pop and Pull Snowman.

    She believes all children deserve to experience the joy of building a snowman whether they live where it snows or not.

    For the past 13 years, Janice has searched for tools to use to share the experience of building a snowman with her students. Unable to find exactly what she was looking for she decided to create her own.

    She is currently working on her second book titled “Come And Plant A Seed”.

  • Everyone is Asleep but Me

    Everyone is Asleep but Me

    The starting point of this little story was a conversation with my daughter, Lily. Her son was no longer sleeping in a crib and was getting used to a junior bed. He went through a period of waking up very early, around 5:30 in the morning and coming to his parents’ bedroom.

    Needless to say, she was tired and annoyed with the whole situation.

    In one of our phone conversations, I thought a story approach might help. Most of the story is exactly the story I told her spontaneously over the phone. I wrote it down and sent it to her. Once I shared the story with friends, the pictures were inevitable.

    Everyone Is Asleep but Me is dedicated to my grandchildren—Erez, Maya, Ethan and Milan—who inspired the story. These days, they’re all great sleepers!

    About the author:

    Diana’s life has always been connected to children, as a mom, Educational Director of synagogue schools and as a grandmother (Savti). During her educator years she wrote a Hebrew reading curriculum, Read Hebrew Now, together with her daughter Lily Safrani, which is used in synagogue schools, by home school families and anyone who wants to learn to read and write Hebrew. She is very happy that the collaboration with Lily continues with this
    little bear in their first children’s story book.

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    This book is based on a true story. It happen as it was written with only a few small twist and turns. My youngest daughter is the reason this story has come to life. We plan to write some more parts to this story to be coming soon.

  • freddy-front

    FREDDY Continues His Long Journey Home

    This story is the sequel to Freddy’s long and dangerous journey home. During his odyssey, Freddy, the fun-loving sea otter, will meet a variety of creatures that will be charmed by his friendly and modest nature. Their endearing friendships are mutually respected and enjoyed.
    As with my stories, my primary purpose is to always include the following: family values, life-learning lessons and joyful endings. In short, my stories are uplifting and a joy to read.
    Freddy is a wholesome role model with qualities of honesty, integrity, caring and humility. He knows how to be a true friend.
    But like all living creatures in this world, Freddy has his lessons to learn. For one, he forgets that there is a fine line between boldness and recklessness. And each time he crosses that line, he finds himself in death-threatening encounters.
    On his courageous journey, Freddy will need to find a way to escape the deadly grips of an enraged octopus, a beautiful but devious mermaid, the great white shark and Man-Humans.
    Freddy is a delightful story that will bring joy and smiles for the entire family. The story reveals how to live the good life, and for those who can read between the lines, will receive a double treat. Young children, I am told, “love” my stories because they love animals.
    Here’s a friendly challenge. Within the story, there are two factors that go beyond the laws of Mother Nature. See if you can find them.


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