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  • Sex the Natural Way

    The Experts Agree
    Holt on: “Sex: The Natural Way” is a roadmap for adults.

    Thoughtful and provocative, this book places modern trends in sexuality in their true perspective. Informative and relevant to all adults in the “sexual jungle”…

    -Naina Sachdev MD

    This book takes the lid off of sexual repression. A masterpiece of science woven together with easy reading and enlightenment for all…

    -Ester Mark MD


    THOMAS LUPICH is a retired electrical designer from Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory. He is a taiji instructor with an interest in science and in health.

    Many of the teaching in this book are novel since they relate to aspects of science not normally discussed in most taiji schools.

    Taiji, in the most succinct terms, is a way of holistically and optimally interacting with every aspect of life. In the martial arts context, taiji is simply an ideal way by which the player finds comfort while efficiently propagating and delivering energy to an opponent, while simultaneously gathering intelligence regarding his opponent’s every move, using his force and energy against him. It’s a way to harmonize every aspect of your being – mind, spirit, body – into a unified flow, so that everything you do and think will be done more effectively, rapidly and comfortably.

    To accomplish all of the above, there is a major prerequisite: one has to be quietly relaxed. Being relaxed is the main quality that taiji requires. And how does one become more relaxed? By learning how to not interfere with one’s self. The more relaxed one becomes, the more effective, soft, and powerful he becomes. Taiji is a way of life: a never-ending perfection process.

  • The Anti-Aging Triad

    This book is a valuable contribution to the modern movement of anti-aging medicine.

    -Robert Goldman MD, PhD, Chairman and Founder, A4M and World Society of Anti-aging Medicine

    This book is from a world-leading scholar and pioneer of Integrative Medicine. It is ground breaking in the disciplines of longevity medicine.

    -Ester Mark MD, Anti-aging Specialist, Laguna Beach, California

    Dr. Stephen Holt presents a very grounded and practical approach to the latest technologies in anti-aging medicine and the promise they hold for the future. There is no “smoking gun” or simple answer in anti-aging methodology, but there is a universe of possibilities and Dr. Holt presents them one by one and the roles they play in ongoing research. I strongly recommend this book.

    -Joseph Sugarmann, President, Stem Cell Products LLC, California

    This book is a synopsis of telomere, dietary restriction and stem cell sciences that crosses many boundaries of lateral medical thinking. A masterpiece of rhetoric that stimulates much thought and debate.

    -Thomas V. Taylor MD, FRCS, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas, Houston Texas




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