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    We are not alone in the universe.

    Art, Adrian, Larry, and Delbert have discovered a portal that takes them into a dwarf planet that has to maneuver itself in space to avoid comets and rogue moons. It’s an ethereal place where extraterrestrial beings with superpowers exist. But what they didn’t know are the dangers that lurk in every corner of the undiscovered planet. Will they be able to make it back to Earth alive?

    The ship is about to embark on an otherworldly journey. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff.

  • Life’s Other Realm

    Life’s Other Realm

    Seventeen year-old Kim has been raised an orphan, but through a twist of events in her seemingly unchanging life, she finds herself in another time and place where it is revealed that she is actually the lost Princess Ashquin.

    With the help of a blue hunter named Klee, Kim finds herself on a journey to find her family’s home. This adventure leads them through forests, mountains, and caves, where they encounter numerous peoples and creatures- some friendly and some evil. Together, they must be on guard as they continue their journey in the magical world of the kingdom of Keolia.

  • statham-front

    MPR Chronicle: Recruitment

    This world has been shaped over centuries into two breeds: ice manipulators and fire manipulators. 700 years after the birth of the first fire manipulator and ice manipulator, you will step in the shoes of a young boy name Drayden Jelansti, who ice powers has just awakened. After being sheltered for his first fifteen years, he finally attends high school and begins learning and mastering his powers. But little did he know that he’s being targeted by the fire manipulators for his “enhancements”. The “soon to be king” Lived (live-ved) sends his sons and their allies to target Drayden after they discover his location. While in school, Drayden struggled to gain allies to help him with his battle against the fire manipulators for their survival, and Drayden learns the truth about himself and his family along the way. This story tells the tale of a young ice manipulator struggling to live in the outside world and discovering his true self along the way.

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  • Sometime: The Plague World

    Sometime: The Plague World

    Dan Floyd, a retired and widowed lawyer, is doing his best to fill his time – attending church, keeping in touch with his two adult sons, and reading up on epidemics.

    When he comes down with what seems like garden-variety flu, he amuses himself by studying plagues, both modern-day varieties and the biblical kind. Dan and his sons, one of whom is a doctor, share information and speculate about epidemics. Meanwhile, in the community around him, he begins to hear of people dying from complications brought on by the flu – many of whom attend his church. Dan soon finds himself investigating members of the Starkherz family, three generations of doctors; it seems the Starkherzes were working with the H1N1 influenza virus—the source of the flu epidemic of 1918–1919 – in an attempt to neutralize it. Could their work serve as the source for a twenty-first-century flu pandemic?

    In this novel, a retired lawyer works with his sons to discover the source of a deadly influenza epidemic that threatens their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

  • The Adralack Crack on Mt. Baker

    The Adralack Crack on Mt. Baker

    The book tells of the adventures and dangers faced by four university professors who climb Mt. Baker during their winter break. They are involved in an unexpected cave-in of a lava tunnel below a glacier and later caught in an avalanche.

    With Larry injured, they decide to seek shelter in a shallow rock outcropping they call the “Adralack Crack”. Why did Larry become the victim of the cosmic force when he stepped into the “Crack”? Could Adrian Adralack, a fellow climber, invent a teletransporter to bring him back out? For what other purpose would Adrian use his teletransporter? Because of what happens to the climber in the “Crack”, their lives are forever changed by its paranormal effects.

    Will Art become obsessed with walking into the “Adralack Crack”? Will Art’s wife find love with an old friend? Will the alien that came from Exvacia by the cosmic force search out and mate with one of the professors?

    There are many twists and turns that deal with extraterrestrials, teletransportation, thievery, love, sex and friendship within its pages. This and much more will excite your imagination and titillate your senses.

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal

    Scuba diver Eric Rayner disappears while diving at Dean's Blue Hole in Long Island, Bahamas. Atlantis researcher Allison Chandley is approached by Italian billionaire Sergio Franca. USGS political liaison Walker Reade is studying a report by a young seismologist detailing a possible eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. Each of these seemingly unrelated incidents is tied together, leading to an incredible journey back in time to the ancient kingdom of Atlantis. While following in Eric's footsteps, Allison is whisked away, pulled 70,000 years into the past to end up in the fabled Atlantis. She finds the kingdom in shambles and under constant attack by strange creatures called the Abaddon. When Allison is captured by the creatures, the people of Atlantis deploy an ancient biological weapon to destroy them. Eric and Allison must join together to find a control system called The Terminal, which can alter time and space. The Terminal is a stunning sci-fi thriller that adeptly explores how a past civilization could exist and what that existence could teach today's world.

  • Visitor from Harare

    Visitor from Harare

    An alien from planet Harare comes to Earth to study humans and report back his findings. After visiting Germany, the alien, now using the name “Johan Becker,“ ends up in Bridgeport, New York, where he meets a family of Russian immigrants. The story follows Johan Becker as he observes the family who are struggling to adapt to a new environment, while holding on to their old country traditions.

    Caught in awkward and often comical situations, the individuals in Visitor from Harare presents an entertaining tale that’s sure to grant humor and relief. A look into Johan Becker’s perception and observation of the family, Visitor from Harare displays its wit and charm to readers.