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  • Vengeance Plus

    This ISIS unit is riding pretty high on the hog. They can do about whatever they want. They just had great success raiding the village of el-Bareo, or whatever they called the place. They burned a few buildings as planned, kidnapped, raped and tortured a half dozen young women before killing them and even better, kidnapped the three Christians that been giving them aid of some kind. They had left their tortured bodies and heads on stakes outside the village. They had sent pictures to El Jazeera and their other media outlet so the world would know of their recent success and what a tough formidable outfit they were.

    They had not yet heard of Sergeant Thomas Perkins, currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Even if they had, what could one little American soldier do that would affect a crack ISIS unit of 130 men all with the latest arms and equipment. Even better, they had ammo running out their ears.

    Just all you readers out there wait and see. Don’t pick this story up too late in the day. YOU MIGHT BE UP UNTIL THE WEE HOURS.

  • Vermyear Academy

    Four walls and a ceiling, like any other place, it’s a prison. A place hiding a terrifying sinister disappearance, and possibly a murder. A sassy teenager, Sophie Gribsie tries to survive among the ways of Vermyear Academy. While feeling second best against her best friend, Ginger Spring, her life is disrupted when she unexpectedly gets plopped into Cornegy Hall. Thinking her life couldn’t get any worse, she reluctantly tags along with her weird quirky cousin, Marribell. But she soon finds out that’s the least of her worries. When a girl named Morgan Stasney turns up missing, the quiet Connecticut town becomes on edge, and looks to detective Roy for answers. Determined, and steadfast, she is insistent on staying focused to uncover leads. At first, the case seemed to be going nowhere, until she runs into a charming mysterious man named Carter Lincoln BeauCannon. Initially, Roy didn’t think there was anything more to him than good looks and money. Until she discovers he may know more about Morgan Stasney’s disappearance than he’s letting on. Roy dives deeper to find a connection, but how will she solve a disappearance with no witnesses, little evidence, and without a body?

    About the author

    A Marcayla K has been an avid reader since middle school. Her lifelong dream is to become an author and share her stories with the world. Though she landed a career with Quest Diagnostics as a phlebotomist, A Marcayla K always finds time for her passion; writing and developing stories for others to enjoy. She grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and like the main character, high school was a difficult time for her. During these challenging years, the story behind Vermyear Academy began to come to life. Parts of the novel were influenced by actual events in A Marcayla K’s life. Her future goal is to become an inspiration to her readers and publish more exciting novels.

  • War of the Fairies

    The Baker children are visiting their grandparent’s farm after the death of their father. Life on the farm was a new experience for the children who were used to city life. It is here they discover strange insects with tiny voices.The scouts, who flew about in search of threats, the keepers, who were protectors, and the royal fairies. Now the children find themselves in the middle of a war between the forest fairies and the garden fairies and they find themselves protecting the royals from the dreaded grasshoppers and praying mantises who want to kill them.

    THE WAR OF THE FAIRIES is the eighteenth novel by Judy Lennington. It is written and dedicated to her grandson, Corey Baker, who left this world too soon, and his five children, Nikolas, Nathan,
    Adrienne, Vaira, and Kai.

  • Wastelanders

    Someone went missing.
    Someone went dead.
    Some eerie interpretive.
    Cards are read.

    Dogs, cats and autos
    might not be there.
    But Louie’ll find ‘em.
    Fifty per plus ‘L’ fare.

    About the author:

    Steve Schneiderman is an associate professor at the Institute of Engineering at Murray State University. Steve has been professional environmental engineering for over 40 years, college professing for over 30, golfing nearly 60. Parting adage for graduates: “Get a good job. Join a fancy country club and invite me to be a guest.” Eternal student commentary: “He’s the strangest Doc I ever met.”

  • Welcome to Summersville, USA

    Welcome to Summersville is a humorous, satirical novel.
    Sal D’ Angelo hopes to give his son, Randy, $1,500 to start college in 1972, but
    is broke. Though Sal lacks restaurant experience, Pearl persuades him and his
    family to run her luncheonette at her Catskill bungalow colony, claiming they’ll
    profit $5,000.
    The soda counter and vital kitchen equipment is old and unworkable, he
    soon discovers. There’s no air conditioning or acoustical ceiling tiles to absorb
    the deafening noise. Playing pinball, campers push, fight and shout. They curse
    when they tilt the machine or when balls land in traps and they try to rewire
    the machines to get free games. Sal’s wife touches a girl while leading her out
    for screaming hysterically at a misbehaving ball, and her father threatens to sue.
    Lounging, teens are reluctant to remove their feet from tables containing salt
    and sugar they pile and squirt with ketchup. Two male dogs knock over chairs
    while tearing after a female poodle in heat. Waiting on line for their orders, parents
    push one another, demand better service, and curse the family for running out
    of spaghetti.
    Girls scream when the campers flap a dead snake on the counter. So do their
    moms playing mahjong outside after receiving the same gift. A bully ties up the
    D’ Angelos’ youngest son inside a dilapidated bungalow.
    Before Sal leaves, Pearl falsely accuses him of taking home most of his stock
    instead of leaving it for her. Consequently, she persuades Bernie, renter of the
    machines, to give her Sal’s share after adjusting them to provide extra free games.
    More curious about the obvious record take than angry, exhausted, Sal drives
    home instead of calling the police.

  • Wet Confetti

    Rolled, silver white hair created a halo about the woman’s head. The lamplight cast oblique shadows on her delicate, high cheekbones. Above the cheekbones, her eyes were ice blue and steady, belying the eighty years of this statuesque woman. Her demeanor exhibited and commanded an aura of aristocracy. Kathleen’s throat tightened and felt dry. She trembled slightly as she spoke. She was a reasonably intelligent, thirty-eight-year-old woman quite capable of comprehending all that had been depicted and yet, the shocking concept of the old woman’s claim was loathsome and incredulous. Acceptance of such cruel allegations against her grandmother, whom she so admired, was totally denied. In this emotionally charged family saga, Kathleen is shocked to learn of her grandmother’s wicked past from her Great Aunt Rose. As if the shocking revelations aren’t hard enough for Kathleen to deal with, she is forced to make a decision that will determine the course of her future.

    About the author:

    JENN SHELL is the author of Wet Confetti, Purple Gold, Destiny’s Gamble and Turbulent Tunnel and is published in The National Library of Poetry. Her lifelong passion for books and history is the catalyst that embarked her on the journey of writing. Originally from Pennsylvania, an avid golfer, she now calls Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home.

  • You Did What!?

    Ed and his assistant Arthur had begun what was to be a routine photo-journalistic assignment for Ed’s magazine. And routine it was until “Old Betsy” stopped running in a small village in the Ural Mountains of Russia. That is when things began to get more complicated. They had no idea they were then about to become involved with the Russian Mafia or the notorious and mysterious, Madame O. Let alone soon becoming involved with a couple of the most beautiful girls they had ever seen in their lives!

    To add a little more spice to their lives, how about then turning “Old Betsy” in for a camel caravan on to Ulan Bator as they travel with a nomadic family? Maybe throw in assorted Mongolian bandits as well as providing an insight into the lives of assorted Mafiosi. That is just for starters. You might have trouble putting this one down once you start it.

  • Zero Turned Hero

    Zero Turned Hero will take readers from fantasy to reality. Many of us are faced with bullies in our experiences. Some of us may use bully tactics at times, and we know this is wrong. Sometimes incidents in our lives turn us into people we were not meant to be.

    “Tip Top Finds Hope” will open the door to what he felt when kids made fun of him.

    Victor has to accept the consequence of being deceitful and not telling the truth in “Victor Learns a Lesson.”

    What has been your greatest fear? Did you ever get over it? Read “Nightmares” to learn how Joseph overcame his fear.

    A twelve year old girl, had years of pain and grief for doing something for a loved one. Do you agree with the mother or the daughter in “The Onion?” In “The Lavender Dress” readers will find out how a person… can go from being poor…to well off, and yet not be happy.

    Jennifer has a hard decision to make in Jennifer’s Luck. Would you have made the same choice?

    Will has to challenge three bullies in “The End of an Era.” What do you think helped prepare him for the day of his victory?

    Evil may bring out evil. What causes “The Stone King” to become ruthless?

    Zero Turned Hero will challenge minds and imaginations. At times it may seem like an emotional roller coaster ride. Stories can provoke sensitivity, empathy, or remorse. This book has strong messages and critical thinking skills that can lead to great discussions.

    This book contains colorful illustrations.

    About the Author:

    Bessie Frazier was born in Brooklyn, New York. She received her B.A. degree from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee and her M.A. degree from Montclair State College in New Jersey.While at Fisk, she became a member of the Fisk Writer’s Workshop, under the well known author John Oliver Killens.

    She majored in English and Sociology at Fisk University but received her degree in Sociology. She received her Masters Degree in Education from Montclair State College in Upper Montclair New Jersey, and completed Post Graduate work at Brooklyn College and New York University. She taught English for over 30 years in Brooklyn NY and New Jersey Middle Schools.

    She is the author of poems, stories, plays, and positive raps. She has performed for schools, colleges, churches and special interest groups. Her work has appeared in anthologies, magazines
    and other sources, as well as being featured in Who’s who in the East. Students have performed her work in schools, and she has received countless letters of praise from electrified readers.