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  • 30 Chapters of Wisdom: Designed for a Chapter a Day

    30 days of Wisdom: Designed for a Chapter a Day

    Start your day right with these inspiring quotes from Kemar to perk-up your day. Getting up in the morning will never be the same again when you have these easy to live by motivational pieces. And when you’re about to retire to bed, read through the passage again so you’ll have a peaceful sound sleep just to be ready for the next day!

  • Phil Farver -  Before the Whistle

    Before the Whistle: Motivation and Inspiration to Get You Started

    BEFORE THE WHISTLE is a compilation of eighty-five devotionals Coach has delivered to his teams over a 39-year coaching career. Some are in outline form allowing you space to add and enhance the thought process. Some are in essay form simply to be read. All supply motivation and inspiration for everyday life.

    These devotionals can be used for teams, athletic or corporate. They also provide a guide for daily personal quiet time.

    Before the Whistle is a thought provoking, personal challenge for life change.

    About the author:

    Phil Farver has spent his coaching career of 39 years teaching and mentoring both boys and girls teams in football, basketball, golf, baseball, softball and a short stint with middle school volleyball. He played football, basketball and baseball at a small Bible college in Wisconsin. He has vast experience in working with young athletes helping them improve their skills, their lives and their teams. He says, “If I can help someone improve their life, then I have accomplished something.”

    His experience in coaching and building programs and teams led him to author and publish a book in 2009 called, “FIVE SMOOTH STONES”, a book outlining steps for success that he implemented with his team. Now he has developed another book filled with devotionals and motivational speeches to help other coaches as they prepare to build their teams and impact the lives of their players. The unique thing about this collection is that they can be used by anyone at any time. They are not just for use with athletic teams. They could be used in the corporate setting as well as in a daily personal journey of life.

    His personal faith has been the foundation upon which he has stood for his entire career. The ups and downs of losing and winning have given him an insight to being successful that he would like to share with others. Through it all, he has remained faithful to the principles that he believes in.

  • Every Season Has It’s New Challenge: It’s Called Life

    Every Season Has It’s New Challenge: It’s Called Life

    Have you ever thought to yourself about life and how difficult it can be? Have you ever thought that you are not where you envisioned you would be right now in life, in this moment? Well if so, I encourage you to remove the negative thoughts and prepare yourself to think more optimistically. These journals that follow are believed to help you to be inspired, to be grateful in any circumstance, and to learn to love yourself unconditionally as you are loved by God.

    Every Season Has Its New Challenge: It’s Called Life—this inspirational journal is a collection of personal written journal entries meant to encourage and motivate all. Each entry commences with a quote, followed by an incident that may have occurred recently or in the author’s past, and it concludes with a prayer.

    Each quote sets the preface for what each situation is about. Additionally, each circumstance highlights an event in the author’s life which ends on a positive note to inspire others who may have gone through a similar situation. Finally, the prayer is a humble plea to God for His gratefulness and mercy. Enjoy!

  • Annie Hess - front

    God’s Grace Is Sufficient: A Life After Homicide

    ANNIE HESS recounts the tragic events after the murder of her oldest son, Christopher in March 2007. During that time in her life, she learned to depend more on God for direction and guidance for her life. Seven years after the murder, she is still telling her story.

    Annie Hess was born on March 21, 1960 in Ashland, MS. She is the middle child of seven siblings. She grew up in Ashland, Mississippi with her siblings, grandmother, cousins, and her favorite aunt Corine until she moved to Memphis, TN in 1969 where she reconnected with her mother.

    Annie Hess is a Senior Claims Representative with Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company in Bartlett, TN where she has been employed for the last eighteen years. She has been married to her husband Carl, the love of her life for seventeen years. They grew up around one another as teenagers but did not connect until the early nineties.

    She enjoys spending time with her family especially her grandson Christopher, who is now two years old. She enjoys reading, relaxing, and socializing with her family and friends.


    She now lives in Cordova, TN with her loving family and attends Christ Fellowship Church.

    She wants this story told not only for her healing but for all families who have struggled through similar experience.

    Annie Hess has been writing her story in journal format since her son Christopher was murdered in hopes that her story will not only help her family heal and forgive but will help others do the same. This is her platform for getting her story told.

  • Hip, Hip, Hip-PITY No! : My Easter Journey

    Hip, Hip, Hip-PITY No! : My Easter Journey

    Hip, Hip, Hip-PITY No! proposes that…the human psyche, the heart, and the spirit are resilient enough to overcome any misfortune, even the seemingly impossible because courage and a firm will are powerful forces within our nature;

    • reflective discernment heightens an awareness that adversities grow us and armor us if we dare to override temporary disruptions;
    • positivity and laughter lift and heal the spirit;
    • wisdom is born from our struggles;
    • who we are far outweighs what we can do;
    • the only moment within our control is the present;
    • fueled energies can be channeled into creative memories;

    “Every injury has its own unique rate of healing.” (M. D. Curry MPT)

  • Living In The Light: A Divine Perspective and Guide to Living a Peaceful Life

    Living In The Light: A Divine Perspective and Guide to Living a Peaceful Life

    “Living in the Light is a delightful fun read chocked full of practical no-nonsense advice. I found the wisdom useful and inspirational. One of the teachings state very succinctly what longevity research shows is critical to an extended, happy, and healthy life. Susan puts this truth this way, ‘As each of you in your daily activities are able to accept rather than avoid your experiences, you will consciously choosing to be more of that which you originate from. The ability to accept automatically bring forward truth and responsibilty.’ Brilliant! I recommend the read.”

    Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA
    New York Times bestselling author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming

    Bring heaven upon Earth…learn how to BE the light that lives within us all. Discover how your choices allow you to function as an unconditionally loving spirit in human form. Learn how to navigate through the dense emotions of the past that keep you in a cycle of turmoil. Through forgiveness, a shift in perception, awareness, and your choice, you will transform your life as you know it!

  • The Communication Gap: Breaking the Cosmic Communication Barrier

    The Communication Gap: Breaking the Cosmic Communication Barrier

    Breaking the cosmic communication barrier is breaking the constricted barrier of the dual mind. Have you ever wondered why there are those who have ears that hear not and eyes that see not? It is evident that it’s not enough to simply hear or see things, for there is something missing when one simply does that.

    By breaking the barrier of the dual mind, we come to see and not see at the same time, and to hear and not hear at the same time. We come to have ears that hear and eyes that see. This is why the deaf are said to hear and the blind are said to see.

  • The Gift of Gems

    The Gift of Gems

    A story of lost and found, second chances, and intrigue. Will the second time around be the gift that keeps on giving?

    About the Author:

    Patricia Byrd Barone is the mother of five children. She is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of Meredith College. In B.C., her lifetime before children, she was an elementary school teacher in Goldsboro, N.C., Bellevue, Washington, and Mannheim-Kafertal, Germany. While teaching in an Army Dependents School she met her husband Bob. They now reside in Ohio. For fun she writes, plays the piano, volunteers for the performing arts, and paints portraits of her grandchildren, Ashley, Zack, Alex, Carley, Will, Hannah, Madison, Samantha, Madeline, Allison and Benjamin.

  • The Miracle Before Your Eyes

    The Miracle Before Your Eyes

    “Patrick McAndrew puts his pastor’s heart and the message of his Unity Church together to produce a book that expands life, gives hope and is beautifully readable. That is a major triumph.”

    John Shelby Spong, Author, Jesus for the Non-Religious

    “As reflections on a life lived in the Spirit of God, ‘The Miracle Before Your Eyes,’ is informative, insightful and inspiring. Patrick truly has seen the good in the ups and downs of his life and shares with us the spiritual food he gathered along the way.”

    Sallye Taylor, Soul Food Unity Ministry

    About the author:

    A number of years ago, Patrick found himself at his wits end as the manager of a high successful, but tumultuous restaurant then an event occurred that would change his life forever. Searching for answers to put his life back together he was led to sit in the silence next to lake on a beautiful summer day. The experience that occurred on that day led him down a path of exploration of some of the deepest mysteries of life, which ultimately revealed to him the miracle of life that exists right before us. This book shares what can be called mystical experiences, which Patrick had on his journey of awakening to the miracle before our eyes and his insights about those experiences. His openness and willingness to explore these mystical experiences and to allow the insights to unfold opened his mind and heart to other mystical experiences that ripple through the fabric of our lives. Join him in his adventures.

  • Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters Book 1

    Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters Book 1

    Onesong: a group of ascended wisdom with the higher and best intentions of the within; all that is, around and through the universal fields of existence. They have been united to create the love of what is of benefit for the continuation of the soul’s growth and the provisions to move forward in the light to come to the point of serendipity.

    In Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters, author Rosemary Gabourie imparts her wisdom and insight through a fascinating piece of work that’s designed for everyone based on her personal experiences. It’s an easily treasured work that taps into our inner struggles.