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  • My Name Is Snappy!

    My Name Is Snappy!

    I’m a lovable creature; don’t be afraid of me. There are many things you would be fascinated to know. Alligator snapping turtles are some of the largest growing freshwater turtles in the world, weighing one hundred pounds or more. I also have long claws on my incredibly large feet. To learn more about me, read my story, My Name is Snappy! It’s written by my best friend, Donald W. Haney. I’m sure my story is one you would want to share with others.



    Author Bio

    Author Donald Wayne Haney is from Buford, Georgia. He was born December 8, 1969, in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He is married to Shawn Lynn Haney and has two children, Cameron Dewayne Haney and Deliah Jane Lucille Haney. He is a writer of children’s books and runs his own business, Stardust Boxer and Gifts. He breeds boxer dogs and sells novelties, and he loves fishing, gardening, music, and movies.

  • Mystery at London Ledge Lighthouse

    Mystery at London Ledge Lighthouse

    Heath’s beliefs are challenged while trying to solve the mystery of a haunted lighthouse near Connecticut. His cousin Cade experiences mysterious activities, and may be in danger there. While researching the lighthouse’s history, Heath and his friends discover some fascinating information about its past.

    Learn the other clues that make Heath question his prior beliefs, until he is finally confronted face-to-face with the truth!

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  • Nextscienceman2100: Undiscovered Sciences

    Nextscienceman2100: Undiscovered Sciences

    Undiscovered sciences are definitive fields of enormous fascination and hailed as a magnificent and preeminent science-fiction masterpiece. Further sophisticated technological advances and far beneath the surface, there are mysterious world’s of searing heat, intense pressure, and complete darkness. The extreme environments of the seven deadly seas still exist on planet Earth. Nextscienceman2100 continues his quest to unlock the next science fields with the help of the Interstellular Galactic Team despite their troubles dealing with the pernicious Undivided Sinister Alliance on Urrth. Applied sciences mixed with science-fiction, fantasy, romance, and horror take place in the skies and seas where volcanic incandescent springs and hydrothermal vents exist and where superheated water flows from Earth’s crust into an adverse environment where very few have survived. Nextscienceman2100 discovers there is an eerie oasis of life, home to exotic creatures, aberrant plant life, and antagonistic female warriors each with different foreign dialects where he has to defeat. Information brought back to the galactic team can help them fight the ghastly and sanguine World War III taking place in space against insect creatures, activate Alpha Zeta, and reveal the next resplendent undiscovered scientific fields to solve Earth’s most challenging problems.

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  • No Time for Justice

    No Time for Justice

    A graphic story based on documented history has its location in northern Texas and the Indian Territory before, during, and following the Civil War. Having both Cherokee and Choctaw Indian blood, a courageous young man faces a compelling decision during the Civil War whether he will defend the honor of his Unionist white stepfather who has been murdered by a Confederate or defend his Confederate Cherokee mother’s cultural heritage. A truly gripping story that is sure to capture the reader’s attention from the first page to the last.

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  • Once Upon A Summer II - The Year 1890 On Mount Desert Island

    Once Upon A Summer II – The Year 1890 On Mount Desert Island

    The year is 1900. Wilhelmina Tuckerman and her family board the steamship, the Mount Desert. They had just entered Frenchman Bay. Samuel Tuckerman couldn't wait to show his family their new home. Wilhelmina's anticipation to see her friend Emma was high.

    She could just imagine all of the wonderful memories they would make this summer, including a fishing trip in Rangeley, an exciting nature trip, and above all, a trip to Bangor to witness a theatrical play of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    The trip slowly becomes a trip to remember, destined to be cherished by the Tuckerman family for generations on end.

  • once-upon-a-time-III-front

    Once Upon A Summer: Penobscot Boy

    Marjorie Worster Thibodeau was born in the small town of Prentiss, Maine. She attended one-room schoolhouses until she moved onto Lee Academy in Lee Maine.

    She is the mother of five; grandmother of fifteen; and great grandmother of sixteen.

    She loves to write children’s stories and tries her hand at poetry now and then.

    She is an avid bird watcher and likes to work with her flowers. She likes to bake, her specialties being strawberry-rhubarb pie, chocolate chip cheesecake, peanut butter pie, and all sorts of other goodies.

    She currently lives in Lincoln, Maine with her husband Stuart, who is an avid hunter and fisherman. Some of the stories in this book came from the many stories he has related to her over the years (some slightly embellished, I suppose).

    The other member of the household is Murphy, a well-mannered and much loved Shih Tzu.

  • Steven Schneiderman - Otherwise Evilicious

    Otherwise Evilicious

    Okay fine, Louie Leppedimay doesn’t save the world. But he helps ensure the integrity of pizza delivery. To piece-prize, Louie will have to rely on Rudy’s face stuffing, library tingling, and help from Universal Crudification Miss Americas. He will wade knee-deep into feely-touchy influence from a romance novella and end-around musical comedy dirges. “The devil made me do it” denizens don’t take Louie seriously. Bad luck, there.

    About the author:

    Steve Schneiderman is an associate professor at the Institute of Engineering at Murray State University. Steve has been professional environmental engineering for over 40 years, college professing for over 30, golfing nearly 60. Parting adage for graduates: “Get a good job. Join a fancy country club and invite me to be a guest.” Eternal student commentary: “He’s the strangest Doc I ever met.”

  • Pain Tears and Payback: Web of Lies

    Pain Tears and Payback: Web of Lies

    In a cold heart world Paris had to make some decisions. Until one day her life started to flash in front of her eyes and didn’t have no one to turn to. Her so-called friends Tonya and April betrayed her and the one’s she loved turned their backs. It’s them or me as the thoughts raced through her mind as she stumble to find the gun but it was too late. As a shadow stood there with their hand on the trigger. Paris is now stuck in the middle of life or death. What will she do now knowing she’s all alone and realizing its only one way out…

    About the author

    Jennifer was born and raised in Fruitland, Maryland. Where she continues to work as an Market Sales person. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, drawing, but her passion is writing. Completing her first novel, PAIN TEARS AND PAYBACK; she didn’t stop there.

  • Pauline And The Prince

    Pauline And The Prince

    At the stone Pavillion, Pauline had been meeting Prince Albert, fortunate enough to have the prince pledge himself to her. All changed when Prince Albert became betrothed to Princess Amelia. Pauline also discovers later on that she is pregnant with Prince Albert’s child.

    Upon marrying Prince Albert, Princess Amelia—who is also pregnant with Albert’s other child—confronts Pauline, unwilling to have a bastard ascend to the throne, determined to keep Pauline and the child growing inside her from claiming the crown.

    Pauline decides to run, escaping the clutches of a desperate Princess Amelia, with her dreams of a love so royal fading forth.

  • Peer Among Men, Mistress of None

    Peer Among Men, Mistress of None

    Emily is a brilliant young scientist who has spent her life in the world’s finest universities and laboratories. After she effectively breaks up with her equally academic boyfriend, she turns to an alternate source for romance: the secular world of modern dating, an alien world that she must decipher. In the process, she meets Derek, a golf pro, who is bold about professing his interest in her, an interest she misconstrues merely as his desire to add her to his long list of conquests. And what reasonable woman would think otherwise, given his reputation? Will he fall in love with Emily and fall out of love with the world of perpetual carnal conquests?