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  • Retribution: A Story of Domestic Abuse

    Retribution: A Story of Domestic Abuse

    Felicia Jernigan seemed, from all appearances, to be a typical suburban housewife. But behind her closed doors she kept a dark and shameful secret. Gradually she had become victimized, and had been repeatedly beaten, verbally abused, and even raped by her husband, Craig, a police reporter for the local newspaper. But unknown vigilantes somehow discover the truth and decide to take the law into their own hands, to teach abusers a lesson they won’t soon forget. As the local police and the FBI desperately try to uncover the vigilantes’ identities, startling secrets are slowly brought to light and the notions of justice, crime, punishment, the development of an abusive relationship, the nature and consequences of abuse, and the dark undercurrents of private bedroom society are explored.

  • Revelations Road to Armageddon

    Revelations Road to Armageddon

    From the beginning of time, man has questioned himself as to where mankind came from. Obviously, the human race is the creation of the almighty God, who created mankind in his own image. We have to accept the fact that we didn’t evolved from animals as others may say. Mankind is the greatest creation of God, and the way mankind has developed in technology, is proof of this. Mankind can do just about anything, which animals don’t have the same privilege of, with the technology that they have developed, other than breathing breath into man. The human DNA cannot change, nor can animals DNA change from animals DNA to humans DNA. However, mankind found it hard to live in harmony and unselfishness, and kept on fighting among themselves; this fighting led to the great war of the super powers of our modern world, as we read about in Revelations, predicted in the Bible. However, after the battle of Armageddon, mankind will finally reunite and live in harmony. The “Revelations Road to Armageddon” begins here.

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  • 9781635247626_cov.indd

    Saddle Sore

    This story is about the good guys and the bad guys of the old west. If you want to know the story read the book!

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  • Schwartz of New York

    Schwartz of New York

    I have always asked myself the question, “Is there a GOD or SOURCE in our Universe who loves and protects us humans on the planet earth. The construction of our bodies must have been a very complicated process. This DNA builder is probably beyond our thoughts and imagination. This process would also apply to the thousands of animals, birds and insects who live with us on this planet.

    This God force must love us as he went to a lot of work to create us. If this is true, the question persists, “what is Evil and why do bad experiences happen to innocent people?” I am trying to answer part of that in this book.

    This GOD or SOURCE has sent us many Avatars over the past 2500 years with special powers. We were supposed to be impressed by these powers and follow the spiritual Avitars blindly. These Saviours each attracted their own followers. Unfortunately the Christians, Jews and Muslim religions became very strong and did not respect any other religions. There have been dozens of religious wars over the past two thousand years. There are so many sects of Christians and they have always fought each other. These wars accomplished nothing. No love, no spiritualism and millions of deaths. Today in 2017 people are killed every day in the name of God and religion.

    The good news is that for the last 20 years most of our newborn children appear to have a DNA that is more advanced than their parents. They are eating healthier food, most do not eat meat. They want to protect the environment and love their neighbours. Yes, the vibrations on mother Earth are getting stronger and more spiritual. Religion does not seem as important to our new generation as it was to their parents.

    I hope that Jesus Christian Schwartz will show us one way to create a healthy Mother Earth. This planet should be filled with healthy humans who love themselves and their neighbours.

    Author Bio

    ROBERT L. SPEVAKOW began his spiritual adventure at the age of 8 in a library in Edmonton Alberta. He was walking around the stacks and found a book entitled “ The Lost Continent of Atlantis”. His young inner voice said “read this book”. That was the beginning of his search to find out what is our life really about. In the past 77 years he has studied countless spiritual books. In this spiritual adventure, Bob has come up with many answers and a lot of new questions. He believes that we all have a small particle of God in our spirit and this spirit never dies. Bob has had 100’s of spiritual adventures. He believes in reincarnation, healing miracles, ESP experiences, UFO’s etc. Bob feels connected to the GOD force. He feels fortunate to be very healthy and has the energy of a sixty year old.

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  • Sheila and The Outcast

    Sheila and The Outcast

    When Sheila S. Monaghan received her Graduate Degree of Geology in 1882 she never dreamed that scarcely one year later she would receive such a plum assignment. The Territorial Governor of Montana had specifically asked for her by name to oversee a water dispute in the Tenderroot Valley and further to formulate a water distributing plan. The goal being the instituting of federal regulations on commercial water use. Sheila a young woman of twenty-nine and a graduate from Overlin College, a unique institute established by Christian Missionaries and Evangelists who thought it their Christian duty to also accept females and blacks becoming the only institute in the United States to do so at the time. Sheila was the only child of Hayden R. Monaghan a geologist an Overlin alumni himself and one of the founding members of the United States Geological Survey in 1879.

    Being aware of the political landscape in Montana Hayden warned his daughter about the male-dominated political quack mire she was walking into. Sheila nonetheless had accepted the appointment after some prayer time. Being the only female geologist in the nation she harbored the idea that the Territorial Governor may have asked for her because he believed the situation needed a woman’s touch and not necessarily brute authoritative force. However, in reality, the appointment was a desperate but calculating bid by a governor angered by local women pressing for the vote and a water distribution situation growing worse by the day and at times threating violence. The governor’s hopes were two, placating the women of the territory by putting a woman into a high profile position and then embarrass them into political silence when the female appointee failed in her mission. The latter being something he was sure would happen.

  • Sir Crack Killer

    Sir Crack Killer

    Sir “Crack Killer”, is the only known Street Drugs destroying Super Natural Spiritual Hero, for children of all ages, from Infancy to Teenagers. Sir “Crack Killer”, is here specifically to kill crack and destroy all street drugs and their helpers. Sir, is his name, and protecting all children, from Crack Cocaine and street drug spirits is his purpose! So all children can be educated in drug free School zones, drug free parents and drug free homes and drug free Communities.

    About the author:

    Nita Holmes is an anointed woman of God. She has a strong belief and trust of her (CRAZY FAITH), declared by a Pastor to her husband.

    She’s a faithful and wonderful Wife to her Knight and Blessing of love Ryan. A Gifted and loving Mother of five gifts from God, Zanita, Tarell, Ry’Anna, My’Anna and Ashley her daughter in love.

    Her Grandblessings, Prince Vaughn, Prince Jaden, Princess Josey, King Shy’ and Lil’ Tarell Jr. And more to join the family, all of them love their Momma2! She’s also a terrific Mother-in-Love. She wears many HATS for her successes as CEO of Christian Productions Company.

    She’s the Founder of Help A Teen Spiritually (H. A. T. S.). A youth program that assists youth of all ages with issues pertaining to hardships and Educational progressions. She helps supplying Food, Clothing and Shelters for those who needs it the most. Sir “Crack Killer”, will leave you wanting to know about her intelligence as a creative Author and outstanding woman.

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  • spirit-of-the-law-front

    Spirit of the Law

    Bill Raines was the marshal in Rio Madre, Texas. He knew he needed a deputy and eventually hired nineteen-year-old Corey Hansen. They developed a close working relationship as they tried to keep the town free of the riffraff that came and went.
    While trying to bring down a gang of rustlers, Corey undergoes a life-changing crisis, and Marshal Raines has to deal with the aftermath.

  • Sunshine


    After losing the “Sunshine” of her life, her four year old child, Jeane Temple, can find little to live for. Leaving everything in her life behind, she drives off on a journey of solitude into the barren California desert, where she witnesses a brutal murder. Running from the near deranged desert killers who are now chasing her, Jeanne faces her own survival and finds she has more to live for than she once believed.

    Author Bio

    Donald Reiker has worked in television and motion pictures as a writer, producer and director with such artists as Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton, among others. He produced and directed many of the episodes of the television series “Fame” which still airs throughout the world. He has written and directed the theatrical feature, ‘’Mona Must Die”, which is currently playing in Europe, Asia and South America. His first novel, ”Sunshine”, a thriller, is loosely based on the true story of his wife’s experiences.

  • The Boy Who Gave Away His Mother's Shoes

    The Boy Who Gave Away His Mother’s Shoes


    So many hats we must wear in today’s complex society! Even under a single hat or head covering, our thoughts are conceived, varied and fast-paced. I love the way our society functions and how determined we usually are to be part of the way it works. I also appreciate that many of us still can find comfort in personal, quiet time. For me, and hopefully for you, reading is precious time. The wonder that books and stories captured in our minds lets us travel far and near and permits us to go beyond the past or into the future as our minds allow. In reading stories, travel is done with comfort and satisfaction. For some of us, good story telling also promotes diverse cultural understanding.

    The stories in this book allow us to forget about the hat we usually wear at the time we pick up a book. We can be introduced to familiar or unique persons with whom we may have a symbiotic experience. With any good read, you can change to mix with the characters when they become introduced into your life.

    Since reading is such an individualistic endeavor of choice to achieve enjoyment and distraction, it is probably the best selection to add entertainment to your day. This may include new thoughts that take us away from the structures that trap us with responsibilities.

    These stories are like having a friendly companion who distracts us from chores or the dwelling on more mundane callings. Rethinking the plots in these stories may also add to some of your personal recollections. I say this because, for me, writing stories triggered thoughts about other experiences I have had. I find that the more I have to think about, the more I have in my head to record. Enjoy!

    Carlos V. Cornejo

  • The Bully and the Leprechaun by Richard J. Ward

    The Bully and the Leprechaun

    Do you believe in fairies? Do they merely belong in tales and fables of old, known by many to enamor children and bring tantalizing magic?

    Jade and Gilbert engage in an argument on whether fairies are real or not. But everything is going to change when Jade is cast into a dark magical place where something malevolent lives—a nasty bully and magical mischief maker, challenging her wits and her patience.

    But the question is, will her story be enough to prove that magic exists in their town? Will Gilbert believe her incredible adventure? Find out here!