Hairmythology – The Origin of Hair Diversity: Uncover Your Hairitage – A New Hair Grading System That Dispels the “Bad Hair/Good Hair” Myth

By Lupita Samuels


People, all over the world, tend to subscribe to the ‘bad hair/ good hair myth’ as a benchmark for grading hair-quality; if not for themselves, then, for others.

Historical facts, scientific facts, and fiction merge together in a dramatic, contemporary, background story, that sets the stage for demonstrating how differences in our ‘hair-quality’ came about.

This book includes a workbook and reflection section which challenges the reader not only to rethink the “bad hair/good hair myth”, but to possibly, deconstruct it.

This book, therefore, gives birth to a new Hair-Grading-System: “Good Hair/No-Bad Hair!” This system validates all hair types, and subsequently, all human beings. Hair diversity needs not spell, hair a-d-v-e-r-s-i-t-y. Simply, biodiversity!

Recommended for children, teens and adults of all hair types, including bald.

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About the Author

Lupita Samuels is a retired public school teacher who lives in New York City. She has authored the Color-Blind series: THINK FOLKS ARE: “TOO BLACK?” “TOO DARK?” “TOO LIGHT?” “NOT TOO?” -THINK AGAIN! Ms. Samuels’ latest work, a mythology titled The Origin of Hair Diversity: Uncover Your Hairitage, aims to invoke an attitude of appreciation for all human hair types. Ms. Samuels’ mission is that the “color wall” and the “hair wall” that depreciate, divide, and even deprive many of equal opportunity will gradually come down, unify humanity, and foster equality. She hopes readers will begin to look around and take note that color diversity and hair diversity are pretty much the same in animals and in humans. It is all about biodiversity on our planet.



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