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  • Administration of Justice

    Administration of Justice: A Career in the Royal Fiji Police

    In Administration of Justice, based on over twelve years of law enforcement career in the Royal Fiji Police, the author M H Koya takes a basic look at the English Legal system drawing a contrast with the most misunderstood Islam Shariah law.

    The book is aimed at inspiring readers for deeper quest in an ever increasing and pervasive subject of criminal justice.

    About the Author:

    Dr. M H Koya (JD) born and raised in a rural farming family won the highest honor as Police Chief Cadet in his over twelve years of law enforcement career. He worked as CID Detective, Police Prosecutor and finished his career as College Instructor. He authored Management course for the senior police administrators in 1982.

    In 1983 he founded the Fiji Institute of Management for which he was awarded Fellowship/PhD in 1985. He immigrated to USA, studied Administration of Justice at Sacramento City College. His combined studies have been equated to Juris Doctorate degree awarded by accredited colleges in USA. Writer, editor/publisher, Koya is a regular presenter and speaker at American Institute of Management, Interfaith America and Open Legal Forum in San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Mary Foster - Come Fly With Me

    Come Fly With Me

    About the book:

    Have you ever felt like everything and everyone was against you. Ever felt like everything you do comes out wrong. In my book ‘Come Fly with Me’ I will demonstrate different experiences that I went (through) that most people say to me how did you ever overcome that difficulty and I would just like to recant that it was sure determination.

    About the author:

    Mary Foster was raised in Flint, Michigan and now resides in Greeley Colorado, I would say quietly but anyone who knows me, knows that I do nothing quietly. I am without a mate at this time but I am never alone with all my friends.

  • Lucien Bracquemont -  Endurance

    Endurance: An Autistic Autobiography

    A story of endurance against the odds. There is a dearth of literature by disabled, working-class authors. This is the account of an autistic author, though one gifted with literary ability. Lucien Bracquemont is eager to share his story, to help others understand the realities and issues facing those on the autistic spectrum, and to provide a voice for others on the spectrum. He has had much contact with the mentally and otherwise challenged members of the community. This work is emotionally charged in places and transparent, with a message of hope and understanding.

    About the author:

    Lucien Bracquemont of Maine is a 60-year-old workingclass individual with Asperger’s Syndrome (on the autistic spectrum) who has survived not only emotional and mental abuse and disabilities but cancer at age 41 as well. He has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and two years of theological training. His current job and relationships bring him into constant contact with emotionally and mentally challenged individuals. He credits his girlfriend, Katherine, of nineteen years as well as other significant factors for his surviving and thriving. Bracquemont is a survivor, not a victim.

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  • Golden Showers

    Golden Showers

    A senior in a college drops out to be with a military guy that she met at a college party. Only to find out he is a compulsive abuser that urinates on his victims and could possibly be a serial killer. So she goes into hiding until he is found.

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan, a mother of four was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is a grandmother of four grandsons and one granddaughter. This inspired her to write. She is a true entrepreneur. For ten years, she was the owner, founder and operator of Playhouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages.

  • Healing After the Navy Yard Shooting

    Healing After The Navy Yard Shooting: One Survivor’s Story of Her Struggle to Return to a Normal Life

    Dr. Myers’ book gives an enthralling look into what victims face in an active shooter situation. It is a must read not only for those who have experienced such trauma, their friends and family who help them to over come, but anyone who deals with PTSD. This first hand account of her experience is a vivid behind the scenes look at what has become an all too common tragedy in today’s world.

    Allison Martin, MAED
    Author, “Could There Be A God?” and
    “Helping Your Child Survive Trauma”

    About the Author:

    Laurel Myers began her career as a teacher, then worked for the US government as a child development center director, and instructional systems specialist, joined private industry in acquisition logistics engineering, returning to government as an instructional systems specialist, then training specialist and is currently a branch chief in workforce development. Myers and her husband live near Washington, D.C.

    “For the first time, I looked back at the shooting event as an event that happened to more people than just me and my friends who were killed. This time, from outside my cocoon, I looked at the damage caused to the lives of everyone else, and not just me. I felt like I finally opened my eyes for the first time since I’d closed them to focus on the sounds of the shots when I was locating the shooter for the 911 operator. I observed how people responded differently to everyday occurrences now. They’d changed, just as I had.” -Laurel Myers, author

  • I Said I Can Do It

    I Said I Can Do It, I Did It and So Can You

    David McEwen did not set out to be a writer. He grew up on the family farm outside White Lake, Ontario attending high school in Arnprior with a dream of being a forest ranger. His teen years were spent working on the family farm, preparing for forestry college and working with horses at a riding establishment started by his father and uncle which included competing in horseshoes and amateur rodeos.

    About the author:

    The human body is a wondrous work of nature and is limited in what it can do mainly by the mind itself.

    In 1976 the author was working at his “dream job” with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and planning his upcoming wedding. While returning from an event tied to that wedding, he was a passenger in a terrible car crash that left him disabled and changed his life forever. This book covers some of the struggles that he went through and the adaptations that can be made when one takes control over one’s mind.

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  • Lifeline: A Memoir

    Lifeline: A Memoir

    Dr. Nicholas V. Steiner’s career as a practicing internist ends abruptly when he develops metastatic melanoma. A series of local recurrences—including one in the brain—are surgically removed until one day the cancer returns with a predicted survival of three months. Resigned to his fate and with nothing to lose, he turns to an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Within weeks of starting Dr. George Wong’s medicinal herbs—ordered from a small shop in Chinatown—the cancer disappears. Steiner has written about this in a previous memoir: Unforeseen Consequences, a Physician’s Personal Triumph over Advanced Melanoma (Xlibris).

    About the Author:

    In 2001 he develops prostate cancer and again consults Dr. Wong. Chinese herbs slow the disease’s progression for years, until 2011 when faced with a gradually worsening situation, Wong suggests they fly to Beijing. Once there, the author will undergo a novel form of treatment in a military hospital; his doctor will be a colonel in the Chinese Air Force. Lifeline, a Memoir depicts the unusual situations that the two men often encounter with poignancy, pathos and humor. Written in concise language, the book also contains numerous photographs taken by the author.

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  • Living in a Land Where no Apples Grow

    Living in a Land Where no Apples Grow

    Hi, there!

    It’s so nice meeting you. I’m very happy to see that you're interested in reading my adventures. Why don’t I give you a sneak peek of my story?

    Heading to an unknown land to preach the good news to a northern Indian tribe living just above the Arctic Circle may not sound like a good life but I didn’t care. As long as I am with my husband, I can do everything. And with Christ on our side, we left everything behind to live in the remote wilderness of Alaska.

    Oh, what was life like while being there? Well, we have to face subzero temperatures, eat an unbalanced and sometimes unusual diet, and deal with wild animals, unpaved roads, and a number of threats to our safety. But we did everything for the glory of God.

    So, I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I enjoy writing it. May our story bring you so much joy and strengthen your faith in Him.


  • Mother, If in Heaven There Are No Apples, I Don't Want to Go There

    Mother, If in Heaven There Are No Apples, I Don’t Want to Go There

    Growing up in her native Germany, Ms. Bresko relates hair-raising tales of the war as she and her family struggled to stay neutral during the conflict and her father was sent off to fight the war on the Russian front. Often going without many necessities and suffering through the usual childhood illnesses, she nevertheless retained. Her optimistic outlook for the future through and dreamed of the day she would again be able to taste freedom.

    After hostilities subsided, she chose nursing as a career and details her education experiences while living in several other European countries and working in a variety of location, eventually settling in America with her husband. Through her fascination and historical look into the past, readers learn that children are the same the world over-dreaming of the future, and acting on those dreams as soon as they are given the chance.

    Now retired, Christel Decker Bresko enjoys travel, walking, swimming, reading, and writing in her spare time.

    “Writing this book added great joy and spice to my Golden Years, not just remembering but to keep my past alive. Mother and Father, who both have passed on, left me with a great legacy. They wanted me to see the world, find happiness, and pursue life to the fullest. My sister and brother added gold, frankincense, and myrrh, which in my belief, are riches, sweet odor, and integrity. It was a great experience to finish this soon to be a book.”

  • Amanda Lamb - The Joy of Forgiving

    Psalm 32: The Joy of Forgiving

    I was born and raised in a small town in south Alabama where I’ve lived most of my life and am now residing. I am a member at Harvest Church in Dothan, Alabama. My oldest daughter Jordan attends South Alabama in Mobile, soon to graduate and my youngest daughter Makenzie attends Troy University in Troy, Alabama. I’m a self-taught artist, painting and selling art from 2005 until present. Since I’ve turned my life over to God I’ve went from painting margaritas to Jesus! He truly changed my heart and gave me a new one at the age of forty. As a family our journey has just began and I owe each step to my sweet Saviour Jesus Christ!

    About the author:

    Psalm 32 The Joy of Forgiving

    This is a testimony about true renewal and to find my place with God. After a downward spiral of alcoholism, drug-use, memories of childhood abuse and never-ending suicidal thoughts since a young girl, I decided that there had to be something more to this life. I ended up on my knees asking God, “Why me?” Sometimes we have to let go of everything in this world to find our place with Him. When I was at my lowest God scooped me up and He truly saved me. I heard His audible voice and I want to live and tell everyone that He is Real and Amazing!!

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