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    A Lady Crowned with Fleurs-de-lys: A Historical Novel

    Chosen to be the bride of the young King of France, Charles, Isabella, a princess from the German duchy of Bavaria, is welcomed to the most magnificent court of Europe. She spends idyllic years with a loving husband and doting children. But the country is ripe with intrigues and political schemes hatched by the king’s ambitious uncles and brother, all of them trying to take advantage of the still simmering war between France and England for their own personal gain.

    A drama enfolds that will forever change Isabella’s life and reputation. After a first attack of folly, Charles falls deeper and deeper into insanity. Desperate and alone, Isabella finds refuge in her brother-in-law’s love. When Louis is murdered she becomes a pawn in the political intrigues that are ripping France apart and her worst instincts take over as she abandons herself to a life of greed, sex, pleasures, and selfishness. She becomes “Isabeau of Bavaria” – a foreigner in the eyes of her people – dishonoring her husband and herself when she declares her son Charles, the rightful future king of France, to be illegitimate.
    When she dies, a few years after her husband, and when her son at last does become Charles VII, nobody remembers the gracious princess from Germany who enchanted them all on her wedding day at the side of the young King. They think only of the corrupted woman whose name has become synonymous with depravity and blind ambition.

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    ANTIOXIDANTS: Mighty Cancer Weapons

    Thomas Lupich is a retired electrical designer from Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory. He is a tai chi instructor with an interest in science and health. When his wife developed cancer they began a quest for the best cancer treatments. After she passed away he continued that quest. His studies and strong interest in health and cancer, over a period of many years, has given him insights into various aspects of alternative health and healing approaches. He recognized the usefulness of powerful antioxidants for cancer patients. When he learned of a particularly powerful one, silica hydride (SH), he realized that it had the potential to greatly enhance the quality of life of the cancer patient. About a year ago he discovered an alternative medicine, Protocel that proved to be effective in curing cancer, at least from an anecdotal perspective. He realized that there is a main attribute of Protocels that also exists in SH. He brought Protocels to the attention a cancer victim, whom he calls Susie. Susie had been treated for metastatic breast cancer for eight years. It had metastasized to her brain. (Only one victim out of a thousand survives brain cancer) For various reasons she refused to take Protocels, but was willing to take more of the SH, which she was already taking. She did so with other antioxidants and supplements for about six months. The only side effects that she noticed were more energy and stamina. At the end of that period she was found to be cancer free. She said that her doctors were flabbergasted at the complete remission of her cancer. This experience motivated Thomas to write this book for cancer patients on the benefits of antioxidants in general and SH in particular.

  • C.H.A.P.P.S.


    Presently, the pay system used for U.S. postal employees to record clockable hours is complex and difficult to comprehend, even by employees, as well as supervisors. C.H.A.P.P.S. is a simplified pay system designed for the postal payroll system, and with C.H.A.P.P.S. there is no need to cut jobs at the post office. Larry Pinson, Sr. is a retired postal employee, and created C.H.A.P.P.S. after undertaking an endeavor to understand the postal service pay system, and found it to be antiquated and in need of change to modernize and simplify the system. C.H.A.P.P.S. can also be used for city and county employees, teachers, police officers, and pay systems of other government agencies and large institutions; firemen, public transportation employees such as bus drivers; and private sector businesses, large and small, such as restaurants and barber shops. Additionally, C.H.A.P.P.S. can be used for jobs worldwide, and is excellent for military people coming home.

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    For Max, “Who says so well what can’t be said,” Walter Starke, inspiring author of ‘God is All.’


    In this Synopsis, Max unites ‘SPIRITUAL THOUGHT’ with ‘quantum’ discovery, Revealed to Enlighten humanity with Innate Power, in order to overcome egoistic discordant condition. Virtual reality exposed as illusion, grips mankind and is replaced with The Expansive Cosmic Conscious Universal Reality of Wisdom Encompassing ‘ALL LIFE.’

  • Four Princesses from Provence

    Four Princesses from Provence

    During the Middle Ages noble women were often pawns in the great game of dynastic politics. But some of them were important players in their own right. The four daughters of the Count of Provence used their charms, beauty, and intelligence to move from their father’s small kingdom in the south of France to positions of power across Europe. Marguerite, Eleanor, and Sancha became queens of France, England, and the Kingdom of Sicily. They followed their husbands to new homes where they gave their new lands children and a family life. But the fourth daughter, Beatrice, was different. The man she loved was a political enemy; the man she married was an indifferent and self-absorbed prince who made it clear that political intrigue was more important to him than the love of a gentle and romantic girl from another country. The only happy moments Beatrice enjoyed were spent in secrecy with her lover. But the stakes of her emotional attachment were high and the dangers of a misstep were always great. Based on research into the history of Europe in the thirteenth century and on travel to all of the destinations where these princesses lived, this novel depicts a crucial period as Europe emerged from the slumber of the Dark Ages and began to awake slowly to the promise of modern life.

    About the author:

    Amelia Rogers was born in Italy where she spent her formative years studying the classics, linguistics, and European history and literature at the Lycee and University before going on to advanced studies in language in Geneva, Switzerland and Cambridge, England. She came to the United States as the bride of an American businessman and university professor. Over the years, she has built on her knowledge of Classical Linguistics and European History with extensive travel to historical sites in Europe and the Middle East. She has taught Latin, World History, and Literature at a local college in Massachusetts for some ten years and spends part of each year at her home in Paris.

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    LINGUISTIC FORMULA: A+F=L MEXICO Desegregated Identity

    David Europa was born in Mexico City the 29th of November 1972. He is claiming the legitimate propriety of the territory of Mexico as is in books, documentaries, pictures or cartography.
    All the business generating capital utilizing the word “Mexico” and everything related to it such as recipes, songs, names as his property.
    Also the word “America” as the name of the market we initiated to compensate monetarily the quality of a work or merchandise to this way, eradicate Presidencies, which is the biggest problem in the Territory of Mexico, in addition, proving the word “America” as property of Mexico.
    Desegregating his Identity from Hispanic, Latino or Mexican naming “Mexicano” to the Language spoken in the territory of Mexico leaving any other Official way of communication obsolete.

    ALPHABET is the mentality captured in letters to communicate in different Languages representing an identity.

    David Europa

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    Living with the Geckos

    So you’re contemplating a move to Florida! Great idea. Here’s a guidebook to help in the move. We have included general advice to ease the move. Things you need to know before making the trek.

    Several chapters will supply you with general advice on types of communities and areas you might want to consider before you pack up. Are you a golfer or just interested in a comfortable retirement? You’d be surprised how things may change after you’ve been here for a while. We will deal with medical advice, legal problems, animal and varmints you may encounter and problems to avoid. We fi nish with a series of recipes to help with your entertainment chores.


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    PAMPERING PARENTS: Empowering Parents One Baby At A Time

    Registered nurse, Victoria Bidlack has been caring for newborns and their parents for over 30 years.  After the hands-on care of more than 16,000 babies, “nurse Vicky” as she is fondly referred to, has made it her life's mission to empower parents from all over the world and all walks of life. After reading this book, and putting into practice its empowering lessons, parents report gaining a sense of mastery in achieving their baby care goals. Parents will learn the four key elements in promoting “Baby Bliss”, along with what NOT to do in caring for your newborn.  This book is a must have for new parents or anyone who knows the pure joy of having a new baby in their life.

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    PROSTITUTES IN THE PEWS: The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

    The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

    Actual Interviews with Pastors That Have Yielded To Temptation and the Ones Who Lead Them There.

    Pastor Jonathan Stephens Jr. is pastor of Fountain of Life Redeem House of God Church in Association with Church of God in Christ Inc.

    He has pastored for 25 years. He is a third generation pastor beginning with his grandfather Curtis Killingsworth and his mother Pastor Arnell Stephens Grice and father Bishop Jonathan Stephens Sr. both being Pastors.

    Pastor Stephens received his Law Enforcement Degree from Syracuse University. He received his BA in Theology from International Seminary in Plymouth Florida. He received his Master Degree of Religious Education and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate Degree Program.

    He is the administrator of the International Satellite School at Fountain of Life in Syracuse, New York. Pastor Stephens has mastered teaching leadership skills fitted for all denominations. One of the classes he teaches is at Robert Weslin College in Rochester, New York through the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Stephens is available for revivals, seminars and leadership program seminars.

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    The Blount Guide to Phonetic Reading

    The Blount Guide
    A logical manual for:

    1. Parents and teachers of reading to small children.
    2. Foreigners who wish to pronounce English correctly with instructions in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and German.
    3. Spelling teachers.
    4. Writers of books for children as they need to know which words are appropriate for each level of reading.
    5. Teachers of children with learning disabilities.
    6. Computer programmers who wish to program their computers to teach reading and spelling.
    7. English-speaking people who wish to know how to pronounce the sounds in Spanish of the ll, rr, and the ñ.

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