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  • Bradley and the Magical Tree

    Follow Bradley on a magical adventure. When he leaves his backyard armed only with a slingshot. After trying to shoot a unfortunate bird. He spies a squirrel that takes him on a wild chase through the woods. The squirrel dashes into a hole at the bottom of a tree. Crawling to look in the hole, Bradley is pulled into a magical world. A place where animals come alive, fireflies dance, filled with laughter and fun. And yet, Bradley finds sadness with a feeling of helplessness as he races through the caverns and tunnels with one goal in mind, “To get Home.” Join Bradley through a maze of passages with a host of heartwarming friends. In an adventure of the “Magical Tree.”

  • In the Heart of the Dragon

    The land is in turmoil and invasion of foul beasts has consumed the countryside like a plague. Evil men rule the land and are now pursuing Thomas for reasons unknown to him. An evil presence is now taking over and Thomas fights for his survival.

  • The Folk of the Moth: An Earth Legend

    In this world of myth and faery tale transportation is by one’s own hoofs or wings or the wings of the great-moth. Long distance communication is by “speaking mind.” Two tiny, six-winged faery go to seek the riders of the great-moth to learn the secret of the mother moth, twah.

    Led by the Black Faery, Sorro of the many dreams, they visit the mountain home of Gormaak, the Centaur. He guides the Faery and the Twahin across the glaciers to the edge of a high plateau. The small folk plunge into the unknown and come again to the City-on-the-Edge-of-the-World, the ancient home of their common ancestors.

    About the author:
    Patricia Crommett is a retired reading teacher. The Folk of the Moth is her first novel. She has recently completed a sequel.

    She lives with her dog and cats in a rambling house in a small town. She enjoys quilting and reading mysteries, especially Agatha Christie’s novels.




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