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  • God’s Therapy & Cure By S. D. Lucifer: A Play


    Homo sapiens are in dire need of transcendence, a waking up,
    to be “born again,” ENLIGHTENMENT!

    The Play is all about the fall of Spirit into matter (involution) and the long climb back through the evolution of consciousness. It’s about God’s fall out of the Godhead and Lucifer’s extended Therapy to bring us to greater understanding, and to upgrade Sapiens, particularly before they cause a “Therapy Interrupt Us” in the final war of Armageddon.

    It’s all described in the enclosed letter to God by Lucifer, and the enclosed Play, a comedy-farce as God’s Therapy, as though icing on the cosmic cake. Join more consciously in the effort of Lucifer’s Therapy, along with the Angels, to help God topple General Ignorance from Heaven’s Throne, in preparation for the next species.

  • The Easy

    About the Book

    Amanda Bucelli is a twenty-something waitress aspiring writer/producer frustrated with having to wait on tables to make a living! Amanda needs a a change for fulfillment; frustrated thus far with what LIFE has offered her. Amanda writes a screenplay about the day in the life of Amanda Bucelli at the restaurant THE EASY! Filled with crazy co-workers as well as crazy customers…this is a story that will sell! Right?

    Along comes Danny, Amanda's life partner— reading the screenplay THE EASY that Amanda Bucelli has written for you all. His critique is that, “”this a not a well written story, She(Amanda) should pursue a more steady career such as Advertising/Marketing, Something! She isn't getting any younger working tables at THE EASY!””

    Anyway, he didn't take time off from work to discuss THE EASY, he came to have sex!
    As they discuss this subject and start to get it on, The PHONE RINGS!! It is Mark, the manager, at THE EASY! THE EASY has a shift available!

    About the Author

    “Michael Mohan Joshua is an author/artist/filmmaker attempting to survive each day to the fullest. This is Joshua's attempt at capturing a moment in his life when waiting tables was par for the course when trying to make independent movies. THE EASY will be in production as a motion picture in the near future. Other works by Joshua include screenplays, poetry books, novellas, and novels.





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