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    Bradley and the Magical Tree

    Follow Bradley on a magical adventure. When he leaves his backyard armed only with a slingshot. After trying to shoot a unfortunate bird. He spies a squirrel that takes him on a wild chase through the woods. The squirrel dashes into a hole at the bottom of a tree. Crawling to look in the hole, Bradley is pulled into a magical world. A place where animals come alive, fireflies dance, filled with laughter and fun. And yet, Bradley finds sadness with a feeling of helplessness as he races through the caverns and tunnels with one goal in mind, “To get Home.” Join Bradley through a maze of passages with a host of heartwarming friends. In an adventure of the “Magical Tree.”

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    In the Heart of the Dragon

    The land is in turmoil and invasion of foul beasts has consumed the countryside like a plague. Evil men rule the land and are now pursuing Thomas for reasons unknown to him. An evil presence is now taking over and Thomas fights for his survival.

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